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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Its a Cowardly, Cowardly, Cowardly, Cowardly World

Today's title is a word play on the 1960s film, "It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World"

And speaking of 'world', if there's one thing this world seems to be lacking its courage of conviction

Or perhaps the word is 'guts'..

Greece elected a new government into power a few weeks ago and 5+ years after being continually financially raped by the European Union, the leadership still does not have the guts to outright default..

To simply say enough is enough, give no warning and wipe their hands clean, then step back and watch Europe scramble and plead and beg to renegotiate terms...
Over in the Middle East, Israel has talked for many years about the nuclear threat of Iran; a fear so great that the Israelis, Jordanians and the Saudis have been back-channel working together to figure how to prevent Iran from developing their uranium

Even as the US works tirelessly to come up with an appeasement compromise that allows Iran to do as they wish..

Seems someone in Israel lacks the courage of conviction to simply bomb the nuclear sites as they've claimed often publicly its their right to do..

And more importantly to do it without telling the US which simply takes the info, then leaks to the global press to destroy any semblance of an element of surprise which then puts the pilots in danger..
Over in the US, President Obama doesn't have the guts to push his policies through via Executive Order and risk Congressional War and Republicans don't have the guts to keep their mid-term promise and try to Impeach him...

Then there's the Fed..

Senator Elizabeth Warren has been vocal for a while about how she doesn't like the Fed's far-reaching power and ability to make decisions such as infinite QE without any checks and balances or oversight into their spending..

And yet when push comes to shove and there's a bill being pushed by Sen. Rand Paul to audit the Fed through the GAO (General Accounting Office), suddenly Sen Warren becomes Ms Conventional and doesn't have the political guts or desire to support the legislation
So many examples we could use to convey this cowardice...

European leaders who refuse to crack the hammer on the Islamic populaces infiltrating their nations like rodents and destroying the centuries-old ethnic-cultural fabric of all the nations of Europe..

Leaders that think economic problems go away if you simply do not pay public attention and make sure the people are distracted by sports and endless entertainment..

A pseudo 'news' network in NBC which didn't have the guts to fire Brian Williams after his delusional fantasies that he and the chopper he was in was in harms way when it wasn't..

Six month suspension.. Returning just in time for the new TV season and eventual Fall sweeps week in November..
A sports league in the NFL that doesn't have the stomach through its owner members to get rid of an incompetent disgrace of a Commissioner in Roger Goodell making $42 mil annually because he makes all of them sooo much more $$ in return..

Big and small, important and symbolic.. doesn't matter.

People in power..  they want status quo..

No rocked boats; no rough waves -- nothing that jeopardizes making money or being re-elected or legacy..

Leaders who do not tell the truth, media that fear reporting it or risk losing sponsors and public who fear hearing it because its simply too stressful..
So we're all supposed to keep calm and carry on, don't worry, be happy and focus our attentions on cellphones, iPods, HDTV, and other electronic gizmo do-dads.

And when we need to vent, there's always sports..

Hey, here's a great idea when you feel angry at your government or the economy or the fact your life is in a bad place and its really not your fault:   Bitch and yell and scream about the last play of the Super Bowl some more..

That's a safe outlet.
In our world, everyone is afraid of speaking up to their bosses and losing their jobs and ironically, businesses are afraid of getting rid of shit employees when customers complain for fear of lawsuits...

And no one wants sincere, genuine Change because with few exceptions, no one wants alterations to their lives or to whatever their 'comfort zone' even if the life is in a leisurely rut..

It’s about the unknown.  And things that are unknown are usually scarier than things that are known

That's why people are afraid of revolution even though it often leads to a dramatic change in government and how people's complaints are listened to vs expensive Presidential elections..
We always assume any overthrow, revolution or coup will lead to something terrible and frightening..

Maybe it will.. Maybe it won't..  Change is not meant to be as simple as a poster slogan

Of course we all forget this nation the USA was forged in blood and violence; a revolution against a Monarchy.  It was not a bunch of learned men with powdered wigs sitting around a table sipping pink tea and nibbling on sandwich squares.

But we're not advocating revolution..  Just making an academic point about the nature of people.
People will complain about their terrible marriage but not have the guts to divorce..

Or bitch about the world around them and do nothing to be pro-active, not even vote which is admittedly the least pro-active thing one can do to affect Real change...

Yep, it's a Cowardly, Cowardly, Cowardly, Cowardly World

Which is why the Brave and Courageous are found mainly as characters in books or in film..

And a few write for certain Ahemm... successful pull-no-punches blogs named after Aesop fables..