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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

The Fallacy that We 'Need' a Female President

~ 'Seig Heil!'

There was an op-ed article in Huffington Post, a site we despise as deeply as some might feel about say Fox News that said that Republicans do not want a female President

The political pandering piece was based on some polling figures and the implication was that even Republicans didn't want people like Sarah Palin as their leader and painted a broad brush that all Rep female leaders are cookie-cutter molds of her..

We'll put aside the fact that Palin is nothing like that vile creton Tina Fey portrayed in her one-dimension caricature back in 2008
We can't speak for Republicans on the whole because to generalize about 100+ million registered party members is idiocy but here's a theory why most people overall do not want a woman as US President..

Their track record historically is pretty Shitty when you take the time to analyze..

Let's look at women who are in charge of nations currently:
Andrea Merkel (Germany) -- While getting recently re-elected by her dummkopf constituents, she is despised in most parts of Continental Europe for systematically taking over the European Union and severely weakening not only its currency, but that of Southern European nations as a two-tier Master/slave relationship is created..

The EU's finances are so weak that its Central Bank has had to receive over $1 Trillion from our Central Bank, the Fed since 2010 alone just to keep it from collapsing and forcing the nations back to their original monetary specie.
~ "In my presence, I make men's cocks this small"

Cristina Kirchner (Argentina)  --  The South American nation defaulted on most of their debts back last December and currently their inflation rate is 23.9% which is second only to Venezuela.  Its GDP  and industrial output also are continually contracting and unemployment is up now to 7.7%

In addition to being a terrible leader economically, Kirchner has shown herself to be a despicable person by sheltering and protecting from arrest Iranians accused of blowing up an Argentine synagogue months ago as a means to get on Iran's good graces in negotiating an oil deal.
~ "Thankyou for the portrait of Hugo Chavez.. I am flattered"

Dilma Rousseff (Brazil)  --  Their economy has taken a big tumble over the last six months especially where for the first time in more than a decade (2003), Christmas retail sales declined.

As states, "China isn't buying as much, international investors are putting their money back into the recovering U.S. and Brazilians have taken on a lot of debt. And prices there are sky-high: An iPhone 6, for example, costs nearly $1,800."

Car sales have dropped 7% in year to year sales and their Central Bank has had to raise interest rates for 3 straight meetings to get a grip on rising inflation and salaries which are stagnant.

We could go on but it would take a lot of reading on your part since currently there are 22 women leading nations around the world.
We're not saying female leaders are terrible because they're women..

Far from it..

The bigger point is there's this assumption by many especially on the left that this country needs a specific horrible vindictive snake leading us named Hillary Clinton because well..  'She's a woman and its about time!'

We are currently suffering as a nation because the same zealots said six years ago it was 'about time' we elect a black, even if he was inexperienced, incompetent, a Wall Street 'boy' and couldn't give one damn about anyone outside his immediate family in his policy-making decisions..
~ Is America ready for a leader with this skin complexion?

Having two breasts and a vagina does not give one special powers or abilities to lead a nation, much like having a cock and two balls doesn't make a real man in time of crisis..

What type of leader would Hillary be?

Well fair or not, there's basically 3 historical types of modern female leader:
A)  The 'Golda Meir' type such as who led Israel in the early 1970s, was tough as nails, defeated the Arab nations into two quick-ending conflicts and had the courage to hunt down all those Palestinian filth who killed the Israeli athletes in 1972 Munich Games. A true terror warrior,  she is much beloved to this day in her country...
B)  The 'Margaret Thatcher' type such as who led Britain in the 1980s mainly, was also tough as nails but utterly hated and despised in some quarters, especially among the working class and poor who saw her policies systematically destroy their cities while the rich got richer.

She was so hated in death that many took to the streets to openly sing and dance her demise
C)  The 'Indira Ghandi' type such as who led India in the 1970s through 1984 ruling by decree between '75-'77 and also 'tough as nails'.

As Prime Minister, Gandhi was known for her political ruthlessness and unprecedented centralization of power but also very popular with some for her successful war with Pakistan which established the creation of Bangladesh

Because of a failed military operation in 1984 called 'Blue Star' where she sent military troops to take control of a complex in Punjab resulting of the killing of estimated thousands of Sikh civilians, Indira was assassinated as retribution.

The three exude such warmth don't they?
~ Hillary: "I am so proud of you Chelsea for marrying a former GoldmanSachs executive who now runs his own major Wall Street hedge fund"
Chelsea:  "Thanks Mom.. I simply did as you instructed"

Honestly we see Hillary as somewhere between all Three-  She has Golda's face and skin tone, the tough callous Bitch persona who will run things with an iron fist like Thatcher and an arrogance that will make things in Washington and abroad very contentious with perhaps ultimately an Indira-like fate.

Is there any decent female leader out there??

Yes -- Senator Elizabeth Warren..  And really no other.