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Thursday, February 26, 2015

A Pretend Democrat as Governor; A "Wolf" in Sheep's Clothing

When it comes to slimy, scummy politicians, there's really only one thing worse than a fiscally conservative Republican..

And that of course is a fiscally conservative Democrat.

Oh yes.. there really are such terrible people out there in offices of power, especially in various Governor's mansions across the country.

Pennsylvania has one such man; a corporate-loving wolf in everyday-person' sheep's clothing who just so happen to be named 'Wolf'..

"Gov. Wolf on Wednesday proposed cutting the state corporate net income tax rate in half by 2018, a step he said would allow Pennsylvania to move from the nation's second-highest rate to one of its lowest.

Unveiling pieces of his economic plan to Lehigh Valley business leaders, Wolf called for gradually reducing the corporate net income tax from 9.99 percent to 4.99 percent, and eliminating the already-expiring capital stock and franchise tax."

All under the guise of attracting businesses to flock to the state or in reality, a desperate move to prevent businesses already located there from carpetbagging to the South and West or abroad.
~ PA State Bird: Ruffled Grouse.. You'd be ruffled too if you lived there

But let's do simple math:  If you take 10 and subtract 5, that equals 5 remaining..  So what percentage of the 10 is now permanently gone?  


So let's say Pennsylvania which is the US' 6th largest state by population collects annually collects $500 million in corporate taxes..  50% less means $250m Less going to the state to possess in preparing its annual budget.

Now you must think this fiscally conservative bastard Democrat is presiding over a state with a huge windfall of extra money in the state treasury..
~ PA State Flower: Mountain laurel

Nope.. More like a budget deficit of $2.3 billion.

So let's see..  $2.3 billion in the hole + a plan to save corporations 50% in taxes = Huh?

The governor also wants to lower property taxes when Pa schools, especially in Philly are in such disrepair and decay..

~ Yes they do, and no political party cares about the kiddies..

And who usually makes up the shortfall when less tax revenue is collected by corporations and the well to do?   Obviously its we the people and usually done through what fiscal conservative dogs refer to as "fair" taxes

These are things like adding 10cents a gallon for gas here, and 20 cents a pack of cigarettes or beer there, or raising turnpike and bridge tolls or hell, just raise the state sales tax so every person rich and working poor and really-really poor can all pay the same..

Also, employees usually end up paying what we call 'thank you Master' taxes to cover the difference of what their employer usually saves.
~ warehouse in Lehigh Valley, Pa..  Prior to moving there thanks to tax breaks, Amazon strongly fought against collecting state sales tax; Now they Happily collect the 6% 

For example, a business is enticed to come to a state and pay a 50% tax reduction rate.  That company then hires 500 workers who each pay let's say 1.5 to 2% in state income tax...

Those 500 people are each involuntarily chipping in to cover the business they're forced to work for, come rain, shine or snow.  And if its a major corporation, that savings will go back to headquarters and profits used to buy more stock shares and enrich shareholders.

You see how truly evil and corrupt the system is?
Most people who vote Republican fully understand this is part of their core economic principle of 'trickle down' where those at the top get all the financial breaks and benefits and the common peed-on peon gets rewarded in dribbles

What many Democrats do not fully understand is often they vote for candidates into office who embrace the same faulty bullshit reasoning under the guise of being associated with a political party that until Clinton at least was diametrically opposed to such policy.

Now you have two kinds of Democrats-- Wall St soulless whores and what we at A&G call 'Real' Democrats who work and fight to represent the everyday person so he/she can get a fair shake
~ Amazing how many people wanting 'Hope' can turn easily into Dopes

Pennsylvania obviously is governed by a Democrat Wall St whore who believes corporations need a break and should be allowed to make endless profit while putting back as minimal as possible back to the communities they suck the money from...

How about your state Governor?