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Friday, March 20, 2015

The Pricey National Pasttime

~ Dancin' Homer

I was watching a spring training baseball game on television last night and for a moment between pitches, I was drawn to one of the vendors carrying a bucket full of ice cold beer bottles to sell to thirsty ballpark patrons..

More specifically, I was zeroed in on the price for that bottle of beer which was listed on the front side of the container...


For a beer..   12 ounces..
~ Springfield Isotopes players..

That works itself out to 65 cents per ounce.

Minimum wage in the US is $7.25 which means someone working at the very bottom economic rung would have to work over an hour before taxes to pop back a cold one as the expression goes..

I was then curious to see how much spring training baseball tickets are so I went on the Los Angeles Angels website to see what individual tickets started at..

Interestingly not all games started at the same price point..
~ The 'Capitol City Goofball'

Most of the remaining home Angels games (played in Arizona) started at $15 except for contests vs the SF Giants and LA Dodgers..   Those tickets started at $60

So a family of four going to a meaningless spring training game in late March between the Angels and Dodgers or Giants will be spending $240 minimum on tickets not counting parking, concessions or those $7.75 cervezas (that's beer in Spanish)

And people willingly pay it..

Its also fascinating to me how most people are not deeply resentful at the salaries professional athletes receive vs the everyday public.
Some baseball players make as much as $25 million for one season

If someone earned $50k, that person would need to theoretically work 500 years..  Yes, Five Hundred years to earn that $25 million that one person gets for throwing or hitting a baseball.

It takes a baseball player who make $25 million annually a mere 3 innings of only one baseball game to equal that $50k which takes another person 260 work days.

If a basketball player earned $25mil, he would earn $50k after playing less than 8 regulation NBA minutes of one game.
The President makes $395,000 annually..  It would take being in office just over 63 years to get to $25m

And few to none get fazed by the disparity.

Of course while the players are multi-millionaires, the owners are billionaires.

Some super wealthy people own multiple franchises globally...

For instance the Glazer family owns both the Tampa Bay Buccaneers of the NFL and the English Premier's Manchester United Football (soccer) club
The current owner of the Philadelphia 76ers, a Wall Street vulture-capitalist piece of shit billionaire named Josh Harris also owns NHL hockey's New Jersey Devils, an English football team called Charlton and recently purchased a 2nd English football team called Crystal Palace.

Think he has any emotional connection or bond to any of his investments?

That's 21st century sports..  No one has any ties to anything..  Just the need to be entertained constantly and for many spoiled fans its 'Championship' or misery

Its a set up where fans have allegiances to private corporations as if they were publicly owned defying logic and good sense to overpay for tickets to see athletes who make more in a year that most will see in a lifetime
~ Mr Burns: "Listen here Homer..  Ty Cobb once told me you need to keep your hands gripped apart on the bat if you are to get hits!  None of this Babe Ruth home-run tomfoolery!"

For example, a sports team with the name 'Philadelphia' in it is as Philadelphian  as Kraft brand Philadelphia creme cheese...

This applies to All sports teams Everywhere.   All it takes is a ambitious (greedy) owner, a sweet stadium deal elsewhere and instead of say New York, you're looking at the Vicksburg (Ms.) or Montgomery (Ala.) 'Yankees'

But like most things in life which are just so Wrong, for most its not worth the time n' trouble to get worked up about when their lives are supposedly so busy doing menial and repetitive daily tasks and sports is the desperate escape from work, kids, the wife and life..
Just something about watching a ball game..

Something about hearing the play-by-play and color commentator guys communicate for 2-3 hours about absolutely nothing of importance or relevance that would increase the productivity or quality of life of the listener...

"Top of the 8th.. Joe Schmo is up to bat.. he's 0-3 but overall hitting .274 in the day time versus left-handed pitching..  Schmo is from Reno, NV and originally signed with the Blue Jays organization before being traded last year to the blah blah blah!"
But hey...  if That mundane barrage of non-information is what prevents some people from going Postal and cracking up, then fine.. I acquiesce

"Schmo played 56 games last year with the A level Savannah Sand Gnats of the South Atlantic league splitting time between 1B and CF, and stole 5 bases in 8 tries... Hey, its a Long Drive... Deep center.. Gone!!  We Winnnnn!!!!"

And so like with Wall Street, banks, corporations and everything else that is unfair and unjust economically in this nation, the inequity goes on..

We pretend a few Boos! and yelling 'You stink!' from the bleachers magically evens up the great disparity between the athletic 'have's and have nots'

But why spoil a good vibe?  Joe Schmo just won us the game afterall!