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Friday, February 20, 2015

Happy He's Dead But Still Needing Him 'Alive'

When you look at the current War on Terror, that which began 9/11 and which continues to the present, the very worst thing that could have happened to the US in term of keeping up morale and public interest was the killing of Osama bin Ladin.

Its a startling thing to say/type but nonetheless true.

Because when 9/11 occurred, the President then (Bush) like the President today (Obama) perpetrated a Lie upon the American people that Islam was a religion of peace and that our enemy were not religious, blood-thirsty fanatics still living in the pre-Crusades

Instead we were told by Bush then Obama that the enemy was one person..
And this man Bin Laden was going to be brought to justice dead or alive, as Bush adorably put it before saying something silly like 'Don't Mess with Texas'

Problem is..  What then?

Think of it like a Road Runner cartoon..   One day after endless pursuit and non-stop calamity upon the coyote, he catches the road runner, and snaps its neck in two then eats the bird..

Now what?

We have a history of taking a very large group of enemy combatants and simplifying things to one person or name..
Back in World War I, we weren't fighting the Germans..  See, we were fighting the Kaiser.

In WWII, we weren't against the people of Germany, Italy and Japan..   No No.. Our beef was with Hitler, Mussolini and Tojo, as if the three leaders were conveniently appointed against the people's will and all their atrocities were 'following orders'

And in the 1960s, all those bombs and bullets were to stop Ho Chi Mihn, not the Vietnamese people that we wanted to build schools and hospitals for and win their hearts and minds..  Oh if only if Ho Chi didn't get in the way!

And in recent years, we weren't against Iraq.. just that baddie Saddam Hussein..  We just get rid of him and things will be so much better..
Its too complicated for the simple minded American to understand the full complexity of the al Queda terror infrastructure and how far it spreads and on how many fronts it currently fights or how many off-shoots its developed in the last decade or so..

So the entire terror apparatus had to be centralized into one buzzword name... Bin Laden.

But now he's dead..  

"Wasn't the whole terror war supposed to end when you kill its leader?"

And yet it goes on and on..  And people lose their stomach and interest in fighting
Now for some lame-duck decision makers, its about finding peaceful ways to co-exist with the terrorists; to negotiate or offer them loans or bribes or jobs

"I used to slice the throats of Christian infidels back when I couldn't pay my bills but now I work at Home Depot slicing up sheets of lumber and am so much happier..   Thanks America!"

Here in America, we need enemies to defeat yet they must stay 'alive' to be defeated another day

This is why sports and comic books are so popular -- the villains are alive after you destroy them to see them defeated another day..
For instance many people hate the Dallas Cowboys and love seeing them get defeated in the most humiliating, emotion-crushing way possible.

But how would people feel if let's say because Green Bay defeated them last season, the team and franchise was no more; as extinguished from the NFL as if a human died and simply was no more

How would football fans feel then never having the silver star helmets to boo and curse at?

Would people even bother watching NFL to the same high ratings if there were no more Cowboys?

To keep the War on Terror going and keep people's interest in it, you needed to either allow Bin Laden to escape every time captured i.e. the Road Runner OR capture/kill him and never ever admit it to anyone..
This allows the name to stay alive in ghost form.

To fight America's enemies properly in 2015 and to have the civilian support and stomach to to truly take seriously the threat from ISIS ,we needed bin Laden alive..

Or hope there's a new name we can galvanize the masses against..

"Yesterday's attack was perpetrated and organized by Killa al Baddie"

Hurrah! A new name to rally against