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Monday, January 12, 2015

We Let The World Down... Again

Over 3 million people were there in Paris..  Taking to the streets to rally against terrorism and the butcherism of what occurred last week by those Muslim-Islamic Extremists

There were over 40 world leaders including France and Germany and Israel and Jordan even the Palestinian President was there  marching in front of the procession, arm in arm...

Where was Obama?

We sent not our President or VP or Sec of State or anyone else of symbolic importance..
Even Russia sent their Foreign Minister..

We sent our Ambassador

The President (not just Obama but all US Presidents) always make time to greet winning sports teams in the Oval Office and head up the annual Easter Egg hunts and Christmas tree lighting ceremonies...

Wasn't this a wee bit more important?

Kerry, the piece of shit who married into the Heinz Inc. fortune called it 'quibbling'
Why is this man representing the US in our foreign policy?!

Some will argue that it was a real long trip and there's security issues, etc.. etc..   Well no politician attended the Charlie rally in Washington either so..

And some of our readers may hate Fox News and that's fine but what one of its columnists expressed on Sunday, we 100% agree with at A&G

"Sunday, President Obama morally abdicated his place as the leader of the free world.

His decision to stay home instead of standing side by side with French President Hollande as millions marched in Paris in solidarity with the slain journalists of Charlie Hebdo in opposition to radical Islam – an enemy fiercer than we have seen in decades – sent a clear message to the world: Obama just doesn’t care.
His words about the horrendous terrorist attack this week were not enough. They came off as inauthentic at best and offensive at worst.

We are at war with radical Islam. And President Obama needs to say it."

Absolutely agree

And you'd think someone with future aspirations to be President would get off their filthy fat asses and fly to France...
Sunday Governor Chris Christie was too busy shoving hot dogs down his God-Damn gullet in Jerry Jones' private skybox rooting for his football team..

Imagine if the bastard was President, his Cowboys are in the Super Bowl which of course he's attending live and a 9/11 attack occurred..

Don't assume he'd do the right thing..

He's a lonely, self-centered child in the body of an morbidly obese man..

And what about that horrible bitch Hillary?
~ Hillary:  "Mmmm, now if You were in Paris..."

You'd think she would have known how invaluable the positive press coverage would have been if she and Bill were walking arm-in-arm with many of the current leaders of the world..

Same for Jeb Bush or Mitt 'God Bless the 1%' Romney any of the dozens of supposedly horrible prospective Rep. candidates who plan to throw their hat into the ring..

Nope.. the US had one Ambassador that no one other than his or her family knows their name.

When an attack occurs on US soil, we expect the rest of the world to run over each other with condolences and demonstrate public support in word and action in the war against Terror

Shame its just too arduous an effort for the US to do the same.