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Thursday, February 12, 2015

Fiction: "The Giving Person"

The following is a work of fiction based on Truth written by yours truly and inspired by the children's story "The Giving Tree" by Shel Silverstein..   Enjoy..

The Giving Person

One morning in one moment a life was born; into the world out from the womb.

And the baby with assistance gave out first breath of air expelled from delicate lungs followed by giving first cry and ultimately while nestled momentarily in Mother's arms, the first moment of peace.

And in infancy, the infant gave parents, grandparents and others great joy with each little figurative and literal step of growth; every little smile and giggle.. every clasp of an adult's finger.. attempts to make words from adorable gibberish
And as the infant grew into child, more and more was given until the adults became a bit bored by mere effort and it simply wasn't good enough to be living and breathing and being..

Now to give to others, the child would have to start learning the action of 'doing'

And the parents became so pleased as the child gave them the happy bragging pride of A's on report cards, the pleasure of hearing their child play a musical instrument and/or the satisfaction of seeing their child successfully participate in a sport.

And as child grew into teen, the parents became further bored.
It wasn't enough to simply do well in school, play an instrument or play a sport..

Now the teen needed to give parents pride and joy by working hard and successfully gaining entrance into a prestigious college and if financial grants or scholarships were acquired, then the teen was Really giving happiness..

And playing that instrument or participating in that sport needed to lead somewhere; the teen was learning that successful giving required doing with an ultimate purpose.

 'Doing' or 'Being' no longer impressed unless the ability to make a living was tied in, or at least the attachment of status
From this point, we can see how the story goes..

Teen becomes adult and from good school, to give happiness to parents means good job and finding love and getting married and having children and everything wrapped neatly into a beautiful bow..

So let's tilt the perspective slightly as we continue on the journey,,

At some point, the young adult decides its important to give to others and not simply to parents and other loved ones..  There is a need somewhere deep within to give to country.
So at some point there is pen to paper, signature signed in cold ink and now this individual will be property of the military.

And the enlistee gives the government a bit of time; a tour or two.. Gives some sweat; some blood..  Perhaps a lot of blood.. Maybe a limb.. Maybe more.. Or maybe not..

And now the hardened adult is home and perhaps in one piece.. At least in physical appearance

And time to give to the employers; the 40 hour work weeks - 104,000 hours of work over 50 years all the while lacking time to go to see daughter's soccer and son's piano recitals...the lack of energy to please a spouse... the lack of desire to fake a smile..

And for all effort, the person gives to the Federal government 25 to 50% of all earned annually, then keeps giving and giving locally vis a vis sales tax on purchases, interstate and bridge tolls, etc..etc..
Then there's the giving of being a 'good' citizen..  Giving one's time to vote..  to spy on others and report suspiciousness for the greater good..  to serve on a jury and decide another's fate..

Then the giving to the State for when possibly done wrong..  Maybe some more money or community service for a misdemeanor; maybe imprisonment for something worse..  

This giving is most demanded and never appreciated by greater society

And so much giving to everyone in the inner circle -- the spouse, the children, the family and neighbors and friends; sometimes sincere, other times a facade but always giving out the public impression that all is A-OK

Time ticks on and more and more is given.. House.. car.. jewelry.. kid's tuition.. another house.. another car.. Keep giving and giving and more is earned and then government siphoned..
And eventually things become more simplified whether desired or not..

Parents depart.. Spouse or lover leaves or depart themselves..

Children venture off into the world with naive doe-eyes to it all..

And its the twilight..  and still there's more to give..

A body worth more to others in death than in life.
Sign a paper here.. initial there.. check boxes everywhere

Kidneys.. Heart.. Liver.. Eyes..  Like spare parts on a machine

Every step of the way through the Journey, the person Gives and Gives and Always someone happily waiting to Take and Take.

Giving and taking of one's time, money, mind, heart and soul..
And in the true end, all that another can give back which means anything..

Which keeps a person 'living' long after being alive when there's nothing more tangible to give.

All that can be given back to one who gave and gave..

The gift of Remembrance.