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Thursday, January 8, 2015

The Chris Christie/Cowboys Conflict of Interest

This past week there have been two sports topics of debate and both concern the recent Dallas Cowboys v. Detroit Lions game played this past Sunday

One topic (referees overturning a call in the 4th Q that ultimately helped Dallas) is rather meaningless and insignificant to us, especially since A&G is not a sports blog

The other topic..  A revolting, disgusting, arrogant, piece of garbage Governor of New Jersey, Chris Christie sitting in the private sky box of Jerry Jones with his puke-orange sweater covering his 500lb body, and jumping up & down with 'Jer' in celebration like a grotesque 10yr old desperate for a friend..
~ Christie:  "Please hug me Jerry Jones like you were my daddy.."

That is something rather troubling to us and should be to others.

We'll do our best to put aside how absolutely awful it looks (and how awful He looks) as he's jumping and cheering while his man-boobs make every effort to keep up with the tummy jiggles..

And we'll try to put aside the fact the "I don't give a F' about anyone but myself' Governor basically middle fingered 95% of his sports-loving constituents who are either New York Giants or Philadelphia Eagles fans by flaunting and taunting his allegiance to his team...
~ Christie: "Emmitt Smith, you're my Hero.. I wish there was a private bathroom somewhere where I could show you just how much I love you.."

What bothers us most is the ethical conflict of interest

Christie flew to Dallas and accepted the ticket to the game at the expense of the Cowboys’ owner, who just so happens to have a business relationship with the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey.

From WSJ:

"The governor of New Jersey, along with the governor of New York, controls the Port Authority, and Legends Hospitality, a company in which Jones has an interest, has been given a license to run an observation deck in 2013 atop One World Trade Center, which is operated by the Port Authority. 

The New York Yankees and Checketts Partners Investment Fund own Legends, along with the Cowboys, and the company’s One World Trade Center deal is expected to produce $875 million in revenue over 15 years for the Port Authority"
~ Tommy Lasorda:  "Don't worry Governor.. you're not alone in being a traitor to the place you were born and grew up.. I was born in the Philly area and am wearing my 'D' cap"

A report in the International Business Times said Christie “personally pushed” for the deal to go through

The state’s Code of Conduct says that governors “may accept gifts, favors, services, gratuities, meals, lodging or travel expenses from relatives or personal friends that are paid for with personal funds.”

The real concern, besides the fact that Christie is an unscrupulous bully of a politician and true piece of shit as a person, is that it wasn't like Jerry Jones just gave the Governor two free tickets on the 40yd line..  

It was quite pricey a 'gift'
~ Christie:  "I love you Jerry.. I wish we could have children together.."

"The actual cost of flying Christie and his family by private jet to watch the Dallas Cowboys beat Detroit from inside Jones’ luxury 50 yard line owner’s suite is not known, but ticket brokers and several private jet operators say replicating the experience would cost tens of thousands of dollars.

While the seats in Jones box aren’t for sale, a representative for Suite Experience Group, a New Haven, Conn.-based reseller of luxury stadium sky boxes, said that a suite in the Hall of Fame section closest to the owner’s box could run as high as $125,000, with suites closer to the 20 yard line commanding as much as $80,000.

There are 20 seats in a suite, which would mean tickets for the higher-priced ones would exceed $6,000."
~ Cowboys-Giants

And this is actually the Fourth time the corpulent cow has sat next to Jones to watch a Cowboys' game for free!!!   He was present when Dallas played the Giants in NJ on Dec 7th, he was in Philadelphia on Dec 14 and was flown for free to Dallas the following Dec 21 when Dallas the hosted Indianapolis Colts

And we imagine Governor Grotesque will be present at Lambeau Field sitting in his same privileged spot wearing the same pumpkin sweater and showing off to the country how special and important he is.
~ Cowboys-Eagles

If all this does not matter, ask this to yourself:

1)  Dallas has won Super Bowls under owner Jerry Jones' watch for the '92, '93 and '95 NFL Seasons..   How many of those Championship runs was Chris Christie sitting next to Jones to watch?


Why?  Because Chris Christie was not Governor Christie, head of the Port Authority, and there'd be absolutely no reason for Jones to invite him, assuming he'd even know the donut-eater back then

Hell, Christie wasn't even invited to watch along side 'Jer-Jer' the past three seasons when the Cowboys were simply the 'Eight n' Eighters'  (They went 8-8 in 2011, 2012 and 2013)
~ Christie:  "Hey Papa John's Owner.. I don't know what I love more: your pizza or your make-up

Guess that has something to do with the Port Authority deal being finalized in late 2013 rather than say 2010

2)  Why can't Christie pay to go to the football game like pretty much every other person?

The scumbag has a net worth of over $4 million and makes an annual salary of $175k which is the 4th highest paid Governor in the nation..

So what --  he can not afford to just buy a ticket?!  
~ Jerry Jones:  "If you become President, you owe me Big time..
      Christie:  "Yes Sir"

And remember, Christie as a Governor has bodyguards and a skeleton staff that accompanies him everywhere he goes..  They got to see the games in the sky box too..

Christie being the sociopathic Egotist he is, will in all likelihood throw his large hat into the ring and seek the Presidency..  

Will all this ultimately matter?

Who knows..  we Americans have a proven track record of electing arrogant, pompous assholes to the Presidency who think they're better than everyone else and act with a sense of entitlement...
~ Hulk Hogan is in the back (middle) with his golden moustache thinking 'What's a Brother to do to get some Jerry Jones man-love?'

But at least thus far, our past leaders have attended sporting events and acted with some dignity and decorum

Imagine Reagan or Obama jumping and bouncing up and down like a complete fool because their football team won a game...

Imagine Truman or Carter or even W Bush desperately looking for someone to hug like a lost, unwanted and unliked child

We could not either.