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Thursday, February 5, 2015

Less is More:Creation of the 'New Normal'

~ "Soo full.. couldn't eat another bite..  Burpp.."

In the George Orwell novel, '1984' there is scene where in spite of government promises to the people that for that year, there would be no reduction in the amount of chocolate each was to receive, it was decided that the chocolate ration would be reduced weekly from 30g to 20g..

The problem was how to sell it to the people so they wouldn't become upset..

So the reduction of 10g from 30g was explained as if it was an "increase" to 20g, and the people never complained a peep...
That passage came to mind when reading a Reuters article about today's low (and distorted) unemployment figure..

" In a budget proposal unveiled on Monday, the White House cut forecasts for an array of economic variables despite an unemployment rate that the Obama administration expects to hit the 5.2 percent level considered to be roughly in line with full employment sometime this year."

And I thought about that last part repeatedly..

'A level considered to be roughly in line with full employment'

If over 30 million people have lost their full-time jobs since 2008 and not found comparable work, how does a nation achieve 'full employment'??
Reminds me of how sports teams decide whether a game is 'sold out'...

For instance, if only 15,000 people show up to a stadium that can easily hold 60,000 but near 60,000 tickets were sold let's say at a part of the season when that team did not appear to be terrible and unwatchable, that game is called a 'sellout'

In addition, if a team sells 55,000 seats for a game, 5,000 are remaining and a TV station or whomever buy up the last 5k seats to avoid blackout to show a game, they call this a 'sellout' as well...

This also done in the products we all consume on a daily basis...
A package of laundry detergent used to be 100oz for $6..  Now its 75oz for same price..

But wait!  Our favorite detergent is giving us 10% more for the same $6

10% more than 75oz that is..

So the new normal is that it doesn't matter how many millions are permanently out of work, they don't count because they don't exist as people and of those who 'try' to work, this nation is oh-so-close to full employment..

~ Box on left is 10oz, box on right is 9.1oz

The new normal also has to do with how the government and by extension we as Americans are to react to acts of terror..

Used to be if we were attacked on home-soil, it was a call to arms, a deep affront to our sensibilities of patriotism and pride and we were united in determination that those who caused the attack be punished..

Now the new normal is like that of Europe and Israel,,

If there are acts of terror.. a bus blows up or a school shot to pieces or a man beheaded or set on fire, we mourn for a couple days, have a moment of silence and go on with our lives as if nothing happened..
~ 8oz vs 6oz

Like the French did after their protest march.

Less reaction to more acts of terror..

The government policy is only if something 9/11 in size and scope occurs will our leaders stop their normalcy and seek justice..

Anything less and except at best the lobbing of a missile or two; at worst, the lobbing of some tennis balls on the White House court.

The new normal is 'less is more'
~ 200g vs 180g

You make less money than you did in 2008 -- 'This is the New Normal so make do and if you can't its obviously your fault'

You are deeper in debt than ever before --  'New Normal.. Don't worry.. Everyone is in debt.  Besides if you didn't owe, you'd have no credit'

Wall Street is richer, Banks are stronger while the 99% possess less of the 'pie'  -- 'New Normal..  It is what it is and had to be.  Deep down you wanted it or you wouldn't have elected the same Congresspeople & Senators back to office'

Food, tuition, insurance, etc going up in price while wages stagnate -- 'New Normal.  Besides its not the first time and won't be the last so 'chill'...'
And the New Normal is to not expect much help from your Federal Government for much of anything..

Seems Obama channeled only part of JFK's famous 1961 Inauguration quote...

"Ask not what your country can do for you.."

And if you want to do for your country, then fine.. whatever..  Just remember the part about not asking

And sadly in all aspects of life from government to consumption, this is the world we live in:  The 'Less is More' Normalcy