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Friday, January 9, 2015

Free Tuition for the Dum-Dums

Last night President Obama unveiled a plan of sorts that would give free 2 year community college for all

The criteria being that the student go at least part time, have a GPA of 2.5 and make steady progress toward completing their program..

And we thought a 4 year University degree was completely worthless..

Do you want to know what community college really is academically?
It is pretty much repeating everything you learned in 11th and 12th grade except at the moment, dumb young adults pay for the privilege and ultimately if Obama gets his way, taxpayers will.

Its a bit disingenuous to treat community college as a goal for high school graduates who want a chance to make something of themselves and make a good living in the process..

For instance, which do you think an employer will respect more:  Someone with a degree in Criminal Justice from a 4yr accredited College/University or someone who took 'Homeland Security Specialization' at the 2 yr school?

What's actually more scary is what if employers choose to hire those who went the community college track vs the University route.

Sure will save employers a lot of money..
~ "In My day we paid for education the old-fashioned way..  with Blood and Sweat and Toil..  And Sex..  Lots of Sex.."

And it kinda makes those expensive 4 yr degrees a bit redundant when you can find someone with an Associate of Applied Sciences degree in Accounting who knows how to do TurboTax to figure your income taxes vs a true professional working out the itemized deductions.

So why do this?  Its not like the masses are screaming for free 2yr basic education to be paid for..

For instance, most 2 yr schools, the average tuition per credit is $135 meaning a part time student would only be paying around $815 to $1215, which is really next to nothing..

Plus many states already provide financial grants and other non-repayable aid for young people with financial difficulties.
~ "Yes...  (pauses)  I am a boy doll with girl's hair.. "

No, the goal isn't so much to help poor and ignorant young adults, but to stall them from entering the workforce much in the way the GI Bill was set up in the late 1940s to stall WWII vets from entering the workplace in one bit glut, and allowing time for the private sector to digest them all in..

Right now due to the overall bad economy (even with falling gas prices), older workers are forced to keep working to survive rather than retire with their nest eggs intact.

The number of workers 55 and over just hit 32.9 million, up 1.3 million from a year ago, and an all time high.
~ "Ain' nobody speak bettuh fo' me dan' dis here white man.. Sheeet!"

The truth about education is that its only worth something if another is willing to pay to receive some benefit from what you know.   And often an employer is more concerned with where you got your knowledge rather than what actual knowledge you possess

This is why the 'Good Will Huntings' of the world, the people who are self-motivated and self-educate to the point of brilliance but chose not to play that System 'game' of going to ABC Univ. can't seem to get the employment they deserve..

And the imbeciles who attended named universities and majored in fraternity/sorority, getting wasted & high and fucking around (figuratively and literally) still end up with decent paying jobs
~ "Hey watch who you're calling a Dummy!  That's Anthony Hopkins"

Besides, what employer would ever hire someone more intelligent and capable then themselves for a position that ultimately will lead to they being replaced

Safer to hire dummies with degrees.

Education was of such a high quality back when this nation was founded vs today..  The young minds, often attending College at 12 and graduating at 15yrs old were taught to speak fluent French, Greek and Latin, be proficient in advanced mathematics, architecture and the sciences.

Look at people like Benjamin Franklin and Thomas Jefferson..
Franklin was not only a gifted writer and orator but Ambassador, newspaper publisher, inventor and responsible for the creation of the first US post office, library, the Franklin stove, bifocals and did experiments with electricity

Jefferson was not only a gifted writer and statesman, but also Ambassador, 3rd President, played a masterful violin, created the University of Virginia and designed how Monticello was to be built as well as any future additions/modulations to the home.

No wonder Sally Hemmings couldn't do without him..

Now the modern education system produces shit..
~ "I am a girl dressed as a boy who sounds like a girl who likes boys.."

Generation after generation of simple people doing simple tasks with lots of rest and vacation time in between to absorb the mind in sports, video games, comic books and other irrelevance.

Its bad enough this terrible education costs as much as it does..   It would be worse if others had to flip the bill for it.

We'll end with something we were once told by a learned person of high respect and esteem:
Intelligence is not being all-knowledgeable in something that is your chosen career or field and which one already spends their time learning for purposes of higher pay or status.  

Intelligence is being all-knowledgeable in something Other than your chosen career or field and the desire to learn more is for love of knowledge itself and desire to share for free