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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Endless Hollywood Remakes

Earlier tonight I was looking at some entertainment headlines to pass the time and it was really jarring how completely devoid of originality Hollywood is..

The first headline said there may be a remake of Indiana Jones coming soon

The second headline stated that a remake of the Will Smith film 'Independence Day' will be made starring an Australian

And the third headline said that all is a Go for an unnecessary Ghostbusters remake, this time with an all-female ghost-busting team...

I felt like throwing up but somehow managed to find a peppermint.
~ A list of US remakes of foreign originals.. Double Click pic to enlarge

All three movies made a lot of money in their day, so I understand the greed factor at place but still, where is the public clamor to see this crap??

In the case of Independence Day, the film was released 20 years ago and really wasn't all that good.   Take away Smith who played the lead with large bravado to match large black balls, and the film is not remotely memorable.

Then there's Indiana Jones played perfectly by Harrison Ford..  Does anyone really, really want to see another actor tackle the role?

Then there's Ghostbusters or as I call it the 'Dan Ackroyd pure-greed project'
This son of a bitch who owns the rights connected to the film has been desperately trying to get another Ghostbusters off the ground for years.   Even when fellow cast member Bill Murray turned down script after script, another cast member Harold Ramis passed away and original director John Landis had no interest..

Ackroyd wanted his film made.. the goal always being to establish a 'next generation' that would allow for future sequels and hopefully for him, endless revenue from the shit films and merchandising

And that really is all Hollywood is..

Prequels, Sequels, Remakes and Re-dos

And at Oscar time, we're all reminded how evil and terrible we are as Americans with one anti slavery, anti-war and/or civil rights themed movie that most of the nation has no interest in seeing.
~ It could be worse..  The man could be working & paying income taxes

Then again, as a side note so is politics as most expect 2016 to be a battle between another Clinton v. another Bush

We've become a nation of baby birds, hungry at the thought of being fed via regurgitation

But we digress..

But what can any sane person do?

I hate that people in the industry get to make a living, pay bills and put food on the table by taking an idea originally conceived decades ago then regurgitate it with a modern 'spin'

I also hate that this crap has a built-in audience...

People are stupid, young people even more so, and as long as teens have extra discretionary income to throw away, these films will be made
I didn't mean to forget comic book films and movies about ghosts, goblins, hobbits, elves, vampires, zombies, wookies and every other form of nerdism aimed at the anti-social..

Honestly ask yourself what is the last remake in recent memory that was worth the time and trouble for Hollywood to make, much less for audiences to see?

Remember, a remake is basically taking an original film made in the past and adding a lil 'twist' like say taking the film Annie which few thought was good in its original and needlessly putting a black girl in the role of a white-skinned redhead

Honestly yours truly can't think of anything.

Hollywood has no morals, no scruples and no soul..

If they could figure out a way to re-do 'Schindler's List' as an animated musical a la 'Beauty and the Beast' or re-cast all the Jewish victims with black people because it plays better in the urban areas, and it was ensured the remake would make a profit, it would have already been done.

And none of the Jewish screenwriters or producers or even Spielberg himself would have lost a bit of sleep over it

Just the truth of things.
Its funny how in Hollywood you have two kinds of people -- the kind that want to make films with built in demographics that no one wants to actually take the time to create from scratch, and films with very limited appeal that no one wishes to see..

I also read the director of the historical revisionist movie 'Selma', the one nominated for 7 'Colored People' awards plans on next making a movie about Hurricane Katrina.

Who wants to wager that if only whites suffered loss of property and life in that storm that this black woman would still bother to make a film on it?

Its really hard nowadays to find quality entertainment, especially movies
For some there's the Bollywood (India) route..

For others, there's channels like Turner Classic Movies (TCM) where pretty much 95% of all the films shown were made between 1930-1959

For myself, I make the conscious decision to not go to the movies (last time: Nov 2006) and I rarely if ever rent films, even RedBox..  I try as hard as possible not to reward Hollywood for making the socially engineered, product-placement infused garbage they keep churning out..

Instead I rent at the library for Free and if I am in the mood for an Indiana Jones type film, I simply watch the Original film and know I won't be disappointed.