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Monday, January 26, 2015

The Day Perhaps the Greeks Stopped "Taking It" Up the Wazoo

The term "Greek" means different things to many people..

It represents democracy and the philosophies of immortals like Socrates, Plato and Aristotle..  For others it represents great literature such as the works of Homer and mythology and togas and pita bread & gyro wraps

"Greek" also refers to the act of anal sex and goodness knows, the European Union and the banks have been giving it to them good and hard and deep since the Global Recession began..

A few years ago we at A&G keep writing passionately and incessantly about how important it was for the nation of Greece to not act like cowardly sheep following one another off the cliff (or worse to the veal slaughterhouse)

We explained time and time again how the Greek government and its people should default on the loans it owed the IMF (International Monetary Fund) and ECB (European Commonwealth Bank) and leave the EU..

And if it caused the Union's ultimate destruction, then all the better...

Of course like most things we've been correct about, the Greeks ignored us and any common sense that God can inject into the human brain, and kept voting in governments which were historically corrupt and beholden to the banking interests over the people's..

And Greece has suffered for many years while giving the rest of Europe time to establish a financial buffer for the ultimate economic collapse they assumed Greece one day would have; the financial EU establishment always playing for more time

Finally this weekend after many years of being stubborn (or cowardly) yogurt eaters, they actually voted for their own interests vs that of their demise in a general election,  choosing the left-wing Syriza party (it has nothing to do with 'Syria') party

With what is to be expected to be only one seat short of a majority in their Parliament, it has been promised that the era of endless austerity for Greeks are over..

And hopefully its leader, Alexis Tsipras will have the guts to default.
From SkyNews:

"The victory for Syriza raises the prospect of a stand-off with European creditors, with Mr Tsipras promising to renegotiate the repayment terms of Greece's debt.

The Greek government was forced to undertake deep budget cuts and fiscal reforms as a condition for a €240bn euro bailout in 2010 from the so-called "Troika" - the group of creditors made up of the European Union, the International Monetary Fund and European Central Bank (ECB)...

Mr Tsipras's refusal to continue meeting the austerity demands placed on Greece by its creditors has sparked fears the country may be unable to repay its debts, which could force the country's exit from the Eurozone."
So to repeat, here's what we hope happens (assuming Greece holds any leverage anymore vs what they possessed in 2010):

1)  The Syriza Party refuses to pay any more blood-money to the banks for a debt that wasn't of their doing, and stand firm

If they do agree to continue paying, hopefully they can force their creditors to renegotiate interest rates and other terms to allow Greece to get out of its recession or use a threat of default to force the banks to comply

2)  In the process if possible, they reverse the privatization that has crippled Greece's infrastructure (foreign countries and/or companies taking control of national assets like lottery, tourism, transportation and all profits going not to Greece but the entities holding control)

3)  If the banks and EU play hardball, we hope Greece leaves and goes back to the drachma as their currency, preferably without any warning to punish those who've punished them, particularly Germany

The best time to strike a blow for economic independence was a few years ago when the world was scared to death of a global depression.
Greece's leadership sold its soul and its people along with most of their Ace cards

Now will the new Syriza party end up doing the same or will there be actual Change and sincere Hope for its people; the kind that means more than words on artsy bumper stickers??

Only time will tell...