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Friday, January 16, 2015

Celebrating (Lack of) Diversity at Oscars & NAACP Image Awards

Yesterday the full list of of Oscar nominees were released and America (well the media and late night talk shows) could only focus on two things:

1)  The lady reading the list of nominees, accidentally called someone 'Dick Poop' instead of his real name Dick Pope (Best Cinematography category)

"OMG.. She said..  Poop!  ~giggle-giggle..  On TV!  ~giggle-giggle..

2) There were no black people nominated in any of the acting categories...

Funny though..   I was looking at all the nominees for movies and television for the upcoming 46th annual NAACP Image awards on Feb 6th and it was completely devoid of whiteness.
In fact not one true-blue eyed Caucasian was nominated for Anything.. That's 46 years in a row of denying white European ancestry representation in Any category..

Yay Diversity!

See for yourself:

As an aside its funny the group is called the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People yet no one is "allowed" to call them 'Colored'

Guess it would be too confusing to change it to 'NAAAA'
So anyways, no one in the white media had the guts to say 'Good' when it was discovered that all the Oscar nominees were white though all the late night talk show hosts told jokes about it as if it really offended their sensibilities of 'right' v 'wrong'

BTW, how many black late night talk show hosts are there?

Yep.. a big white powdered  'O' donut for zero..

Wonder how many of them not counting Letterman who's leaving anyways in a few months, would voluntarily give up their hosting perch and the millions annually that goes with it so the black man could get a break on a major TV network?

Once again picking up the white powdered 'O' for zero donut, then licking my fingers..
A month or so ago Chris Rock, taking a break from divorce proceedings against his wife of 19 years decided to pen an open letter to Hollywood about their lack of diversity which should have been entitled "Give a Brother A Break!"

There was a lot of whining and complaining and expressing the need for more black CEOs and in positions of power as if blacks are magically immune from the pressure to choose profit over quality


Black Filmmaker:  "I want to direct a film on Nat Turner, the 19th century slave who went on a wild rampage killing many whites including women and children and it will be made graphic with lots of blood and gore to a hardcore rap soundtrack and I need a $50mil to make it..."

Black Studiohead:  "Hmm.. Well even though the studio will be lucky to make back $1mil after its release because the topic is so appalling to most, we are 'Brothers' bonded through a history of discrimination & slavery and this story Must be told.. Yes, I Approve it!  Here's your $50mil check..
Does that loud mouthed little ferret Rock really think Hollywood would suddenly turn into That if he got his way??

There are so many problems in the black community as recently media-lynched Bill Cosby has so often and eloquently pointed out...

Only 52% of black males currently graduate high school and are 6x more likely to be incarcerated than whites.   A recent study showed for every 100,000 people, 4,350 blacks are in prison compared to 678 whites and 1,775 Hispanics

Not counting the NBA and NFL, blacks make less money than whites, they have less education and double the unemployment as whites.  In addition 2x as many blacks are currently receiving food stamps than whites even though they only represent 15% of the population..
~ "I's tol you enough.. Stop lookin' at dem' white women Jasper!"

And everyone seemed to get worked up because there was no color representation among nominees for a meaningless award show of movies most people never bother to see..

Someone's at fault for this-- the blacks or the white-guilt do-gooders...

Hard to pinpoint which but someone is to blame for being this Pathetic.

Who is responsible for constantly making one anti-slavery or pro Civil Rights film after another as if this is really the topic engrossing American debate and discussion in the era of the Obama Presidency??
Who are the people that make sure every TV show and commercial has token black representation even if it is for mere fractions of a second and always portrays black/white social interactions as common while in truth most blacks and whites do not interact with each other outside the work or school environment

Who are the people who in order to sell fried chicken in a commercial, have to make a black family extremely successful and affluent looking, cultured, and refined while sitting in a gorgeous, cheerful and immaculate kitchen or dining room while holding utensils to eat the food?

Who are the people that keep pushing blacks as judges and surgeons and scientists in TV and film when only 3% of blacks hold Masters degrees and less than 1% hold doctorates?

Who are the people who think its so clever and harmless to re-make redheaded Little Orphan Annie into a sassy black girl like they did black Cinderella and like they want to do with James Bond?
It is SO frustratingly difficult to try to look at people as individuals and judge solely on content of character vs. color of skin when there are so many God-Damn white guilters in positions of power especially in the media who are damned determined to prevent it

So yes.. in this specific regard, it really is whitey's fault.

Hope they don't ruin the Oscars for you.. It would be akin to letting the (white do-gooder) terrorists win