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Friday, February 27, 2015

So Much Book Smarts.. So Few Survival Skills

The other day I was having a deep conversation with a colleague about the world and its ways and ultimately the discussion turned to education, and we both marveled at how poorly schooling prepares people for life.

Now we were not speaking of issues such as intelligence or the ability to translate all the knowledge acquired into a good paying and secure job..

The poor schooling we both spoke of dealt with how truly unprepared most people are to be able to survive in a world where the System crumbles, even briefly and to do so in a way that doesn't break the law such as stealing from others.
Think a moment about yourself..  No matter what your age or physical condition at this moment, imagine yourself healthy, virile and in the physical peak fitness of your life

Now compared to your ancestors a mere century or two ago (which in the great Cosmos is a mere blip of time), what do you really know in terms of survival?

If the supermarkets are barren and all the fast food restaurants have been ransacked, would you know how to feed yourself?

Do you know how to hunt an animal?

If you did not possess a gun, do you know how to make a spear?  Or carve a bow and make arrows?
Do you know how to fish and prepare it for eating?

Do you know how do do any kind of farming or gardening?

If in your vicinity there was a chicken or turkey and you were starving, would you know how to kill it and the steps necessary to prepare the bird for cooking so you could eat without getting salmonella?

Would you know how to create shelter if you were in an environment where man-made dwelling was not near by or accessible?

Would you know how to make clothing much less sew a hole or a button?
Everything schooling teaches a child from K through 12 is how to survive within the controlled construct of the System.  

The most important knowledge for basic survival in implanted in a small child's head in his/her early formative i.e. language, basic math, writing ability..  

Once these seed of information are planted in a small mind and begins to germinate, the rest of the purpose of education is about teaching young people to function socially and economically within the established societal structure and be responsible, controllable citizens.
And by the time young people turn 12 or 13, usually they either become rebellious with no cause or clue and try to find self-identity through tattoos, unique hair colors or experimentation with alcohol and narcotics...

Or they become conformists who focus their energies on socially approved activities like sports, marching band, student government or geeky pursuits like comic book collecting and video gaming .

But very very few become True individuals.

Does the education system really want young minds to question everything..  to countermand authority.. to say 'No' or 'Why?'

They already dealt with the consequences of free minds.. it was called the '60s
Does the education system really want people to think in life there is an "Option C' or 'D' much less 'E' to 'Z'... Or does it want people to accept 'A' or 'B'; to debate and discuss issues within a controlled prism of ideas?

Give you an example --  A news story mentions the price of tolls on the state turnpike will be going up starting on X date, and its presented with a smile as 'Well, whatcha doin to do?  Pay the higher toll filled with tension or just relax and go with the flow?'

Funny no newscast ever mentions even as an aside that if its at all realistically feasible for you to stop using the turnpike and find alternate routes, its a good course of action..
Nope.. They never present viewers with options or any information that stimulates thought and the reflexive need to be pro-active.

And the education system does not condition or train students to think outside the box

Minds filled with mush and minutiae and trivial tidbits

This is why subjects like science and mathematics are such an emphasized part of the student curriculum..  
No sane person can question that 4 x 6 = 24 or that H20 is two-parts hydrogen and one part oxygen.. Just memorize and move on..

You can question why the US Civil War was fought and was it even necessary in the first place?   Or was President Wilson a hero or villain when it comes to his conduct of running American involvement in World War I

Topics and degrees that do not provide simple answers or solutions are minimized and made insignificant by education and ultimately by employers

Try getting a job in any non-teaching field with a History degree..  You've a better chance being hired if you say you graduated college with a degree in Foreign Languages.
If and when the System breaks down, millions if not billions of people globally will be ill-prepared because they've been denied education in every facet of life that emphasizes Individual Independence of thought and action like our ancestors all possessed one time or another.

Not only is our knowledge of basic day to day survival gone but we've been stripped of our basic instinct to mistrust those in positions of power or who possess weapons; the natural instinct to flee or hide rather than willingly submit to Authority.

We are a society that over-emphasizes book-smarts while minimizing the value of street smarts and cunning.
We'll see how far knowing the Chemistry periodic table or reciting every word from Shakespeare comes in handy when you or someone you care about is cut bad and you don't know how to disinfect or sew up the wound

Or to try to repair broken machines when replacements are not so easy to find.

Two Thousand Three Hundred Forty days of schooling from Kindergarten until High School graduation and its truly amazing in spite of all the new technology, how little people really know how to survive

Can you survive with no television?

Or without Internet?
Or without your precious cell phone and all its texting/tweeting?

Or without your iPads and iPods once the batteries run dead?

Probably not..  Madness would ultimately ensue..  People would have to 'gasp' talk locally to each other..

And its all no accident.

Nothing in the Matrix-like system is an accident...  
Well.. maybe except the few who go through the brainwashing phase and can still think for themselves as adult  and who see things for what they are..

And who keep self-educating and becoming more and more self-sufficient as they grow in awareness..

They are called anomalies.