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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

"Those People"

~  "Mmm, I find your lack of fashion sense and plus sized body so alluring.. If the rest of you smells as delicious as your hair, I'm in for a real 30 second treat"

Before we begin, the picture above has nothing to do with today's blog topic.. Just imagining what the VP was thinking at that moment the photo was taken..


Around the world, the economies are in various states of Bad; from mere sluggishly stalled to morosely moribund

Has been for near 7 years..  No reason sign of anything changing..
You can always tell when a nation's economy is in the toilet by how intolerant a nation's people are towards immigrants and minorities, especially Those people..

You know -- They follow that religion that Jesus was a believer in..

Anyways, when all is well, people will still look down at those different than them but it is merely confined to peaceful snobbish elitism, exclusion into Country Clubs..  harmless things..

And when jobs become scarcer and scarcer, and there's little sign of improvement as quality of life deteriorates, that in-grown heredity and history based hate comes more to the forefront.

A joke here.. an off hand comment there..  Followed by another nodding or smirking
And as recession turns to depression, and still no optimism for better days to come; the need for scapegoats arise..

Any why expel any energy creating new groups to blame for one's perilous plight when Those people are always conveniently there to kick and spit and curse at..   Best part is they never fight back..  Historically, they just seem to take it don't they?

You know the ones..  Those people who always excel in school and choose career paths in those evil fields such as science, medicine, the law, finance, merchantilism and the arts.

You know what we mean..  Those people who live in nice homes and drive nice cars and pay their taxes and don't usually do drugs or get drunk or rowdy and emphasize the importance of family and work to build and strengthen the communities they live in..
Oh sure you know who we mean...

Those people who unlike blacks, do not commit violent or petty crimes upon others and are not represented in prison by a 50% incarceration rate and are not living off government handouts such as welfare and food stamps while irresponsibly procreating as the young 'fathers' fuck then flee parental responsibility..

Yes.. Those people..    Ugh, right?!

Who knows.. maybe if Those people sold less diamonds and cured less diseases and created less art and culture, and spent more time dunking basketballs and rapping and dropped out of high school at a higher rate, more people would think they were cool..

Don't you just Hate Those people!   Yukk!

How they seek to make a profit like any of us do when we commit our time and energy to selling goods and services and how Those people always want to better their lives instead of being content mired in bills and debt and struggling to eek by.

You know the problem right?  Those people just won't convert..

Then again, if they do, how can one believe it or trust it?

Besides its all in the genetics right?  A passionate believer in the Faith with that 'other' in the mother's bloodline renders all the 'Heavenly Father's' and Sunday Services moot, yes?
Whatever would the world do if those 'Chosen' were not chosen to be prime recipients of blame every time a nation's economy took a mild tumble or a person lost a job or couldn't make payments on their home or vehicle?

Wherever would the world be without Those people?

God forbid people would have to look inward.

Easier to outwardly hate while hiding behind religious texts and martyrdom and supposed 'heavenly virgins' that will desire a dead man when women experienced in love making looked at the same person alive and were repulsed.
We sure hope Europe wakes up soon and not follow in the darkened footsteps of their grandfathers toward the soulless abyss..

Especially when it is godless Islamists leading decent and otherwise moral people astray.

Oh if only so many were not easily led; blown into such disarray based on mere economic winds and a need to divide citizenry into 'Us' and 'Those'..