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Friday, January 2, 2015

An Odoriferous Ode to New Years'

Ahh.. Friday..  Wheww,,

I survived that most monumentally over-hyped non-event called New Year's Eve and with nary a scratch, much less bruise or bite

Its the only holiday in the world that lasts pretty much 10 seconds but if one is devoted enough to its spirit, and has enough champagne and other inebriates handy, can celebrate up to 24 times

Then good ole' New Years Day..

There were lots of football played..
Sorry, didn't watch a second of it..  I am sure I just totally bummed out all the advertisers and sponsors with that nugget of honesty..

Once again.. sawwy..

MY highlight of yesterday:  Wrapping paper at Wal-Mart now 75% off.   Stocked up big time..

Nothing feels better than seeing something labeled $4.97 and getting it for $1.24; it just gives off a nice warm tinkle down the leg..  Umm.. I meant 'Tingle'..  cough..cough..

Think I've enough pretty paper now to wrap up the world.. Now if only I could have found a big enough bow
Most people do not know how to strategically shop..  

I'm sure Wal-Mart sold a ton of paper right after Christmas when it was only 50% because people couldn't be patient, and shockingly there was an enormous selection left 7 days after the 'big day' everyone hustles n' bustles and kills themselves over..

But here's what people don't think or realize:  Not all Christmas/Holiday wrapping paper has winter holiday themes and delineations.  

Some patterns and color schemes can be used to wrap presents for others on other holidays like Hallmark Day (some call it Valentines' Day), Birthdays, Mother's/Father's Day, Anniversaries and Graduations
If you go into your local card store and buy wrapping paper, you'll probably pay at minimum $2.95 for 15sq ft of paper.   If you're smart and think ahead to hunt through Christmas clearance, usually you will find solid colors or some criss-cross pattern 100sq ft for $1.24 after 75% off

Yes its "only" wrapping paper and the extra dollar for 85 less sq ft isn't going to bankrupt anyone but this is more than just about paper or bows..

Ants & Grasshoppers is a mindset; It doesn't matter if you're struggling to eke by or you are wealthy enough for a fleet of Mercedes parked in front of your driveway..

Money has value and while the lifestyle of the frivolous, carefree grasshopper may seem appealing, ultimately it is the ant who survives all contingencies and un-expectancies of life.
~ A real postcard depicting a drunk  (1912)

How many pathetic sad-tales do you read or hear about where wealthy celebrities or recent lottery winners are ultimately filing for bankruptcy and watching their whole world turn upside down because the concept of saving $1 on this and $5 on that was just too humiliating or unappealing to attempt..

So think before you snicker...

According to GlobalIssues,org, about 50% of the world's population live on the equivalent of $2.50/day or less and 80% live on $10 or less...

On of those people able to save 25cents is like you or I saving $25
Its ironic that people celebrate New Years at all..  Its always the point when prices of everything goes up

For instance in my state, the price of gas was to be raised as of New Years Eve by 10 cents per gallon to pay for some waste or another

Comcast cable also announced they would be raising their bill by 3.2%   Personally it doesn't affect me but I know others who will be paying $36 more this year based on a $100 monthly bill..

I read the price of cigarettes in New Zealand went up 10% as of Jan 1st as did citizenship fees to be a Canadian and in Britain, rail transport cost per passenger raised 2.5%.
So exploiting the New Year to jack up prices isn't a US phenomenon.

Yep, I will never ever understand short of impending marriage (if one is into that) or a child on the way why anyone would celebrate the coming of a new year..

But fortunately I don't have to think about it for another 364 days