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Monday, February 16, 2015

A True Black History Month Quiz- Pt 2

~ So this is saying a great place to celebrate blacks is at the local zoo?  lol

The other week we presented a true Black History month quiz..

And the reason we call it 'True' was because we didn't insult the reader's intelligence by asking silly, mundane questions like who was the first black person to attend Hofstra or the first black to eat at Taco Bell?

Our quiz was sincere and educational..  many more people have viewed that post than the average economic writing, so we're going to give part 2..

It should be informative and fun..
1)  On the TV show 'MASH' in the first season (1972) there was a black surgeon as part of the 4077 played by former 1960s NFL player Tim Brown..

What was his nickname which other characters on show called him?

A -- 'Puddin' Head'
B -- 'Spear-chucker'
C -- 'Blackie'
D -- 'Kong'

Answer --  B  'Spear-chucker'
Its pretty ironic that there's a scene in one of the episodes of the first season where Alan Alda's character Hawkeye Pierce gets offended that another person refers to a Korean as a 'Gook' and makes the guy apologize while 'Spear-chucker' is standing next to him

Ultimately the character was removed but not due to anything offensive or insensitive.

It was discovered there were no black surgeons serving in the Korean War so unlike present TV where every black is a judge, doctor or corporate CEO, 'MASH' went for depicting Reality and got rid of the character.
2)  John Pershing, the famous US General who led the American Expeditionary Forces during World War I (1918) was nicknamed "Black Jack".   How did he get that moniker?

A -- Pershing liked to smoke cigarettes of black cloves
B -- During his Indian War days, he would only ride horses 100% black
C -- He once commanded a regiment of blacks
D -- Pershing had a secret black mistress

Answer -- C
At one time during the 1890's, Pershing served with the 10th Cavalry Regiment, a now famous unit formed as a segregated black and one of the original "Buffalo Soldier" regiments

In 1897, Pershing was appointed to the West Point tactical staff as an instructor and because of his strictness and rigidity, Pershing was unpopular with the cadets, who took to calling him "Nigger Jack" as reference to that former service with the 10th Cavalry.

During the course of his tour at the Academy, this epithet softened to "Black Jack", although, the intent for many at West Point remained hostile.  The nickname would stick with Pershing for the rest of his life.
3)  What famous Civil War general said the following:

"I would not if I could abolish or modify slavery. . . . Negros (sic) in the great numbers that exist here must of necessity be slaves."

A -- Robert E. Lee
B -- William T Sherman
C -- Nathan B. Forrest
D -- Thomas (Stonewall) Jackson

Answer -- B  Sherman
~ Among the most mentally ill and diabolically evil men to serve and fight for the Union

Sherman also wrote a letter to his wife, on August 20, 1862:  "The cause of the war is not alone in the nigger, but in the mercenary spirit of our countrymen."  

Sherman is honored with a statue that stands about 200 yards southeast of the White House.  To our knowledge, there has never been a black protest to have it removed.
4) In 1939, mystery novelist Agatha Christie wrote 'And Then There Were None' but that was not her original title...   What was it?

A -- 'Ten Little Niggers'
B -- 'Ten Little Savages'
C -- 'Ten Little Brown Bunnies'
D -- 'Ten Little Coons'

Answer --  A
American publishers made her change the title which was written based on a children's poem called '10 little Niggers' that went like this:

~ Ten Little Niggers went out to dine; One choked his little self, and then there were Nine

~ Nine Little Niggers sat up late; One overslept and now there are Eight

~ Eight Little Niggers traveled up into Devon; One got left there and then there were Seven

~ Seven Little Niggers chopping up sticks; One chopped himself in halves and then there were Six
~ Six Little Niggers playing with a hive; A Bumble Bee stung one and then there were Five

~ Five Little Niggers going in for Law; One got into prison and then there were Four

~ Four Little Niggers going out to sea; A Red-Herring swallowed one and now there where Three

~ Three Little Niggers walking in the zoo; A big bear hugged one and then there were Two

~ Two Little Niggers sitting in the Sun; one got Frizzled up and then there was One

~ One Little Nigger living all alone; He got married and then there were None.
5)  We end today's quiz with a "First" after all..  Who was the first black person to win a Grammy award?

A -- Billie Holiday
B -- Ella Fitzgerald
C -- Miles Davis
D -- Duke Ellington
E -- Count Basie

Answer -- B   'Ella' in 1958.
She actually won two that night. One for Best Jazz Performance, Soloist for ‘Ella Fitzgerald Sings the Duke Ellington Songbook’ and Best Female Pop Vocal Performance for ‘Ella Fitzgerald Sings the Irving Berlin Songbook.’

Ella went on to win 14 Grammys throughout her career and she received the Lifetime Achievement Award in 1967.

And now you can say you're smarter than the average bear..