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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

'Such a Crazy-Kooky Mess'

We sure do have one crazy-kooky foreign policy

For instance we meaning our President will do everything humanly possible to kick our Middle East ally Israel in the gut and sabotage their attempts to attack Iran's nuclear facilities for fear it will start an escalation

And yet..

Before this week is up, US forces will deploying a battalion of troops to the Ukraine to help train their neo-Nazi troops.  The goal is to put in 6 companies of troops to the border by summer time

Consistent our foreign policy is not..
In fact not only has this Administration repeatedly sabotaged plans by its Only real ally in that part of the world by leaking to the media Israel's strategy at every opportunity..

It was reported in a Kuwaiti newspaper this weekend that Obama was actually considering shooting down Israeli planes last year had an attack commenced..

The distorted logic expressed by anti-Israeli former US diplomat and current Obama advisor Zbigniew Brzezinski who was National Security Advisor to anti-Israeli President Jimmy Carter called on Obama in 2014 to shoot down Israeli planes if they attack Iran and do to it over Iraqi air space.

“They have to fly over our airspace in Iraq. Are we just going to sit there and watch? We have to be serious about denying them that right... If they fly over, you go up and confront them."
With Friends and Allies like Obama, who needs Hamas and Hezbollah

Meanwhile the White House is chomping at the bit to get to Putin and rekindle the Cold War as if no one learned anything about that 45 year period of covert coups, isolationism and putting American lives at risk to prevent 'dominoes' from falling..

If there's one criticism we have about the US Constitution outside of not specifying clearly if a state had a right to secede or no, is making a President the 'Commander in Chief' because people who have never even spent 15 minutes experiencing a boot camp shouldn't be superior to Professionally trained military.

The last President we had with any real military experience was George Bush, Sr and he was not a tactician.. He merely served in WWII, albeit with honor and bravery.

The last true military President we had was Eisenhower and even though the CIA was meddling everywhere and we were backing the French with up to 75% of their military budget to fight the Vietnamese prior to their 1954 pull out, American troops were never engaged in warfare abroad.

The current President like Bush and Clinton before him is clueless about how to conduct foreign policy, how to use the military properly and when its necessary to put politics aside..

To simply let fighting men do what they've been trained to do without tying one arm behind them with tactical limitations and pretend 'rules' of engagement.

But back to the US' official kicking dog.. Oh goodness how some in the White House wish they could do more to Israel's Prime Minister than give a few hard swats to the nose..

The audacity of Netanyahu to give a speech on US soil criticizing US-Iran negotiations and whatever else he wishes to express sometime later today..

Doesn't Netty know that the President of the US is really the equivalent of King of Earth and everyone else better heel and fall into line or face sanctions or military muscle?

When a US President sneezes, the world is supposed to catch a cold.

Fortunately someone is standing up and diplomatically and politely saying "Mr President, our National Security interests must come first, so pardon my Yiddish but 'Fuck you!'"
That may bother some greatly but truth is the US is at best the mirage of a 'Superpower' and has no business dictating terms to any global political ally, enemy or neutral party on Anything.

Each nation has to worry on its own survival even if that means not appeasing the Great Mighty one who deep down hates that little Middle East state but is smart enough to not express with words; deeds are suffice.

Meanwhile defeating ISIS has no clear or cohesive strategy, we created total chaos in Libya and we're still engaged in Afghanistan and Iraq..

Few to no one around the world respects us and as we've said repeatedly, we treat our Allies as shit (those we can not bully and kick, we NSA spy on) who are expected to bow down to us and kiss the President's ring.

Such a crazy-kooky mess..