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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Greece: Standing Up to the Baddies..

Right now in the media you have two kinds of news stories competing for viewers attention:

1)  The genuinely Horrific & macabre (ISIS murdering Christians in cold blood, other Muslim savages killing cartoonists and Jews in Paris & Copenhagen, etc..)

2)  The utterly trivial and irrelevant such as the intense coverage of the non-erotic film "50 Shades of Sexual Vanilla", um.. 'Grey' and a Little-League team of disgraceful black children from Obama's neighborhood rewarded for cheating by the Chicago mayor Rahm Emanuel with 'Champions' rings only days after being stripped of the US title
~ Rev Jesse Jackson and the cheaters: scum defending scum..

And that's really all the news people are being provided..

Murder and rape and decapitation OR '50 Shades..' hype and inaccurate weather forecasts with mistaken snow total predictions..

But there something interesting is going on in the world which most people are clueless about mainly because the System wishes to minimize coverage of..

For the first time since Iceland in 2009, there is a nation that is Finally fighting back against the banks and financial apparatus that seems to control the world
And they seem to be succeeding in their fight, at least to the point of deeply frustrating the greedy, money-hungry leeches accustomed to sucking and devouring without sincere resistance.

And that nation is Greece.

It took the Grecian people a while to wake up but a few weeks ago they finally elected a Party (Syriza) which was able to establish a a coalition government..

And they seem willing to fight back against the crippling austerity and undeserved financial hardships imposed by the German led European Commonwealth Bank and US controlled International Monetary Fund & World Bank

Greece told EU Finance Ministers yesterday that they "would not take orders on bailout" which of course cause much consternation among the finance elites and a pitiful request to Greece's PM Alex Tsipras that he replace the negotiator assigned with a "political experienced, realistic-efficient person"

We've personally never met any 'realistic-efficient' people but then again we don't communicate or think like emotionless robots immune to guilt and free of conscience

Hopefully an endgame is approaching, one where either Greece defaults on the crippling debt and the rest of the EU pays for treating Greece as a third-class citizen (the EU current gives better repayment terms to Spain and Portugal because they're larger)  or the EU caves in and treats Greece fairly.
As we said, the last time a nation stood up to the banks was Iceland who's people refused to bail out the British people for their financial losses in Icelandic banks in 2008.

Even though that government wanted to cave in, the people had the power via referendum to prevent its government from bending over, and thus even though Iceland went bankrupt to avoid repayment, they quickly recovered within a couple years and their economy is growing again.

If Greece does default, there will be some economic pain but its pretty relative in comparison to what that nation is going through now.
Its no different than a person with a dying tooth causing non-stop pain and where simple root canal is not a solution.   Pulling the tooth will hurt and there will be aching but ultimately it goes away..  Doing nothing, the agony just goes on and on as the only solution is delayed..

Its no accident few to no media is covering this situation with Greece and the EU and it has little to nothing to do with the fact its taking place in Europe.    The media sure doesn't mind covering senseless killings on Continental soil

The media because they are fully owned and controlled by the powerful elite both nationally and internationally make the conscious decision to never make heroes of any person, group or nation that fights the System, much less has a chance to successfully destabilize it.
That's why they rarely if ever cover all the protests in Europe or the depth of the financial pain, much less give any credence or validity to protesters' point of view.

The same obviously occurs in the US where through TV and commercials, everyone is well-to-do, no such thing as poverty, the economy is "recovered" and movements like Occupy Wall Street were mere fluff organized by fringe elements of society.

Its a world of spinning plates keeping everything functioning as normal as the thievery and graft of the everyday person's wealth keeps getting quietly siphoned from behind the curtain

And well.. just gotta say its nice to see a 'plate' or nation at least try to take a stand and resist being part of the parlor game.
` "Ah.. What do I think of Greece?  Ah.. Great Musical.."