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Thursday, March 26, 2015

Some Truths about Steve Jobs

Today we're going to spend a few moments talking about the late, not-so-great Steve Jobs

So many tears were shed back in 2011 over the passing of someone who was not a pop star, a beloved actor or even a world leader but merely a man who sold us things.

Really little different than Orville Reddenbacker pushing his popcorn or famous author George Plimpton peddling Intellivision back in the early 1980's

Seems to most, Jobs was/is some kind of hero or idol..  So much so that after a movie was made a year ago on his life starring Ashton Kutcher, Sony Pictures is making another Jobs biopic starring Michael Fassbender..

We wonder if it will be an accurate depiction or a favorable gloss-over?
Will the film cover how Jobs swindled Steve Wozniak out of 90 percent of his share of payment for work they did on Atari's Breakout game?

Or the paternalism of a company (Apple) that doesn't trust its customers to use whatever software they like on the devices they've bought?

Or how Jobs threw a tantrum when his high school sweetheart got pregnant (at the time Apple's IPO made him worth $200 million), how Jobs lied in order to deny his paternity and then was angry about paying $500 a month in child support?
Or how Jobs alternately cajoled and bullied the tech reporters who were given a misplaced prototype of the iPhone 4, then pushed law enforcement to retaliate by breaking into a reporter's house and taking crates of possessions?

Or how Jobs would intentionally go about deceiving the tax man via illegal and/or unseemly maneuvering of backdated stock options and profits?

Steve Jobs was a terrible person..

Not just for all the reasons listed but because his sole drive in life and motivation to get up in the morning was to make money...
Didn't matter that he was a billionaire and everyone fawned all over him like some tech 'God'..

The goal was to make more money..and then more money..and then More..and More..

Fortunately cancer took him.

Yes, we said 'Fortunately' because Steve Jobs Was a cancer

Cancer cells devour healthy ones just like Jobs' existence was basically devoted to devouring any competition especially upstarts and feeding his personal and corporate greed.
Jobs didn't create a medical cure or develop some technology that enriches or lifts up the lives of the impoverished and constant-suffering around the globe..

He didn't save drowning children or rescue a puppy from a fire..

Jobs created electronic gizmos and toys; a means for people to store all their Napster-acquired illegally downloaded music files (iPod) and ultimately a device people could use to play video games, rent movies and watch porn while on the go (iPad)

And was 'kind' enough to make these technologies available for $300 to $1,100 a pop with alterations every 6 months making the previous versions basically obsolete.
~ Near death, still a Billionaire but without an ounce of contrition

Jobs helped a lot of people in a lot of corporations make a lot of money off his technology wiith Apple themselves none too worse for wear..

And Jobs dramatically raised Apple's share price thanks to a healthy profit margin aided by extremely cheap Chinese labor, like every other American company uses before going back to the States to target our consumer/consumption base.

We idolize the wrong people in this country..

We inspire (or tell our children to inspire) to be like pieces of shit like Warren Buffet, Bill Gates, Donald Trump and Jobs...
~ Two despicable, greedy, arrogant men... One down.. One to go..

And the true histories of these bad men like that of Thomas Edison, Henry Ford, Andrew Carnegie, the Rockefellers, etc are white-washed over because for every ten acts of malevolence, they did some charitable and philanthropic deeds too.

Steve Jobs was no hero.

He wasn't even a good person..

But since when being a good human being was ever a requirement to be on the cover of Fortune or Forbes?