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Monday, January 12, 2015

Follow Up: We Let the World Down.. Again

~ A WH official admitted Obama spent Sunday watching football

A follow up from the last post where our deeply Shitty President decided that personally attending a anti-terrorism protest march in Paris which drew more than 3 million demonstrators and leaders of over 40 nations to show their support for free speech was beneath him..


"The White House is going on the defensive for not sending any high-level administration officials to a unity rally in Paris on Sunday that was attended by several world leaders.

White House officials tell CBS News that the reason President Barack Obama didn’t go is because the president’s security would have significantly interfered with the crowd that was estimated at nearly 3.7 million people...
White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest told reporters Monday that they made an error not sending a higher profile official to the rally.

“I think it’s fair to say we should have sent someone with a higher profile to be there"


Here's the truth of things..   Israeli President Netanyahu was present at the protest and we all know how unpopular Israel is in some quarters of the world..  And no one made any attempt to shoot at him..
~ When tough decisions need to be made..  do so holding a football

Same with a French President in Hollande who is the most unpopular in the modern history of France..

So safety is no excuse..

And if Obama did get shot, then so be it..   Better to go out standing for some kind of moral principle or conviction then hide behind masses of Secret Service and bullet proof glass as his policies continue taking the nation toward ultimate ruin..
~ "I'm the President!  I said 'Go Long!.. "

Six years of a Democrat do-nothing Wall-Street whore who betrays everything that party allegedly stands for and plays the race card at every calculated turn..

And still there's a large segment who defend every mis-action with Stockholm Syndrome-like zealotry...

We don't care what anyone else says.. No matter the excuses..

Obama should have been there..
~ "President Putin, we'll have to resume this discussion on the sanctions another time..  Um.. Something's come up that needs my full attention"

He should have pretended those Muslim murderous thugs were really Caucasian officers and they killed a dozen black children with juvenile records or whatever it would take for him to actually give a Fuck, then hop on his private taxpayer-paid plane.. the same one he uses to take endless vacations to Hawaii and golf courses around the country...

And been there in France arm in arm with the rest of them!

And even if he absolutely couldn't fly to France, there's even less of an excuse why he wasn't in Washington DC for those rallies..
~  'It's good to be the King!'

And just like that fat-fuck Christ Christie, Obama was too absorbed in football to care

By the way, to be 100% clear:  You may be a loyal Dallas fan if you live in South Dakota, South Carolina or Southern Cal, But...

If you're from the Northeast corridor of Boston/NYC/NJ/Philly, the Only reason one roots for the Dallas Cowboys is to be a contrarian; someone who desperately tries to be 'different' while middle-fingering the fan allegiance of all their family, friends, co-workers and people who live in their community
~ Obama is multi-talented.. He can toss a football in both the Oval Office and here in the West Wing right by the glass mirror and computers..  

The big irony of all this is as offensive and as Wrong as our crap President was in not going, its still not enough to rank as the #1 most oblivious action by him..

Playing golf soon after a man's head is decapitated by ISIS is still at the top..

Just 24 months left..  Tick tock..