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Friday, January 30, 2015

An A&G Presidency

It was announced today that Mitt Romney would not run again for President in 2016.

Mitt's a good man- good husband, good father, good citizen.

And still our official reaction to Mitt not running is.. well..


Even if a candidate has absolutely no intention of helping the working class and the poor once elected, you can not openly and proudly say if elected you will only care about the concerns of a specific percentage of people.
It just sets a bad precedent and here was an example from the 2012 Election of simply too much honesty.

No different than the fact people know their taxes will always be going up in some way or another; if not Federal taxes than State or local/municipal or taxes will be increased on beer, cigarettes, cell phones, cable TV/Internet bills, gasoline, increased turnpike & bridge tolls, etc...

But no one wants a politician smiling his/her pearly whites and beaming about it once in power..

Anyways, onto today's topic

Romney's announcement got us brainstorming and fantasizing a bit..  What would we do in office if elected President..
Its a fun, harmless exercise anyone can do by themselves or among family, friends or foes and often people find they have better and more productive ideas than those currently holding down the position

So in deciding what an A&G Presidency would look like, it was conceded and agreed upon immediately that it would be a one-term Presidency.  We wouldn't spend our first four years seeking to run for a second term like so many do.

We also went on the assumption we'd probably leave office after that first term rather unpopular with a scathing media fueled by a seething Wall Street and 1%, but that over time like Harry Truman's presidency as modern example, historians would vindicate the one A&G term.

So here's what an A&G Presidency would look like with brief explanations as needed:
Domestic Policy:

End the 'Fed' --  This would be our supreme focus and we'd do everything humanly possible.. every legal took at our disposal to rid this nation of the Federal Reserve.

Stricter Control of Wall Street -- More Economic 'police' and much harsher penalties for illegality and corruption including CEO arrests and forced dissolution of company if need be

ALL corporations are taxed..  No exceptions -- Charity, Non-Charity..  NFL, GE, Facebook, United Way..   Churches, Synagogues and Mosques.   Not all pays the same But all do pay something.

Establishment of a College Degree Minimum Wage -- Also known as a Middle Class Minimum wage; If you have completed a 4 yr degree, no employer can hire you to do specialized skill work to which a degree was needed for less than $15/hr.
Abolishing of Affirmative Action -- This goes for Job Hiring as well as College/University admittance;  Like Martin Luther King wanted, we will have a society where people are judged by content of character and not color of skin, whether some blacks like it or not.

Abolishing of Biased Scholarships -- No more scholarships solely on race, gender, ethnicity, religion and/or sexual orientation.  Physical disability and/or financial difficulty would continue to be legal non-discriminatory prerequisites as relevant..

Job Placement Requirement for Colleges/Universities --  Its not good enough that schools provide 'job centers'..  Any school that accepts Federal funding in the form of grants or Federally subsidized student loans, must provide job placement services for those who are to graduate.  This includes law school and other graduate programs as well as undergrad.
New Drug War --  Marijuana is once again illegal in all 50 states.   Police instructed to target suburban and affluent white teens and young adults the hardest; possess any drug in any quantity or if in system during arrest, 3 year minimum sentence (1 year minimum for under 18)

If arrested for selling or distribution of a narcotic, a minimum 15 year sentence irregardless of amount sold.

All movies with drug references or depictions that portray drug use as sociable, funny and/or cool, that film studio is fined $1 million
"The Nike Law" --  So named because we Despise Nike more than any corporation on the face of this earth

Any US corporation that does not keep at least 15% of its manufacturing base on US soil will incur a minimum 15% excise tariff on their product above and beyond whatever MSRP is.   So for example those $80 Nikes  made in China to save a buck would then cost at minimum $92 to buy.

Tax Thresholds Changed:   No one who makes under $20k annually (including government assistance) as a single person (or $40k as a couple) pays income taxes

If you generate more than $2 million annually but the majority of that income is through investment and stock dividends instead of actually working and/or creating via owning a business, the tax rate is 65%
Foreign Policy:  

Allied Nations are 'Friends-- Any nation who is an Ally to the US, we treat like a sincere Ally and Friend, and not for example like the Obama Administration treats Israel, which is to say like a dog it can yell and swat and kick as it feels.

True friends are loyal to one another and you always know the other person has your back; not to manipulate and use like people are taught to 'network' others for their selfish benefit

Non-Meddling in Middle East Affairs --  It would be made crystal clear the US is 100% behind Israel with a zero-tolerance policy of any military attack including missiles lobbed by insurgents.

Otherwise, the US steps out of day to day meddling; it also means no more funding of a Palestinian state until both sides work out an agreement on their own that is satisfactory to both.
Strengthening of US-Russia ties  --  To stop exhibiting a Cold War philosophy and foreign policy toward our ally in the overall global war on terror.

This means looking at Putin as an equal not treating him like an inferior, and if Russia interprets this as weakness and goes back to Soviet foreign policy, then we will act accordingly and show muscle.. But only if/then.

Military Operations -- The US Military under our Presidency do not enter combat half-cocked with one or two arms voluntarily tied behind our backs;  No engagement would ever be fought where political objectives superseded military.  And if a military draft was instituted, unlike the 1960s, college, being female or famous does not exempt you.

War on Terror -- We would openly knowledge what Obama refuses; That we are at war with Islamic Radical Extremists   We would also stop peddling the lie that Islam is a religion of peace and love and that their holy book teaches such

Quran (2:216) - "Fighting is prescribed for you, and ye dislike it. But it is possible that ye dislike a thing which is good for you, and that ye love a thing which is bad for you. But Allah knoweth, and ye know not."

 Quran (3:56) - "As to those who reject faith, I will punish them with terrible agony in this world and in the Hereafter, nor will they have anyone to help."
 Quran (5:33) - "The punishment of those who wage war against Allah and His messenger and strive to make mischief in the land is only this, that they should be murdered or crucified or their hands and their feet should be cut off on opposite sides or they should be imprisoned; this shall be as a disgrace for them in this world, and in the hereafter they shall have a grievous chastisement"

 Quran (9:30) - "And the Jews say: Ezra is the son of Allah; and the Christians say: The Messiah is the son of Allah; these are the words of their mouths; they imitate the saying of those who disbelieved before; may Allah destroy them; how they are turned away!"

* This passage says Jews & Christians should die by the hand of Muslims for now bowing to their cult-leader

We could go on but we digressed enough as it was to make an important point..

So generally speaking that's a A&G Presidency  -- for better or worse

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Super Bowl 'Media Day' & Marshawn Lynch

~ Marshawn Lynch- Seattle Seahawks RB

Yesterday we spent some time writing about how horrible and devoid of originality Hollywood was/is and today's topic will pertain to Super Bowl, 'Media Day' & Marshawn Lynch

And before we get into that, some of you may be wondering to yourselves, why is A&G wasting its time and energy on such triviality when it could be focusing on financial, economic and political concerns..

In the case of Hollywood in 2014, enough people went to the movie theaters to escape their stale, monotonous, boring lives and/or wives to the tune of $10.4 Billion dollars and even that large figure was a 4.4% decline from 2013.
~ "Good Question.. Yes my favorite color is Blue..."

As a side note, last year US consumers also spent around $10.4 Billion ($91 billion globally) on porn to watch in their homes and/or hotels/motels for some much needed 30-60 second 'escape'

So any industry that generates that much money is worth talking about..

In the case of today's topic - the NFL, as we wrote last week they are legally exempt from paying any Federal income tax even though the league generated $9 billion in revenue for the 2014 season which officially ends with this Super Bowl

Funny.. porn is more profitable than football
~ "I prefer sleeping on my side vs my back.."

So talking on the NFL falls under 'relevant' as well

And now after a super-long intro, the topic at hand:  

The NFL, 'Media Day' and Marshawn Lynch

Most know what happened but we'll still give a very brief summary..  Every year, the NFL holds their 'Media Day' where it gives passes to everyone under the sun willing to pay the $29 fee to attend and usually 2/3 of the 'media' are not sports-based

Everyone is supposed to be made accessible for 5 minutes to whatever stupid or asinine questions someone wishes to ask, and preferably do it with a smile like all well-trained animals doing tricks
Except Marshawn Lynch, the RB for Seattle who hates being told to do something and often will rather rebel openly and take a large fine than do what the NFL dictates

So on 'Media Day' for 5 minutes, Lynch answered 29 questions with the exact same phrase, "I'm here so I won't get fined" because minutes before, the NFL threatened to fine Lynch $500k if he didn't show up..

Now the media overall have been pretty upset at Lynch calling him one G-rated name after another and taking the haughty posture that its disrespectful to them and to the fans since the media are the conduits between athlete and fan

And we thought about that a moment..  'conduit'
Tom Brady:  "Yes it is true I once left my pregnant actress girlfriend for a supermodel I'm now married to but still, I'm definitely an honorable guy..."

In 2015?  In an era where any athlete can communicate directly with his/her fans through social media like Facebook posts, Twitter tweets, Instagram photos and even archaic means like personal blog pages?

Is the media really necessary at this point?

And let's say they still are, well why do they not encourage and celebrate those who are honest, candid and tell things as they truly are?
~ "I paid $29 to get media credentials to attend and look like a Dork!

Usually the opposite happens.. The more honest and direct and sincere an athlete answers a question or makes a point, the more the sports media want to stomp that individual into the dust for having such audacity..

It works something like this fictitious example:

Media:   "So Marshawn.. What are your thoughts about this Sunday's game?
Lynch:   "I hope we win big.. like by at least 50 pts and I hope our defense injures Brady.. Just break some ribs and knock his ass out of the game!"

Now at this point the media has a juicy headline and quote based on what would be in this non-true example, a 'sincere' thought expressed..
~  "Great question!  Three plus One is probably Four..."

And what is the Very next thing these media people do?

Clamor and demand that Lynch be fined and suspended for his 'deplorable' and unsportsmanlike comments..

And pester all Lynch's teammates and coaches with "What are your thoughts/opinions on what Marshawn said?"   and on and on it goes..   More sports talk filler

And with enough bitching and moaning publicly uttered these people tend to get their way and a large fine and/or suspension would be issued along with demands for a public apology..

So let's take this back to 'Media Day'..  We've no idea or care what Marshawn Lynch thinks on anything, but let's say that is exactly what he's thinking and feeling, and someone asks his thoughts..
~ Yes, the starting QB for Seattle has to contend with puppets as he himself is conducting himself as one for the NFL

What is he to say??  Does Lynch:

A) Give meaningless, empty cliches about how Sunday will be a 'good game', may the best team win, etc..etc..etc..

B) Does he say the truth and get destroyed by a spiteful press who resent athletes being 'too' honest and forward?

C)  Does Lynch stay silent or not attend at all, incurring a fine of half a million dollars?

D)  Or does the guy just utter the same meaningless sentence to answer every meaningless question??

People rarely if ever look at things from different perspectives because we're all so trained to see life in this 'A' or 'B' box where there's no such thing as an option C or D...
~ "Miss, that's the best Q I've been asked all day- Sure I'll have sex with you!"

We've always hated athletes who answer questions with cliches, minimal words and constant evasion..   Too many of them out there to give examples..

We have always respected people like Richard Sherman, Mike Tyson and Muhammad Ali.. they say what they thought, it was raw and whether or not we liked or agreed with the words expressed was irrelevant...

No one can ever say when listening to Tyson talk in his fighting days, "Hmm, what exactly did he mean when Tyson says he's going to eat his opponent's children?"  lol

The 'System' of professional sports just like the System of life does not reward or appreciate honesty and candor..  That is why sites like ours at 'A&G' are so rare..    Zero censorship here..
~ Lynch with Africa pendants around neck.. Coulda' sworn he was American

To the NFL, the players are employees and as long as their getting paid, they do as their told..

If there's a policy decision like the NFL openly supporting a gay football player, it will not tolerate or accept any player, coach, owner or representative expressing an opposite opinion in any forum or they will be fined, as what did happen to a few players last May.

Thus they can portray the illusion of an NFL that fully supports sexual lifestyle integration even if no one will ever know how sincerely accepted gay athletes would be without the hammer being thrown down..

And in the case of media events, they are to always be available and accessible, and if it takes giving shallow, empty cliche answers that lack any thought or meaning to satisfy a media that deep down knows they're getting nothing relevant, so be it..
And what happens to the Individual; the person who wants to say his/her thoughts and not be punished for expressing sincere opinion or pulling up veils of secrecy?

Fucked if he speaks out; Fucked if he remains silent...

The NFL is a corporation.. really little different from any Fortune 500 company except people really believe in the illusion that the cities of the team names truly represent a civic attachment..

For instance, the Eagles are as much "Philadelphia" as 'Philadelphia' brand creme cheese..  

Its a private business that would not hesitate to leave and go elsewhere at the first sign of weakening finances, dwindling attendance and the opportunity to get out of a contract or two with the city.

With the exception of Green Bay which is owned by public shares, all NFL teams and really all sports teams in fact work this way..
~ Cheerleader 1: 'So who are you going to sleep with tonight?'
   Cheerleader 2: 'Someone married with family and no pre-nup'

So we respect and admire Lynch for middle fingering both the NFL and the media as he consistently does..  You'd think by now the press would learn the man has nothing to say and stop seeking his opinion.

As expressed before, we are extremely fortunate to be a part of A&G where absolutely nothing we write-- not an opinion, thought or word is censored or penalized for uttering

Different topics, different points of view expressed freely.

And you the reader should feel a bit of appreciation as well because you certainly will not get uncensored, unvarnished commentary on the state of things elsewhere..

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Endless Hollywood Remakes

Earlier tonight I was looking at some entertainment headlines to pass the time and it was really jarring how completely devoid of originality Hollywood is..

The first headline said there may be a remake of Indiana Jones coming soon

The second headline stated that a remake of the Will Smith film 'Independence Day' will be made starring an Australian

And the third headline said that all is a Go for an unnecessary Ghostbusters remake, this time with an all-female ghost-busting team...

I felt like throwing up but somehow managed to find a peppermint.
~ A list of US remakes of foreign originals.. Double Click pic to enlarge

All three movies made a lot of money in their day, so I understand the greed factor at place but still, where is the public clamor to see this crap??

In the case of Independence Day, the film was released 20 years ago and really wasn't all that good.   Take away Smith who played the lead with large bravado to match large black balls, and the film is not remotely memorable.

Then there's Indiana Jones played perfectly by Harrison Ford..  Does anyone really, really want to see another actor tackle the role?

Then there's Ghostbusters or as I call it the 'Dan Ackroyd pure-greed project'
This son of a bitch who owns the rights connected to the film has been desperately trying to get another Ghostbusters off the ground for years.   Even when fellow cast member Bill Murray turned down script after script, another cast member Harold Ramis passed away and original director John Landis had no interest..

Ackroyd wanted his film made.. the goal always being to establish a 'next generation' that would allow for future sequels and hopefully for him, endless revenue from the shit films and merchandising

And that really is all Hollywood is..

Prequels, Sequels, Remakes and Re-dos

And at Oscar time, we're all reminded how evil and terrible we are as Americans with one anti slavery, anti-war and/or civil rights themed movie that most of the nation has no interest in seeing.
~ It could be worse..  The man could be working & paying income taxes

Then again, as a side note so is politics as most expect 2016 to be a battle between another Clinton v. another Bush

We've become a nation of baby birds, hungry at the thought of being fed via regurgitation

But we digress..

But what can any sane person do?

I hate that people in the industry get to make a living, pay bills and put food on the table by taking an idea originally conceived decades ago then regurgitate it with a modern 'spin'

I also hate that this crap has a built-in audience...

People are stupid, young people even more so, and as long as teens have extra discretionary income to throw away, these films will be made
I didn't mean to forget comic book films and movies about ghosts, goblins, hobbits, elves, vampires, zombies, wookies and every other form of nerdism aimed at the anti-social..

Honestly ask yourself what is the last remake in recent memory that was worth the time and trouble for Hollywood to make, much less for audiences to see?

Remember, a remake is basically taking an original film made in the past and adding a lil 'twist' like say taking the film Annie which few thought was good in its original and needlessly putting a black girl in the role of a white-skinned redhead

Honestly yours truly can't think of anything.

Hollywood has no morals, no scruples and no soul..

If they could figure out a way to re-do 'Schindler's List' as an animated musical a la 'Beauty and the Beast' or re-cast all the Jewish victims with black people because it plays better in the urban areas, and it was ensured the remake would make a profit, it would have already been done.

And none of the Jewish screenwriters or producers or even Spielberg himself would have lost a bit of sleep over it

Just the truth of things.
Its funny how in Hollywood you have two kinds of people -- the kind that want to make films with built in demographics that no one wants to actually take the time to create from scratch, and films with very limited appeal that no one wishes to see..

I also read the director of the historical revisionist movie 'Selma', the one nominated for 7 'Colored People' awards plans on next making a movie about Hurricane Katrina.

Who wants to wager that if only whites suffered loss of property and life in that storm that this black woman would still bother to make a film on it?

Its really hard nowadays to find quality entertainment, especially movies
For some there's the Bollywood (India) route..

For others, there's channels like Turner Classic Movies (TCM) where pretty much 95% of all the films shown were made between 1930-1959

For myself, I make the conscious decision to not go to the movies (last time: Nov 2006) and I rarely if ever rent films, even RedBox..  I try as hard as possible not to reward Hollywood for making the socially engineered, product-placement infused garbage they keep churning out..

Instead I rent at the library for Free and if I am in the mood for an Indiana Jones type film, I simply watch the Original film and know I won't be disappointed.

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

The Fallacy that We 'Need' a Female President

~ 'Seig Heil!'

There was an op-ed article in Huffington Post, a site we despise as deeply as some might feel about say Fox News that said that Republicans do not want a female President

The political pandering piece was based on some polling figures and the implication was that even Republicans didn't want people like Sarah Palin as their leader and painted a broad brush that all Rep female leaders are cookie-cutter molds of her..

We'll put aside the fact that Palin is nothing like that vile creton Tina Fey portrayed in her one-dimension caricature back in 2008
We can't speak for Republicans on the whole because to generalize about 100+ million registered party members is idiocy but here's a theory why most people overall do not want a woman as US President..

Their track record historically is pretty Shitty when you take the time to analyze..

Let's look at women who are in charge of nations currently:
Andrea Merkel (Germany) -- While getting recently re-elected by her dummkopf constituents, she is despised in most parts of Continental Europe for systematically taking over the European Union and severely weakening not only its currency, but that of Southern European nations as a two-tier Master/slave relationship is created..

The EU's finances are so weak that its Central Bank has had to receive over $1 Trillion from our Central Bank, the Fed since 2010 alone just to keep it from collapsing and forcing the nations back to their original monetary specie.
~ "In my presence, I make men's cocks this small"

Cristina Kirchner (Argentina)  --  The South American nation defaulted on most of their debts back last December and currently their inflation rate is 23.9% which is second only to Venezuela.  Its GDP  and industrial output also are continually contracting and unemployment is up now to 7.7%

In addition to being a terrible leader economically, Kirchner has shown herself to be a despicable person by sheltering and protecting from arrest Iranians accused of blowing up an Argentine synagogue months ago as a means to get on Iran's good graces in negotiating an oil deal.
~ "Thankyou for the portrait of Hugo Chavez.. I am flattered"

Dilma Rousseff (Brazil)  --  Their economy has taken a big tumble over the last six months especially where for the first time in more than a decade (2003), Christmas retail sales declined.

As states, "China isn't buying as much, international investors are putting their money back into the recovering U.S. and Brazilians have taken on a lot of debt. And prices there are sky-high: An iPhone 6, for example, costs nearly $1,800."

Car sales have dropped 7% in year to year sales and their Central Bank has had to raise interest rates for 3 straight meetings to get a grip on rising inflation and salaries which are stagnant.

We could go on but it would take a lot of reading on your part since currently there are 22 women leading nations around the world.
We're not saying female leaders are terrible because they're women..

Far from it..

The bigger point is there's this assumption by many especially on the left that this country needs a specific horrible vindictive snake leading us named Hillary Clinton because well..  'She's a woman and its about time!'

We are currently suffering as a nation because the same zealots said six years ago it was 'about time' we elect a black, even if he was inexperienced, incompetent, a Wall Street 'boy' and couldn't give one damn about anyone outside his immediate family in his policy-making decisions..
~ Is America ready for a leader with this skin complexion?

Having two breasts and a vagina does not give one special powers or abilities to lead a nation, much like having a cock and two balls doesn't make a real man in time of crisis..

What type of leader would Hillary be?

Well fair or not, there's basically 3 historical types of modern female leader:
A)  The 'Golda Meir' type such as who led Israel in the early 1970s, was tough as nails, defeated the Arab nations into two quick-ending conflicts and had the courage to hunt down all those Palestinian filth who killed the Israeli athletes in 1972 Munich Games. A true terror warrior,  she is much beloved to this day in her country...
B)  The 'Margaret Thatcher' type such as who led Britain in the 1980s mainly, was also tough as nails but utterly hated and despised in some quarters, especially among the working class and poor who saw her policies systematically destroy their cities while the rich got richer.

She was so hated in death that many took to the streets to openly sing and dance her demise
C)  The 'Indira Ghandi' type such as who led India in the 1970s through 1984 ruling by decree between '75-'77 and also 'tough as nails'.

As Prime Minister, Gandhi was known for her political ruthlessness and unprecedented centralization of power but also very popular with some for her successful war with Pakistan which established the creation of Bangladesh

Because of a failed military operation in 1984 called 'Blue Star' where she sent military troops to take control of a complex in Punjab resulting of the killing of estimated thousands of Sikh civilians, Indira was assassinated as retribution.

The three exude such warmth don't they?
~ Hillary: "I am so proud of you Chelsea for marrying a former GoldmanSachs executive who now runs his own major Wall Street hedge fund"
Chelsea:  "Thanks Mom.. I simply did as you instructed"

Honestly we see Hillary as somewhere between all Three-  She has Golda's face and skin tone, the tough callous Bitch persona who will run things with an iron fist like Thatcher and an arrogance that will make things in Washington and abroad very contentious with perhaps ultimately an Indira-like fate.

Is there any decent female leader out there??

Yes -- Senator Elizabeth Warren..  And really no other.

Monday, January 26, 2015

The Day Perhaps the Greeks Stopped "Taking It" Up the Wazoo

The term "Greek" means different things to many people..

It represents democracy and the philosophies of immortals like Socrates, Plato and Aristotle..  For others it represents great literature such as the works of Homer and mythology and togas and pita bread & gyro wraps

"Greek" also refers to the act of anal sex and goodness knows, the European Union and the banks have been giving it to them good and hard and deep since the Global Recession began..

A few years ago we at A&G keep writing passionately and incessantly about how important it was for the nation of Greece to not act like cowardly sheep following one another off the cliff (or worse to the veal slaughterhouse)

We explained time and time again how the Greek government and its people should default on the loans it owed the IMF (International Monetary Fund) and ECB (European Commonwealth Bank) and leave the EU..

And if it caused the Union's ultimate destruction, then all the better...

Of course like most things we've been correct about, the Greeks ignored us and any common sense that God can inject into the human brain, and kept voting in governments which were historically corrupt and beholden to the banking interests over the people's..

And Greece has suffered for many years while giving the rest of Europe time to establish a financial buffer for the ultimate economic collapse they assumed Greece one day would have; the financial EU establishment always playing for more time

Finally this weekend after many years of being stubborn (or cowardly) yogurt eaters, they actually voted for their own interests vs that of their demise in a general election,  choosing the left-wing Syriza party (it has nothing to do with 'Syria') party

With what is to be expected to be only one seat short of a majority in their Parliament, it has been promised that the era of endless austerity for Greeks are over..

And hopefully its leader, Alexis Tsipras will have the guts to default.
From SkyNews:

"The victory for Syriza raises the prospect of a stand-off with European creditors, with Mr Tsipras promising to renegotiate the repayment terms of Greece's debt.

The Greek government was forced to undertake deep budget cuts and fiscal reforms as a condition for a €240bn euro bailout in 2010 from the so-called "Troika" - the group of creditors made up of the European Union, the International Monetary Fund and European Central Bank (ECB)...

Mr Tsipras's refusal to continue meeting the austerity demands placed on Greece by its creditors has sparked fears the country may be unable to repay its debts, which could force the country's exit from the Eurozone."
So to repeat, here's what we hope happens (assuming Greece holds any leverage anymore vs what they possessed in 2010):

1)  The Syriza Party refuses to pay any more blood-money to the banks for a debt that wasn't of their doing, and stand firm

If they do agree to continue paying, hopefully they can force their creditors to renegotiate interest rates and other terms to allow Greece to get out of its recession or use a threat of default to force the banks to comply

2)  In the process if possible, they reverse the privatization that has crippled Greece's infrastructure (foreign countries and/or companies taking control of national assets like lottery, tourism, transportation and all profits going not to Greece but the entities holding control)

3)  If the banks and EU play hardball, we hope Greece leaves and goes back to the drachma as their currency, preferably without any warning to punish those who've punished them, particularly Germany

The best time to strike a blow for economic independence was a few years ago when the world was scared to death of a global depression.
Greece's leadership sold its soul and its people along with most of their Ace cards

Now will the new Syriza party end up doing the same or will there be actual Change and sincere Hope for its people; the kind that means more than words on artsy bumper stickers??

Only time will tell...