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Monday, March 9, 2015

As Black as a Nilla Wafer

Over the weekend while pandering to black constituents in Selma, Alabama,  President Obama stated that 'slaves built the White House' as if that was supposed to mean something to someone..

We're guessing the statement was probably true because if you ever saw HBO's mini-series 'John Adams', you'd see the White House was quite a shitty place to live in at the time..

It was full of rats (real ones, not just the politicians), brutally cold during winters since each room was too large to be adequately warmed up by each fireplace and built out in a swamp..

So yes, we concede blacks probably built that.
~ Still shot from 'John Adams' arriving at White House

Now what was Obama's point, we've no clue..

Sorry but its just hard to take any man seriously when it comes to racial issues who is half black yet yet speaks as if he is 100% one of them.

Ask him or any other mulatto if they are proud to be black and you will here them defiantly say 'Yes!'

Now ask the same or someone who is quadroon (1/4th black) or octroon (1/8th black) if they are proud to be white..  

Deafening silence or rambling gobbletygook often is the response
Truth is Obama is no more black than we

What exactly was this black 'experience' that he went through while being raised by a white mother and white grandparents?    What was his struggle?

Did someone 'discriminate' by not lending him a few sheets of notebook paper while at Harvard?

Where is this 'blackness' in Obama that most blacks particularly in the inner-cities cling so passionately and admirably on to?

His father had coal-black skin but he wasn't American born..
So what about Obama endears himself to blacks?

Can't be his policies..

Statistically, blacks are still as poor and uneducated and same percentages of incarceration, HS/college dropouts, teen pregnancy and drug/alcohol addiction under Obama as with his predecessors..

Maybe its that he's a basketball fan?
~ Best part about being President:  You get to be front & center in Championship celebrations without ever contributing in any way to that success

And funny how the skinny 'O' could make time to honor the 50th Anniversary of Selma yet was too busy to join the worldwide solidarity march concerning the cartoonists murdered by people who believe in Islam.

Maybe if the cartoonists had been black??

Or maybe Selma just lucked out that its anniversary did not occur during an NFL playoff weekend.
Major League Soccer did debut this weekend but we guess Selma could come before that on the Presidential itinerary..

What you have in office right now is a race-opportunist,

He looks black.. he kinda sounds it..

In reality, if Obama was a deli sandwich, he'd be tuna fish with lots n' lots of mayo or an egg salad over two slices of pumpernickel bread.
If Obama had a son it would look and be absolutely nothing like Trayvon or any other black thug hoodlum who seem to galvanize the black public like Rodney King did decades ago..

If Obama had a son, it would look and sound and act like either the TV character 'Theo Huxtable' from the Cosby Show or 'Urkel' from Family Matters...

Blacks being proud of Obama and thinking of the snake as one of them is as ridiculous and asinine as Jews being proud of Secretary of State John Kerry who is devout Roman Catholic but had Jewish grandparents.
No one likes the wool pulled from over their eyes; to hear someone scream 'The Emperor has no clothes!!'

Truth is George W Bush did more for black people than Obama ever has

He donated over $25 billion dollars to combat and prevent the spread of AIDS in Africa..

In addition his now-failed policy of lowering standards for people to seek and obtain mortgages was based on the goal of making housing more accessible for low and mid-level income blacks.

People forget that..  He worked with Democrats Ted Kennedy and Barney Frank to get the legislation pushed through..
He was also the first President to have both of the most important positions in the Executive Branch held by blacks at the same time (Colin Powell- Sec of State and Condoleezza Rice- NSA Advisor, then Sec of State after Powell)

In 2000, 9% of the black vote went to Bush and increased to 11% for the 2004 Election.

Blacks voted Obama en masse thinking he's rile up the System and turn everything upside-down so they would be the superiors..

Admittedly its worked in pop culture..
~ This is called a NAACP Spirit Award.. You whiteys are Not allowed to ever win or even be nominated for one..  Ever

But in the real world, it never happened..  Problem, most still have the illusion it did..

And when you can see yourself in the mirror as powerful and successful and superior when you're not, then millions upon millions of blacks became infected with the 'Emperor' delusion for both their President and toward themselves..

20 months left..