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Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Honest Explaining of Fractured Race Relations

Lately A&G has written a lot of  race-based postings; much more than truly we have wished or wanted..

But when you live in a country with a black President and a white controlled entertainment and news media that push-push-pushes race in everyone's face, its often unavoidable and we are forced to address race-issues honestly.

Our local paper had an article yesterday asking why race relations have deteriorated in the last few years.. Of course like local newspaper articles and columns it was devoid of any real information or the courage to delve into the topic..

On the surface, one can easily argue the problems in race relations over the last 6-7 years is a 5 letter word that starts with 'O'

But we felt that was too simple so we actually took the time to pen a letter back to the paper explaining why race relations are so poor compared to less than a decade ago..

And since the coward who wrote the local article didn't have the courage to respond to the email, we decided to simply re-print it here, and then you all can decide for yourselves whether you think our points are valid or if we are off-base.

Here is what we wrote (in blue font):

'If you use the game of Monopoly as an allegory, there was a time whites dominated the board and blacks could barely afford to play much less rent the 'ghetto' purple properties of Baltic & Mediterranean Aves.

Then over the span of many decades, things improved to where ultimately blacks had fair representation on the board including even possession and ownership of Boardwalk & Park Place...  

But now it feels there are some blacks that are still gravely discontent and will not stop until they dominate the board completely so that whites are in a severely weakened position as the life 'dice' are rolled.

In other words blacks used to fight for righteous causes and goals such as desegregation, voting rights, equality, fairness and the ability to achieve the American dream without impediment. 
Today, you have blacks led by viper snakes like Sharpton, Jackson and Farrakhan..

And racial equality is no longer the goal..  its instead about black Exceptionalism

And these people love working up a lather and get pissed off over meaningless, trivial things like black celebrities not receiving Oscar nominations and whether multi-millionaire athletes are being picked on by their coaches and bean-counting how many blacks coach or run sports franchises.

Instead of concerning themselves with high black unemployment they bitch and vent that there aren't enough black Fortune 500 CEOs and executives and billionaires..

These rotten people expel so much energy trying to figure how to control language by forcing the hyphenated 'Afr.-Am' title upon white society which is merely a way to distance themselves from the rest of American society by emphasizing the continent of their ancestors before the nation of their birth..
And they're so determined to control who can say the word 'Nigger' (blacks can, whites can not), the cowardly impotent white-guilt population passively accepts this dictatorial power by blacks to control the word that's been part of the English lexicon for hundreds of years and make in akin to 'Fuck', Shit' and 'Cocksucker'

And so zealous over their representation on TV and movies both statistically and in positive representation even if often those depictions are complete illusionary fantasy

Notice ethnic groups like Asians, Indians and Jewish people do not get worked up over such nonsense because they are too busy excelling in school and leading very successful lives in high-paying jobs that do not require a basketball or football..


There are Real problems blacks face every day which are virtually ignored or continually blaming whites i.e. The System for
These generational problems include rampant poverty, poor education and minimal incentive among black parents to place importance on their children learning, a high incarceration rate, heavy drug/alcohol abuse, teen pregnancy, black men abandoning their families,etc

White people are too cowardly to address these problems direct and sincerely for fear of being labeled 'racist'

And when a black person like Bill Cosby tells the truth and says something to black parents like 'instead of spending $150 on new Nikes for the child, buy them 'Hooked on Phonics' and to stop talking in that gutteral ebonics if they want to have any chance to get a good job

So Cosby becomes so reviled that when he is ultimately stereotypically framed for raping white women, his own kind.. his so-called 'brothers' allow the white media lynching to commence without a peep of protest.
Blacks do not want their dirty laundry aired, especially by other blacks, and there's no motivation to sincerely fix or change anything when there's too much of a governmental financial incentive to keep the status quo.

It used to be the blacks fought for equality... 

Now they won and earned it..   And its just not good enough anymore

How can race relations progress when the goal of blacks is no longer to get a fair or equal piece of the proverbial 'pie' but to cut as giant a slice as possible while white-guilters explain why the blacks deserve it
As we said.. the coward who wrote the race article did not respond to either agree or challenge any of our assertions..

So are we right?  Wrong?  On the money?  Misguided?

If you agree with us, then wonderful..

If not, we hope we here as always stimulate deep thought..

Its a giant, frantic -one-world we all being forced to live in, and most of us are being engulfed by it whether we're conscious of it or not..