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Thursday, January 29, 2015

Super Bowl 'Media Day' & Marshawn Lynch

~ Marshawn Lynch- Seattle Seahawks RB

Yesterday we spent some time writing about how horrible and devoid of originality Hollywood was/is and today's topic will pertain to Super Bowl, 'Media Day' & Marshawn Lynch

And before we get into that, some of you may be wondering to yourselves, why is A&G wasting its time and energy on such triviality when it could be focusing on financial, economic and political concerns..

In the case of Hollywood in 2014, enough people went to the movie theaters to escape their stale, monotonous, boring lives and/or wives to the tune of $10.4 Billion dollars and even that large figure was a 4.4% decline from 2013.
~ "Good Question.. Yes my favorite color is Blue..."

As a side note, last year US consumers also spent around $10.4 Billion ($91 billion globally) on porn to watch in their homes and/or hotels/motels for some much needed 30-60 second 'escape'

So any industry that generates that much money is worth talking about..

In the case of today's topic - the NFL, as we wrote last week they are legally exempt from paying any Federal income tax even though the league generated $9 billion in revenue for the 2014 season which officially ends with this Super Bowl

Funny.. porn is more profitable than football
~ "I prefer sleeping on my side vs my back.."

So talking on the NFL falls under 'relevant' as well

And now after a super-long intro, the topic at hand:  

The NFL, 'Media Day' and Marshawn Lynch

Most know what happened but we'll still give a very brief summary..  Every year, the NFL holds their 'Media Day' where it gives passes to everyone under the sun willing to pay the $29 fee to attend and usually 2/3 of the 'media' are not sports-based

Everyone is supposed to be made accessible for 5 minutes to whatever stupid or asinine questions someone wishes to ask, and preferably do it with a smile like all well-trained animals doing tricks
Except Marshawn Lynch, the RB for Seattle who hates being told to do something and often will rather rebel openly and take a large fine than do what the NFL dictates

So on 'Media Day' for 5 minutes, Lynch answered 29 questions with the exact same phrase, "I'm here so I won't get fined" because minutes before, the NFL threatened to fine Lynch $500k if he didn't show up..

Now the media overall have been pretty upset at Lynch calling him one G-rated name after another and taking the haughty posture that its disrespectful to them and to the fans since the media are the conduits between athlete and fan

And we thought about that a moment..  'conduit'
Tom Brady:  "Yes it is true I once left my pregnant actress girlfriend for a supermodel I'm now married to but still, I'm definitely an honorable guy..."

In 2015?  In an era where any athlete can communicate directly with his/her fans through social media like Facebook posts, Twitter tweets, Instagram photos and even archaic means like personal blog pages?

Is the media really necessary at this point?

And let's say they still are, well why do they not encourage and celebrate those who are honest, candid and tell things as they truly are?
~ "I paid $29 to get media credentials to attend and look like a Dork!

Usually the opposite happens.. The more honest and direct and sincere an athlete answers a question or makes a point, the more the sports media want to stomp that individual into the dust for having such audacity..

It works something like this fictitious example:

Media:   "So Marshawn.. What are your thoughts about this Sunday's game?
Lynch:   "I hope we win big.. like by at least 50 pts and I hope our defense injures Brady.. Just break some ribs and knock his ass out of the game!"

Now at this point the media has a juicy headline and quote based on what would be in this non-true example, a 'sincere' thought expressed..
~  "Great question!  Three plus One is probably Four..."

And what is the Very next thing these media people do?

Clamor and demand that Lynch be fined and suspended for his 'deplorable' and unsportsmanlike comments..

And pester all Lynch's teammates and coaches with "What are your thoughts/opinions on what Marshawn said?"   and on and on it goes..   More sports talk filler

And with enough bitching and moaning publicly uttered these people tend to get their way and a large fine and/or suspension would be issued along with demands for a public apology..

So let's take this back to 'Media Day'..  We've no idea or care what Marshawn Lynch thinks on anything, but let's say that is exactly what he's thinking and feeling, and someone asks his thoughts..
~ Yes, the starting QB for Seattle has to contend with puppets as he himself is conducting himself as one for the NFL

What is he to say??  Does Lynch:

A) Give meaningless, empty cliches about how Sunday will be a 'good game', may the best team win, etc..etc..etc..

B) Does he say the truth and get destroyed by a spiteful press who resent athletes being 'too' honest and forward?

C)  Does Lynch stay silent or not attend at all, incurring a fine of half a million dollars?

D)  Or does the guy just utter the same meaningless sentence to answer every meaningless question??

People rarely if ever look at things from different perspectives because we're all so trained to see life in this 'A' or 'B' box where there's no such thing as an option C or D...
~ "Miss, that's the best Q I've been asked all day- Sure I'll have sex with you!"

We've always hated athletes who answer questions with cliches, minimal words and constant evasion..   Too many of them out there to give examples..

We have always respected people like Richard Sherman, Mike Tyson and Muhammad Ali.. they say what they thought, it was raw and whether or not we liked or agreed with the words expressed was irrelevant...

No one can ever say when listening to Tyson talk in his fighting days, "Hmm, what exactly did he mean when Tyson says he's going to eat his opponent's children?"  lol

The 'System' of professional sports just like the System of life does not reward or appreciate honesty and candor..  That is why sites like ours at 'A&G' are so rare..    Zero censorship here..
~ Lynch with Africa pendants around neck.. Coulda' sworn he was American

To the NFL, the players are employees and as long as their getting paid, they do as their told..

If there's a policy decision like the NFL openly supporting a gay football player, it will not tolerate or accept any player, coach, owner or representative expressing an opposite opinion in any forum or they will be fined, as what did happen to a few players last May.

Thus they can portray the illusion of an NFL that fully supports sexual lifestyle integration even if no one will ever know how sincerely accepted gay athletes would be without the hammer being thrown down..

And in the case of media events, they are to always be available and accessible, and if it takes giving shallow, empty cliche answers that lack any thought or meaning to satisfy a media that deep down knows they're getting nothing relevant, so be it..
And what happens to the Individual; the person who wants to say his/her thoughts and not be punished for expressing sincere opinion or pulling up veils of secrecy?

Fucked if he speaks out; Fucked if he remains silent...

The NFL is a corporation.. really little different from any Fortune 500 company except people really believe in the illusion that the cities of the team names truly represent a civic attachment..

For instance, the Eagles are as much "Philadelphia" as 'Philadelphia' brand creme cheese..  

Its a private business that would not hesitate to leave and go elsewhere at the first sign of weakening finances, dwindling attendance and the opportunity to get out of a contract or two with the city.

With the exception of Green Bay which is owned by public shares, all NFL teams and really all sports teams in fact work this way..
~ Cheerleader 1: 'So who are you going to sleep with tonight?'
   Cheerleader 2: 'Someone married with family and no pre-nup'

So we respect and admire Lynch for middle fingering both the NFL and the media as he consistently does..  You'd think by now the press would learn the man has nothing to say and stop seeking his opinion.

As expressed before, we are extremely fortunate to be a part of A&G where absolutely nothing we write-- not an opinion, thought or word is censored or penalized for uttering

Different topics, different points of view expressed freely.

And you the reader should feel a bit of appreciation as well because you certainly will not get uncensored, unvarnished commentary on the state of things elsewhere..