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Monday, March 2, 2015


Yesterday it was announced that former MLB player Minnie Minoso had passed away at the age of 89 and the media made a big to-do about it..

So why does a man who hit an unexceptional .298 batting average to go with his pedestrian 186 home runs and 1,023 RBIs seem to generate so much praise and fawning including the belief in some it is a tragedy he never entered the Hall of Fame?

Oh did we mention he was black?

Yep..  That's all it takes..

Be the first black to do something and you're treated as an icon.
~ Minnie Minoso advertising malt liquor..  Good role model..

In Minoso's case, he was the first black player to play in that politically Corrupt, violent, vile city called Chicago, where current scummy President once resided.

And for that, let the accolades fall..

Same with Earl Lloyd who passed away on Feb 27th..

So who is he?  What did he do?

He played in the NBA during the 1950s averaging a Pathetic 8.3 points per game while also putting up 1.6 assists and 6.4 rebounds a game
Once again..  Unexceptional and yet he is in the Hall of Fame.

Makes no sense?   Don't forget Lloyd was black; a "pioneer" 

The first black to play in the NBA..  Ahh~

And thus, heaps of praise shoveled upon like shit added to a crowed upon dunghill.

Had Earl Lloyd been white...  Not a single mention of his passing by anyone.

Because if you're black, you are treated "Special" and your life even in passing means a whole lot more
~ Guess which of the following numbers has No Business being retired by the NY Mets?

That's why it wasn't good enough that Jackie Robinson's number 42 be retired by the Dodgers, the team he played his whole career with.   Nope, a few years back the 29 other MLB teams were Forced to retire his jersey number as well...

And don't forget the needless 'Civil Rights' game played every April 15th where every player of every team wears '42' on the back of their jersey..

We knew Jackie was a decent enough guy but didn't realize he was Jesus Christ!

Then again, MLB doesn't take off to honor Good Friday or Easter Sunday so to them, Jackie holds a higher stature than someone considered the Lord to hundreds of millions of people.
~ Dan Rooney - Gotta love senile old men in positions of power..

In the NFL, did you know there's a rule called the "Rooney Rule' that Forces NFL teams to have to interview black applicants for Head Coach vacancies?  Fortunately its very easy to get around it but Still!

How pathetic is that that special rules have to be put in place based on the demands of Vermin like Jesse Jackson Jr. threatening boycotts!

That's the society we live in.. A world that most people might get a little annoyed or peeved at but won't allow themselves to get upset or admit the double standard is Wrong!

In 2015, if you're black, not only does your life Not hold less value as some radicals would have you believe, but it holds Greater value than that of a Caucasian, Hispanic, Asian and other ethnicity.

When a white person is murdered by another, whether the assailant be white or black, no one in the media cares and the white populace sure doesn't take to the streets for blood..

And as we said often before, God help any community where a black is killed by someone white or Latino..  Now America is supposed to cry and wear hoodies in solidarity.

Whites excluded from NAACP movie awards..  Shrug~

Blacks not nominated for Oscars?  Let the Protests begin!

Speaking of black actresses, this is a point we made with others over the weekend and got responses from total agreement to stiff resistance, so we'll make it here and you can think for yourself:
~ A stillshot from Will Smith's newest romantic thriller.. Guess there's no attractive athletic black women who could have played the romantic interest??

Hollywood is very racist toward black actresses and have an agenda to push interracial relationships as not only socially acceptable but for black men the Preferred choice.

Every time a movie or TV show is made where a black man falls for a beautiful Aryan-pure blonde-blue eyed size 2 bitch, it means another black actress is denied and deprived of the ability to earn a leading actress salary.

And if a black woman is hired to play someone in a black relationship, she's portrayed as a dominant bitch or the 'Ex'
~ Kim K:  "I would never let someone of my race Ever inside me.."

When's the last time you've seen on TV a happy black couple in love or a solid black 2 parent home depicted where the woman is sweet and loving and supportive?

Think about how Rare it is unless the film is made by Tyler Perry

The point is made connected to the earlier points because this society, especially the media and popular culture is More racist when it tries to do the right thing and be "politically correct" then if it stayed out of the game of social engineering.

We won't even get into the need by some white piece of shit movie producers to cast a black as Superman, Spiderman, James Bond, Indiana Jones or any other fictional character that may mean anything to anyone.. And all to make political points.
~ How about that.. Superman changed race but not Lois Lane!

Its pretty God-Damn hard to look at another race as total equals and be oblivious to difference in color when repeatedly the message is "I am Exceptional and Different"

Now not all blacks think this way thankfully..  

Its the evil Politically-Correct whitey's fault.. That shameful Caucasian rat in a position of power who wants to take it upon themselves to apologize for their race and make amends for perceived historical wrongs..

And its these white liberal parasites who bend the rules to make sure a team a black Little League cheaters get Champions rings (former Obama Chief of Staff and Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel) 
~ Obama: "If I had 10 sons, I'd want them to be just like these little cheaters"

And make a big much bigger deal over a female Little League pitcher because she's black (Mo'ne Davis) vs if she was a pretty blonde named 'Molly' or attractive Latina named 'Miranda'

And a white liberal sports media that gives endless accolades to marginally talented athletes because of their skin color then belly-aches why there's not enough blacks playing baseball or black ownership of sports teams..
The populace then collectively turns over their stomachs in revulsion..

And says.. Nothing..  

And does.. Nothing.

People talk of Tolerance..  well here's what 'Tolerance' really is..  

Tolerance is sitting in a chair while a mosquito is sitting on your arm, continually drawing out blood and you just keep still and make no attempt at whacking it..

Tolerance is a feather-tip that repeatedly flick-flicks at your nostrils, driving you insane as you make every every humanly possible to control and control the natural impulse to sneeze and/or move the feather away.

Tolerance is sitting at a restaurant trying desperately to enjoy the meal in some peace and tranquility while an extremely noisy child or infant repeatedly screams and cries with no end in sight as the parent makes no effort to remove the child from the dining area..

So when people say there should be tolerance between the races, that's what it Really means..  You quietly Suffer so another can benefit without correction or intrusion.

Wish we had a solution for this endless problem..

Only thing we can say is if you are ever bothered by the world as it exists and its perpetual state of racial unfairness and double-standard duplicity..

More often than not, its PC whitey's fault.