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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Punishing Success and Mollycoddling Defeat

I don't know about you all (or Ya'll to our Southern friends) but it seems every day there is something in the news which in the vast scheme of life seems so inconsequential at first but is nonetheless really galling and you realize in time it is a big deal..

Here's the 'news' item I read which really infuriated yours truly..

Girls Basketball Coach Suspended After Defeating Opponent 161-2 -- "A high school girls basketball coach is serving a two-game suspension after he was accused of running up the score on an opponent last week.

Coach Michael Anderson, who coaches both the junior varsity and varsity squads of Arroyo Valley High School’s girls basketball, was handed the suspension after defeating Bloomington High School 161-2.

Anderson faced criticism over his decision not to take out his starters until the third quarter, and he was accused of running up the score."  (CBS)

Now some of you are thinking 'So what?' while others are thinking 'Oh, those poor girls!'

What you Should be thinking is 'How dare a coach be made the scapegoat for teaching his players to win, and punished so unfairly for the faults of others and the System at large!'

Before I go into the broader issues, let's focus a moment on the specifics of this situation

Why is the coach bad and deserving of punishment because he kept having his girls give 100% effort and play hard until the final whistle?

Where was the responsibility of the coach on the losing side to see what a disaster the game was becoming and to literally throw in the towel once the Arroyo Valley team scored say 100pts??

Notice we never criticize in sports those in positions of power or authority such as a coach who allow their team to take the humiliation while trying to play hard till the very last second, yet get so angry at the winning side for trying equally hard!

Why did no referee take it upon him or herself to call the game much the way he/she would if refereeing a boxing match involving a punch-drunk slab of meat getting their brains bashed?

And what about those who run high school sports--  why was there no Mercy Rule so when the winning squad had a lead of 40 or 50pts, the game would simply be called on its own?

But no..  This society always seeks to punish the successful; the winner.

And the Worthless shit media never present the points of view this blog does; its more shocking to readers to simply put the 161 - 2 headline up there and move on to the next piece of local news..

Used to be children competed and one would win, one would come in 2nd or 3rd and that was it.. everyone else finished empty-handed.

Now its about leaving no child behind..  Everyone must get a trophy or ribbon simply for competing; simply for showing up..   First place equal to last..

Just like they do with remedial people who participate in Special Olympics.

Imagine if they did that crap in the real world?
'Green Bay, you played a Heck of a game this past Sunday and should of won. And although you unfortunately didn't because you guys coughed up the lead in the final 4 minutes, you all will still get Lombardy trophies.'

'Same with you Indianapolis..  Sure you got your asses kicked 42-7 in a game that was never close or really interesting to watch but you guys seemed so sad and dejected..    Everyone gets Champion rings.. Yayyy!!'

The real world is not like that which is one of many reasons why the younger generation is so woefully unprepared to function and find a career path in it..

One of my favorite passions is playing Scrabble and false modesty aside, I am truly Dominant in it.  It is rare when I play against family, friends or foes where I do not win by around 100 pts at minimum.

That is not to say I never ever lose but more often than not, I win and the margin of victory is extremely high; enough of a blowout that often the person I am competing against has a bit of a temper tantrum and wants to quit or forfeit halfway through (even if that person sticks with it till the end)

Now in the context of the modern society, I would be expected to either accept the forfeit within the first 10 turns of the game once its clear the score margin will be large, or I guess not try so hard and avoid maximizing the points I can make on a turn to spare one's feelings.

Of course, I never play this way which is why often the games become tension filled but then again on those rare times I am getting my rear end kicked, I play until very close to the end, or it was established beforehand that when one is winning by 150pts, the game is called with no hard feelings..

We used to have a society of competitors, now its one of complainers.

Life like sports and Scrabble and most everything else is at times unfair and not everything goes the way we want it.

But if you can not step foot on the court and compete in the game of Life when faced with adversity and challenges or situations that momentarily are out of your control, you never will be a Winner no matter how much $$ you have or fancy your job title.

The girls on the losing end of that lopsided basketball score --  Normally they should have learned from the experience that if they work and practice harder and dedicate themselves, their next opponent won't be washing the floor with them..
Or to put things in perspective that its a basketball game that represents just one moment in time for these young ladies' lives and like all other moments good and bad, that time moves on and it all becomes a memory..

Instead the girls learned from observation that if you win too much, you will get punished; things will be taken away from you as repercussion and there's no reason/motivation to ever seek to limitless excel in anything one puts their mind to achieving in life.

And what disgusting horrible lessons to teach young people, especially girls!