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Friday, March 13, 2015

Why Is Obama Disliked/Despised by Some?

Earlier in the week we wrote a piece addressing the question why do some people like and/or support Obama and we gave some reasons to ponder..

So its only fair to flip the coin and ask why do some people dislike or in some cases genuinely hate Obama as President?

We're not going to address Obama the person because if he wasn't the leader of the free world and instead was a Physician, Professor or a thousand other everyday professions, few to none would have anything negative to say about Obama as a human being...

Whatever qualities or traits Obama may have which annoy people, they're not unique or exceptional ones..  plenty of smug, conceited and/or 'cool' people in the world
Now for some, the dislike or in some cases hatred is policy driven.

They deeply disagree with the President on his Foreign and/or Domestic policies, how he conducts the multitude of wars, his Supreme Court appointments, etc..

And in that case, there's little to be done.. Pretty much anyone with a 'D' will be disliked by someone who is 'R' much like few to no D's would ever in a million years vote for an 'R' even if the candidate was a corpse.

So that's that..
For others such as we here at A&G, its more complex but begins with the fact we do not believe Obama was ever truly qualified to lead this nation and won election in 2008 based on the most fortunate set of circumstances..

Those aligned cosmic stars being (among other things):

--  A lame duck Republican President (W Bush) pretty much everyone was sick of by the autumn

--  A terrible Republican candidate (John McCain) who we repeatedly referred to as a political cowardly cadaver
--  A market crash which scared most people thanks to banking and Wall St interests that Wanted everyone frightened so to get their $700 billion TARP bailout passed by a gutless Congress...

--  A need by many naive doe-eyed Caucasian imbeciles to use their vote to symbolically write the wrongs of the last 140+ years of race relations; the need to see the First Afr.Am President in our lifetime and show the world the US isn't racist (Ha!)

-- A deeply arrogant and ugly woman both inside and out (Hillary Clinton) who treated the 2008 Election as an anointment rather than a campaign until it was too late then gave up under the assumption that next time the Party would give her the nomination Crown and Septer

And then Ta Da!..
We got ourselves a man who had been US Senator for less than 2 years and spent most of that period away from Washington DC campaigning for President as our now leader and Commander in Chief.

Congrats.. A black leader!

Of course its really not even remotely exceptional when you consider how many black leaders there are in Africa currently and how many overall there have been since the late 1940s when Britain and France pulled out of their colonies.

And every step of the way, Obama was treated as a deity; 'Black Jesus'
He could walk on water and say and do no wrong..

The bias especially in the media was so blatant that liberal Saturday Night Live spoofed the dramatic difference in treatment between candidates Obama and Clinton

In the early 2008 SNL skit during the Democrat primaries, Hillary was asked by the media who is the President of Uzbekistan and the capital of Tajikistan and then asks Obama "Are you comfortable?"  and "Can I get you a pillow?"

And MSNBC's Chris Matthews later expressed that Obama caused him to feel a tingle up n' down his leg..
And soon this inexperienced 'Emperor' with no clothes was treated as a social and economic savior..

Of course his populist messages of wanting to take on Wall Street and punish the banks and go after those who caused the market to crash excited the masses tired of a President who bent over backward to appease Wall Street (Bush)

And of course, like all politicians, Obama turned out to be a liar and fired his economic team days after election then set upon a course to see how Bush-like he could get away with in his servitude to making the market and banks richer and more powerful

He also enjoys playing the race card and subtly promotes social division at every opportunity while continuing the canard he is governing as a liberal Democrat would.
But what can Real Democrats do?  

They're stuck supporting this snake or voting Republican and for the life-long core Democrats, that's simply not happening just like no dye-in-the-wool cloth coat Republican would ever vote Democrat even if their 'guy' was secretly a Chinese spy.

Most people know the score..  The Republicans know Obama is a terrible President and deep down many Democrats do as well..
And everyone on both sides is hoping there's someone somewhere who is a cut above the cardboard cutout crap we're all forced to choose between every four to eight years..

So we end this post as we did the other..

Just 20 months left..