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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

The State of the Union Is..*shrugs*

Last night was the State of the Union Address.. the 2nd to last one Obama will be giving..

We honestly forgot it was on..

We're sure we didn't miss much..

A lot of clapping.. A lot of people on the left side of the aisle standing while those on the right sat still and crossed their arms..

We did hear Justice Ginsberg fell asleep.. Poor thing..
Can't blame her though..  If you were 81 years old, would you want to be sitting there in the chamber listening to a speech full of pomp & poppycock?

So what did the President say?

Well..  No offense but honestly, does it really matter?

Two years ago after his victory over the Mormon with money, The President was a 'lame duck' and now in the calendar year after midterms, he's simply a lame lame-duck
All the promises in the world don't mean shit when you tossed away all your political chits and now the focus for pretty much everyone is the beginnings of Election 2016

Who will represent who in the primaries?

Right now it hasn't even started and it feels so much like the NBA, the sports league where year after year one knows from the beginning that only a handful of teams have a realistic chance at victory and following the other 25-26 teams is a waste of time

We'd be shocked if Hillary wasn't the Democrat nominee but don't put too much Nostradamus-like weight in that..  We were shocked she wasn't the nominee in 2008.

Now if only someone like Obama could come out of nowhere to challenge and defeat the witch..
Preferably someone unlike 'O' who is a Real 'D'

As for the Republicans, pretty much the same drek from 2012 are hinting at joining the race to see who can turn off the most people in the shortest period of time..

But back to the State of the Union..

We're not sure what the President said to describe it but the most honest and accurate thing he could have said is that the Union "is gradually improving in spite of me"

And for that, we have lower gas prices to thank..  Big Time!
Here's a little perspective..

Let's say you wanted to drive on a long adventure one-way from NYC to Los Angeles, that would take 3,940 miles and let us say your vehicle gets 25mpg on the highway and holds 15 gallons of gas.

If you took that trip one year ago today when regular unleaded was $3.95/gallon, in simple math:

25 mpg x 15 gallons = 375 miles per fill up which is let's say 10 fill ups

$3.95/gal  x 15 = $59.25 x 10 = $592.50 in gas from NY to LA
Now using gas prices today..

We saw a local gas station charge $2.18 after all the needless taxes so we'll use that figure though we're sure gas is lower in other parts of the nation..

$2.18/gal x 15 = $32.70 x 10 = $327.00 in gas

The dramatic decrease in the cost of gasoline would save that traveler $265.50 today vs the trip one year ago today..

As we've stated often,  that is why the economy is Finally seeing signs of true growth
And if a few oilmen have to lose their shirts so the rest of America doesn't have their pants (and skirts) continually pulled to their ankles, so be it

Obama's first State of the Union was a *Bang!*

This year's State of the Union was a *shrug*

And next year...  the final year.. figure on a *yawn*
~ Just. Ginsburg:  "A most wonderful speech tonight Mr President"