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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

An Imagination Exercise: Re-Writing the Laws

Last night (Monday) we here in A&G land got together over chicken fingers and colby jack cheese cubes to, answer the open question as to what US laws currently on the books including what is specified in the Constitution would we either write, re-write or strengthen

We're sure not everything we came up with will readers agree or support, and who knows, perhaps every single 'law' we created you might cringe horribly at..

But that's totally fine.. As with everything we present, the goal is as much to stimulate thought in you our guest as it is to present our own unique view on this crazy-kooky world we live in..

As we sat around, our staff here came up with quite a doozy of 'laws' and for time constraint and clarity, we'll streamline the best ideas into categories...
First Amendment

** Freedom of Speech 100% fully protected from punishment and/or retribution by government, corporations and public entities....

**  No individual may lose their livelihood (be fired from employment or be forced to close or sell his/her business) because of opinions uttered, no matter how offensive the words or depictions

** Those private citizens offended (those not in the public eye) can seek redress via the court system.  A public person can seek redress via the courts only when a family member (spouse, child, etc.) who is not themselves consciously in the public eye is portrayed in a negative or offensive light.

**  Those in the public eye are allowed to be freely mocked because they are no longer private individuals but conducting public business where their name is essentially a registered or trademarked entity equal to a company
** No individual or group of people may for any reason seek to control or curtail language or any word in the English language for any reason and any person who physically harms another because of it is to be charged with a Felony...

Ex 1:  Blacks may NOT control who can and can not say 'Nigger' then use economic pressure or physical harm to others back it up.

Ex 2: TV Networks may Not bleep the word 'Nigger' when spoken by Caucasians but allow uncensored when a black person utters it.
The word is not the profanity equivalent of 'Fuck', 'Shit' or Cocksucker' and networks that treat and censor the word as such, will be fined by the FCC per transgression.

** Direct or indirect threats to physically harm another person is not protected speech but abstract 'wishing' ("I wish someone would slap you") is not illegal.

In addition, the President, whoever that may be in office is not superior to the rest of the nation..  One can 'wish' whatever they wish in spoken or written about anyone without fear of consequence.
Gun Ownership

**  The individual has the right to own guns without government infringement..

**  If that person wishes to own one, two or six guns or even semi-automatic weapons is the right of the person to decide.  Any weapon that is good enough for law enforcement to possess is good enough for the citizenry to have the right to possess..

**  All gun purchases must go through a 14 day waiting period to minimize the chance someone is seeking ownership based on a moment of anger/rage

But because background checks require the knowledge of home addresses which makes it easy for government to confiscate in a time of Marshal law, background checks are illegal.
Government Intrusion on Privacy

**  The Patriot Act would be illegal;  NSA can only spy on citizens when it has probable cause and receives permission from a judge much like that of a search warrant.

**  No citizen can be spied on for anything deemed non-essential to the imminent protection of this nation and its citizens from harm.   For any normal misdemeanor or felony offense, it is up to local law enforcement to find perpetrators and bring to justice.
Capital Punishment

** The Death Penalty is illegal because the State does not have the right to take the life of its citizens.
** For those found guilty and ordered to serve a life sentence, he/she is limited to one appeal and unless overturned, will spend the remainder of one's life in solitary confinement.

** With exception of pregnancy due to rape, incest or the mother's health in jeopardy, abortion is Illegal.

**  Anyone who seeks one out and is found guilty will be placed in a mental health facility for a period of no less than 8 weeks, and anyone who performs one illegally will be charged with Felony, serve minimum of 10yrs per offense and lose medical license permanently

Life is precious- this goes for the unborn as well as the murderer scum in prison and currently laws are in the book in every state where if a pregnant woman is killed, that counts as TWO murders, not one meaning the fetus inside is legally treated as 'life'

**  The legal age to consume alcohol is lowered from 21 to 18... (It is absolute bullshit that 18yr olds who are of legal age to serve and fight and die in mindless foreign entanglements for the 'Flag' are prevented from sitting down at a bar and order a beer)

**  Anyone arrested for a DUI or DWI and found guilty (or accused pleads so) must spend a minimum of 10 consecutive days behind bars even if no one else was involved or hurt
~ Why is this man not in prison or dead?


**  Marijuana is once again made Illegal with specific and sole purpose being for medicinal purposes like glaucoma, cancer, etc..

**  If you are caught using or in possession, you serve 2 years per offense and it is marked on your credit score same as Bankruptcy meaning you screwed up your ability to get credit and loans for Seven years i.e.  Stop Doing it!

**  If you are caught using or in possession and under the age of 24, besides any fines or potential jail time served, you will not be eligible for any Federal or State subsidized financial aid including scholarships, grants and/or student loans for at least 36 months from the time of sentencing.

** Any movie or television studio which creates entertainment content that pushes forth a positive message of marijuana use without responsibly showing its negative physical and sociological drawback, will be subject to a fine no greater than $100k per offense.

We're unfortunately a couple hundred years to late to add this to the Tenth Amendment of the Constitution but nonetheless..

**  A state has a right to secede from the rest of the Union if its citizens do not feel its able to get fair representation and does not believe the Government is satisfactory to addressing its political grievances.

**  To secede, a state must have 75% or more of its elected officials in both State houses of Congress approve as well as the Governor of that state sign off on the measure.

Anything less and the act of seceding is illegal but if criteria is satisfied, it is then against the law for the Union to take any action politically or militarily to prevent it.
~  Amazing that no one during the Constitutional Convention of 1787, especially the southern states had the intelligence and/or foresight to address officially the legality of secession and have it specified so there'd be no ambiguity.

Now its your turn to brainstorm..

What laws would you change or alter or repeal to make this a better nation in your eyes?