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Wednesday, February 4, 2015

The Big Lie: 5.6% Unemployment

The current Unemployment rate in the US is 5.6% according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) which is Baffling..

Its also Bogus. Bollocks, Bullshit and any other 'B' word you wish to think up..

Every month the number gets lower and lower and the common-non thinking man and woman takes it at face value that we're in continual recovery and our current leader(?) is responsible.

We've explained time and time again the truth of things but sometimes when others express it, particularly people who hold titles of some kind, then its given more gravitas.
~ "We love working and feeling useful.. Of course in this economy we have no choice.."

The following honest opine is from Jim Clifton, Chairman and CEO at Gallup polling which we quote from the website posted yesterday Feb 3rd..

All of Mr Clifton's words will be in blue font and anything we may add, will be in normal black

"Here's something that many Americans -- including some of the smartest and most educated among us -- don't know: The official unemployment rate, as reported by the U.S. Department of Labor, is extremely misleading.

Right now, we're hearing much celebrating from the media, the White House and Wall Street about how unemployment is "down" to 5.6%. 
The cheerleading for this number is deafening.    The media loves a comeback story, the White House wants to score political points and Wall Street would like you to stay in the market."

Exactly.. They're all in cahoots...  Always have been.. 'Don't Worry, Be Happy', "The Sun will come up.. Tomorrow"  Etc..Etc..

"None of them will tell you this: If you, a family member or anyone is unemployed and has subsequently given up on finding a job -- if you are so hopelessly out of work that you've stopped looking over the past four weeks -- the Department of Labor doesn't count you as unemployed. 

That's right.  While you are as unemployed as one can possibly be, and tragically may never find work again, you are not counted in the figure we see relentlessly in the news -- currently 5.6%. 
Right now, as many as 30 million Americans are either out of work or severely underemployed. Trust me, the vast majority of them aren't throwing parties to toast "falling" unemployment.

There's another reason why the official rate is misleading. 

Say you're an out-of-work engineer or healthcare worker or construction worker or retail manager: If you perform a minimum of one hour of work in a week and are paid at least $20 -- maybe someone pays you to mow their lawn -- you're not officially counted as unemployed in the much-reported 5.6%. 

Few Americans know this.
Yet another figure of importance that doesn't get much press: those working part time but wanting full-time work. If you have a degree in chemistry or math and are working 10 hours part time because it is all you can find -- in other words, you are severely underemployed -- the government doesn't count you in the 5.6%. 

Few Americans know this.

There's no other way to say this. The official unemployment rate, which cruelly overlooks the suffering of the long-term and often permanently unemployed as well as the depressingly underemployed, amounts to a Big Lie."

The fudging of numbers started with the Clinton Administration.. Through clever bookkeeping and through specific definitions of what an unemployed person 'Is', data started being severely manipulated to show an economy improving that really wasn't so..
~ Used to own a business.. Now works at Home Depot..

"And it's a lie that has consequences, because the great American dream is to have a good job, and in recent years, America has failed to deliver that dream more than it has at any time in recent memory.

 A good job is an individual's primary identity, their very self-worth, their dignity -- it establishes the relationship they have with their friends, community and country. When we fail to deliver a good job that fits a citizen's talents, training and experience, we are failing the great American dream.

Gallup defines a good job as 30+ hours per week for an organization that provides a regular paycheck. Right now, the U.S. is delivering at a staggeringly low rate of 44%, which is the number of full-time jobs as a percent of the adult population, 18 years and older. 

We need that to be 50% and a bare minimum of 10 million new, good jobs to replenish America's middle class."
The true jobless rate if you subtract the elderly, disabled, etc and include those who have been long term out of work and are in need of work but thoroughly discouraged from looking, the US unemployment rate would be currently at 15% minimum which comes to 1 in 7 Americans.

And no one really cares..

And if they do, certainly not enough to get worked up over it..

More 'fun' to expend endless energy and passion wondering why the Seahawks didn't run on 2nd and Goal instead of pass, and expressing annoyance a 'dead' child was used to sell Nationwide insurance..
Amazing the lies government gets away with as long as not breaking any official laws

But really, why should anyone be gullibly stupid to believe the lie?

Where would all these new jobs be coming from?   The sky?

Did our manufacturing base suddenly return? Are businesses starting en masse to convert worthless temps to established permanents?  Is fast food and big-box retail suddenly hiring by the tens of millions??
Last autumn alone, US consumer borrowing went up by $15 billion mostly on auto and student loans.. overall its a 7% increase from year to year

Think any of that will get paid back?   Well, OK maybe the auto loans since those holding onto the debt and title have the power to shut your car off remotely when payments are missed;  good incentive to pay the loan back..

We wonder how the Obama will be viewed in 23 months when he is Finally gone forever from a position of power

We're sure a certain segment will stay zealously loyal and with eyes of admiration until the very end..  Most of them being blacks who naively thought Obama cared about them..

But the rest.. the True Democrats and Independents especially..  How will they look at this do-nothing?

Probably the same as we have:  A man who genuinely did not deserve to be elected President if not for a combination of his chocolate skin color which was played to the hilt and the terrible alternate choices left to Dems, Independents and moderate Reps..

We can only hope the next President will be selected for more sensible reasons than race, ethnicity or gender, and doubly hope he/she will actually know what they're doing in office with a clear, achievable plan to make things better for others