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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Box Office Tally for Best Actor Nominees

~ James Stewart and Ginger Rogers- both winners in early 1941

I got some interesting feedback on Monday's posting about wage equality in Hollywood..

Some thought I was 100% correct and spot-on in my assessments and a few others thought I was a bit off the mark because there were some actresses who actually do draw in more viewers than most male actors and thus would be entitled to higher salary..

A good example of this is Sandra Bullock where 4 out of her last 6 films have grossed  $100+ million including the very successful film 'Gravity co-starring George Clooney who it turned out has not had a $100+ million film that didn't start with the word 'Oceans' in over 15 years!
~ Sandra Bullock won in 2010 for 'The Blind Side'

In this case, Bullock would absolutely deserve to be paid more because statistically speaking, she brought in a larger audience.

Another argument I received was it was a bit unfair to lump all the Best Actress nominees together to show how poorly the films they starred in drew at Box Office without mentioning the men

So being in total agreement, today let us look at the Best Actor nominees and see how their films did at the Box Office in comparison to the actresses...

'American Sniper' -- Bradley Cooper was nominated for this film and so far it has grossed over $320 million domestically.
I have not seen the movie but from what others have expressed, Cooper's performance was terrific so I will give Cooper credit with drawing people to theaters.

Based on the fact that 4 out of the last 5 Cooper films have made $100+ million and how much profit 'Sniper' has made so far, Bradley puts butts in the seats.

'Birdman' -- Michael Keaton was nominated for this film and admittedly I was surprised by its box-office totals when looking it up for this piece..
In spite of the non-stop Oscar hype over this film and the fact it did win Best Director and Best Picture, the film has only grossed $38 million in the US...

I guess Michael Keaton doesn't have the drawing power he once had a couple decades ago..

'Imitation Game' -- 'This film starred Benedict Cumberbatch which always makes me think of Charlie Brown Pumpkin Patch but that aside the film has made nearly $84 million which is a testament to Cumberbatch's growing popularity
Normally British WWII era films at Oscar time are US Box Office duds so that shows even though Benedict lost Best Actor, he has a following of fans..

'Foxcatcher' -- The normally very funny Steve Carell plays a very serious character and is nominated for this film,..

Audiences for whatever reason did not wish to see this film and it only made $12 million and this was with box-office draw Channing Tatum playing the supporting role.
It shows how difficult it is to branch out to do other things because normally Carell is a bankable actor when playing silly comedies or films aimed at kids.

'The Theory of Everything' -- Eddie Redmayne won Best Actor for this film..

As written yesterday, it only made $34 million in spite of the numerous acting nominations..

Its interesting...  If you take the Box Office of the films that each actor won for Best Actor, Actress and the 2 supporting categories, the total domestic ticket sales would add up to $78 million
If ABC-TV and the producers of the Oscars ever want to understand why people get so bored and turned off watching these 4 hour snooze-fests, its because few to none of the audience have ever watched these nominated films nor will they until maybe its on HBO...

But back to the gender debate..

It can be conceded to a degree that when it comes to award nominees, both male and female actors who get the critical praise can not draw people into to films that do not involve goblins, zombies, explosions and comic-book idiocy.
~ Vivian Leigh winning for 'Gone With the Wind'

But it is still a fact that overall actresses do not draw people to movies like their male counterparts do, so to blanketly state everyone should be paid equal as Patricia Arquette did Sunday night is very misquided.

And truth is, it takes a lot for an actress to have that success since as was pointed out to me yesterday, a woman is much more likely to go attend a male-driven film with her man than a male ever is to sit through a 'chick flick' with his girlfriend or spouse.

Well that's enough Oscars talk to last the year..

Tomorrow we'll be on something fresh and new..
~ Shirley Temple  :-)