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Tuesday, March 10, 2015

"I Ain't No Fool, I Follow No Rule.. I Keep it Cool."

We're going to continue our in-depth look at President Obama as Cult of Personality by asking a simple question:

Why do so many people like and support him?

Now we're not speaking of political ideology here..

Of course people who agree with Obama's policies and world view will love him and many more who may think he's shit but that he's treated unfair, will rally behind the 'victim'; a card the White House plays as skillfully as the race card..

But we're speaking of emotions, not logic or reason
~ GQ all the way baby..

And as baffling as it is to some, Obama is still well liked and sincerely supported by about 50% of the population, and just sharing the same political party affiliation can not fully explain it..

So we shall try to delve and find some answer

For many, Obama is 'cool'..   He is perceived as never angry.. never upset.. never prone to yelling or any demonstration of losing control of his "coolness"
'Obama is too cool for school, you dig!  He's a 15minute Miles Davis trumpet solo..  The dark man with dark shades at night just because..

He's Joe Cool smokin' some Kools, feelin' the vibes and clappin' with finger-snaps..'

And there's nothing that deeply un-cool people want to do more than gravitate to the cool-guy..

That's why millions of teens from the 1950s to present day try to emulate and forge an identify from James Dean in 'Rebel Without A Cause' and not Sal Mineo's character 'Plato'
Everyone in the 1970s wanted to be the Fonz.. Few to none fantasized being 'Potsie' or 'Chachi'

'You want to be Cool don't you?  Oh Sure you do!..  Just wear this brand of sneakers and drink that brand of soda and fuck around on your iPhone all day sending/reading meaningless texts with stereo buds in your ears to block out the world..

And support & emulate your President..'

So there's the "cool" factor, a public image carefully crafted by Obama for exactly that effect..
Then there's the belief among many especially blacks that 'Obama is one of us' which of course to real blacks, he absolutely is Not..   We covered this in the previous blog post..

But pride and the need for heroes and role models is a funny thing..

Last night we were watching a basketball game between Boston and Miami and it was noticed that on the left arm of one of the Boston players, a large tattoo of Obama's head..

Can tell you one thing--  No chance in hell the President gets a tattoo of another black person's head on his body..
For some, perhaps Obama represents the perceived "Best" in our society..

'Our Glorious President represents Equality and Racial Tolerance.. A man who only 55 years ago we'd have forced to the back of the bus or to use separate drinking fountains, we now entrust to lead our 'wicked' and 'sinful' Nation into the 21st Century..

Obama, our modern Lincoln, represents a moral Beacon of how far this country has come since the days of slavery and all the terrible things whites have perpetrated upon the blacks to which every Caucasian should still feel shame and revulsion...'

You know..  That kind of thinking..
God knows we heard from enough people in 2008 the logic that by electing this 'cool' chocolate mocha'd Vanilla Ice that 'No one can ever call us a racist nation' any more'..

Fortunately those same dear individuals have learned by now the error of their thinking..

Then of course there's the Patriotism thingy..

Remember back in the day, as long as Richard Nixon was in office, the Archie Bunkers of the world still saluted the C.R.E.E.P-y Creep and as long as Obama is still President, some will hold hold off the middle-finger salute out of respect to the Office..
~ We call your 'salute' and raise you two Italian chin flick-offs..

Ultimately we suppose its an individual thing..

People have a right to like whomever they like and for whatever reason(s) whether they be good or bad or sensible or not..

Because at the end of the day, that's what America is all about isn't it..

Others can think Obama the 'bees knees' while we think of him as a hundred sharp stingers to the back of the neck
~ "Thanks for the salute guys.. BTW, make sure my shirts are picked up at the dry cleaner before it closes at 5p..

But the Cult of Personality is a powerful thing..

Its why some of us are destined to see our faces on Commemorative plates, mugs, gold plated coins and one day a Forever stamp..

And have schools and streets and parks and children and maybe even one day new planets or solar systems named after us..
~ 'Don't mind the mural of Obama on the wall while voting is conducted.. We're honoring the Lord Obama, not Obama the mere President..'

And get massive rounds of applause and adoration for saying and doing virtually nothing then write best selling autobiographies and memoirs which express the same nothingness but in elongated form

And be remembered not for who we were but who we were perceived to be based on how others wanted us to be..

And why most of us will ultimately not experience any of this..