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Friday, January 23, 2015

What does the NFL have in common with the Red Cross?

Here's a good trivia question to ask your family, friends and foes over the weekend..

What does the NFL have in common with the Red Cross, Goodwill, the Salvation Army and other charitable organizations like them?

Any guesses?

We could do multiple choice but you know in situations like these, its always answer 'D' so we will just come out and tell you..

The NFL like those charities mentioned is a non-profit.
~ Geographic NFL team fan loyalty

Yes-  The biggest sport in America, which generates $9.5 billion annually and which is projected by 2025 to generate $27 billion in revenue, pays No Federal income taxes because it is legally exempt..

So the NFL can be added to General Electric and Facebook as entities that pay nothing back to the government..

If the NFL was charged a measly 2% tax, that would equal $190 million

Think about that the next time you are audited because you owe a couple thousand in back taxes.

So how did this happen?  And when?
An arcane tax code change which eased the 1966 merger of the NFL with the old American Football League (AFL) landed the new combined entity in section 501(c)6 of the tax code, designated as an industry association covering "chambers of commerce, real estate boards, boards of trade, and professional football leagues.”

So that means the NFL has avoided paying Federal taxes for just about 50 years now.

Add the tens upon tens of millions of dollars in tax cuts and other financial benefits that cities/municipalities throw at NFL owners to build them new stadiums, the exorbitant prices of tickets, especially the Super Bowl  and people are being screwed over left and right..

Of course nothing will stop people from watching
Not blown referee calls or cheating scandals about under-inflated footballs..  Not football players close-fisting their spouses or beating their children with belts or switches

NFL players have been arrested in the past for not paying back child support, DWIs, using marijuana, selling drugs, rape, sex with minors and in some cases even killing people..

And short of outlawing gambling, people will keep watching.

And keep giving their money to a league that gives none back.

~ Steve Van Buren (15) of Philadelphia Eagles scoring only TD in blizzard conditions of 1948 Championship to defeat the then Chicago Cardinals