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Thursday, April 30, 2015

Business as Usual: 1,100 Secret Donors to Clinton Foundation

~" Yes I am Evil to the Core..  So what!"

Today's post is another about that wretched old criminal crone bitch, Hillary Clinton, so might as well stop reading now if you support that rotten woman..

Back in 2009, as a condition of becoming Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton signed a memorandum of understanding with the Obama Administration to disclose the donors to the Clinton Foundation due to the obvious potential conflicts of interest.

Now that sounds good, but everyone knows the Clintons don’t pay by the rules, and so like the dishonest people they are, they just went ahead and conveniently forgot to disclose 1,100 foreign donors to the faux pretend charity.

Interestingly, these 1,100 donors funneled the money through the Canadian wing of the Clinton slush fund, the Clinton Giustra Enterprise Partnership (CGEP).
~ "Damn you people.. Just fuck off and make me Queen already!"

This subsidiary of the Clinton Foundation was co-founded by Canadian businessman Frank Giustra, who’s sizable donations to the “charity” have been linked to getting a pass on human rights abuses in Colombia and crony uranium deals in Kazakhstan.

If this nation were anything close to a true Democracy or a Republic, that old bitch Hillary would have either withdrawn from the Presidential race five scandals ago or the leadership of the Democratic party would have told that old witch they were not going to support her financially...

But we all know what America really is, so the machine chugs along.

The following graph shows a breakdown of how the rotten Clintons' pretend charity earmarks the funds it receives via donations..
The other 90% went to salaries, travel, office supplies and other expenses, whatever 'other' means..

We will make a guess and say 'other' means $$ to be used for old Hillary's 2016 Campaign to be Queen

According to Bloomberg, Giustra said the 1,100 donors were never revealed even though Hillary signed a promise that all donors would be made public because supposedly Canada’s federal privacy law forbids CGEP, a Canadian-registered charity, from revealing its donors.
~ "Ich bin die K├Ânigin... Gehorche mir! (I'm Queen.. Obey Me!) Seig Heil!

Sounds like a reasonable excuse, it if wasn't total bullshit

"Canadian tax and privacy law experts are dubious of this claim. Len Farber, former director of tax policy at Canada’s Department of Finance, said he wasn’t aware of any tax laws that would prevent the charity from releasing its donors’ names. “There’s nothing that would preclude them from releasing the names of donors,” he said. “It’s entirely up to them.”

Mark Blumberg, a charity lawyer at Blumberg Segal in Toronto, added that the legislation “does not generally apply to a registered charity unless a charity is conducting commercial activities… such as selling the list to third parties.”"

~ "I may be a woman but I have the heart of a man and I will Destroy anyone who gets in my way!"

But wait a moment.. If that is true, that would make old bitch Hillary a liar wouldn't it..

The Clinton Foundation is a front; a dummy charity.

 It was set up starting in June 2007 to raise money for old Hillary's firsr run at President then continued as an anonymous way to buy influence while old Hillary was Secretary of State, and ultimately to provide financial backing for her 2016 run.

Meanwhile, as most of you know by now, the Clinton Foundation is refiling at least five years of taxes due to mistakes.
~ "I am very old, heartless & I do not possess a soul..  Please vote for me" 

Yes, mistakes happen, particularly with the preposterously complex U.S. tax code, but it appears the extent of the Clinton mistakes are anything but normal.

From Reuters:

"Some experts in charity law and taxes said it was not remarkable for a charity to refile an erroneous return once in a while, but for a large, global charity to refile three or four years in a row was highly unusual."

Well not if your a Clinton..  Being dishonest and deceitful is actually business as usual..

But sincere True-Blue Democrats, do not despair..  

There are Other people running for the Democratic Nomination who are superior in character and ethics and who Actually want to be President for non-egotistic reasons..

You just have to be willing to put the rotten Clinton legacy in the past where it belongs and focus on what's best for the nation today and into the future.

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Justifiable Violence in Baltimore

Its been a crazy past couple days in Baltimore..

Which really is to be expected when its thug police force brutally kills a person its holding in custody by snapping his spine in two.

But don't let rioting stop business from carrying on as usual including Baltimore Orioles baseball games being played.  Of course they had to cancel Monday and Tuesday but Wednesday's game shall be played..

Oh sure it will be played in front of Zero fans who will not be allowed to attend but as we said.. Business as Usual, right?
Its hard for the citizens of Baltimore to feel much like civil, peaceful protests amid that and what happened to other black victims of excessive police force in the past few months alone..

I've read people express that 'Violence is not the answer' and 'Dr King would be disillusioned'...

Let's be honest here (since you will never hear or read an honest thought or opinion in mainstream news)..

Why is it that Dr King's Civil Rights movement as well as Ghandi's movement for independence from Britain and self rule for India turn out to be such great successes?
~ "This break in the riot is brought to you by Hostess.. makers of Twinkies and Ding Dongs..  When you need to contemplate whether to charge heavily armed police, think 'Hostess'"

Was it because they marched peacefully with signs and placards while chanting clever rhyme slogans?


Both Ghandi and Martin Luther King Jr were successful because they used peace and non-violence to provoke the establishment i.e. Authority to use violence against Them!

And as people saw victims being beaten and kicked and doused with water and have vicious dogs set upon them while they weren't responding violently in kind, from such non-action in the response to violence did they gain empathy and political traction.
Thus, unless there is a leader who is able to somehow successfully organize thousands upon thousands of blacks in Baltimore to slowly march up to the heavily armed and protected police thugs and allow their craniums to get bashed to bits as the world watches..

Well that is the Only way peaceful demonstration makes a difference.

The police not just in America but around the world have Too Much power and are too protected by each other via their bullshit gang mindset of covering each others' back via a 'police bleed blue' ideology..

And the justice system that almost always gives law enforcement the benefit of the doubt in everything from obtaining search warrants to prosecuting suspects.
They are also too heavily armed..

Police wear thick Kevlar vests that can stop anything but .77 caliber 'elephant' bullets (which coincidentally is illegal for the general public to possess) and have at their disposal everything from semi and fully automatic weapons to army-issued tanks.

And don't forget the police's favorite 'Toy' on civilians: the Taser..

Its why I've said before and will say again..  The 2nd Amendment right to bear arms is not about protecting you from a prowler..  It is about protecting yourself from the police and/or government when they act in a tyrannical manner..
~ protest signs..  Yep, that will change things..

The 2nd Amendment is the citizens' "checks and balances" to authoritarian control by force that the citizens of Nazi Germany and Fascist Italy & Japan did not possess 70 years ago..

But what about the looters, you ask..  Do we defend them?

No, of course not..  Always some scum who take advantage of a situation for their own common, selfish ends

But I still stand by the argument that people peacefully demonstrating while holding colorful signs in designated protest 'pens' when the media cameras are on, is a complete waste of time and energy of those involved..
No one fears a peaceful protester.

And change on a government level only comes amid a fear of its populace.

All those hundreds and hundreds of millions of bullets purchased by various Federal, State and local government agencies recently..  They weren't acquired to deal with stray dogs and cats without leashes..

They were to deal with you and I if/when the situation warranted it.

Like a financial crash based on a System that's done nothing to improve things since 2008...
Or everyday people dying at the hands of law enforcement.

The police just have too much power!

Many are arrogant, conceited bastards with no more than a high school education who were bullies in school and now hide their sociopathic tendencies behind a badge

Many think of themselves with a God-like complex and expect to always have the last word when interacting with the public.   They demand respect that most genuinely do not deserve based on the uniform...
What specifically needs to be done to knock law enforcement's attitude of superiority down a few pegs I honestly do not know..

But something better be done because this whole mess goes far beyond white police/black victim, and people everywhere are getting sick of the treatment citizens receive by thug cops, especially in their custody.

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

The 1914 US Invasion of Vera Cruz, Mexico

Last week, while walking around one of the local cemeteries in my area, I discovered by chance a tombstone marker of someone of historical significance who died just a week ago, 100 years ago (April 21, 1914)

It was a person I had never heard of before and an event in US history that admittedly I knew nothing about..

The marker read as follows:
So it seems 100 years ago in late April, US forces invaded and captured Vera Cruz while holding the city for many months, and Poinsett was the first US serviceman to be killed by the relatively small conflict in terms of blood loss.

Specifically, on April 21, 1914, 787 US marines and sailors went ashore to seize the customhouse and were fired upon by Mexican forces and by the next day, American troops had occupied the town. 

In two days of fighting, 17 Americans were killed and 61 wounded while an estimated 152-172 Mexicans were killed and 195-240 wounded. American forces would continue to occupy Vera Cruz until November 1914
~ photo of Poinsett's funeral

The reason we entered conflict with Mexico according to historical sources is that by 1914, the United States government had spent several years cautiously watching the Mexican Revolution and judging its possible impact on American citizens and business interests both in Mexico and along the border between the two countries. 

So to protect these interests, the United States stationed U.S. Navy warships at the Mexican ports of Tampico and Vera Cruz in early 1914.  
~ Another photo of Poinsett's funeral

At the same time, President Woodrow Wilson rescinded an arms embargo that had prevented the sale of arms to either General Victorio Huerta, who had seized power from the Mexican president in February 1913, or Governor Venustiano Carranza and Pancho Villa, supporters of the previous president who were attempting to wrest control of Mexico from Huerta. 

President Wilson offered to provide help to Carranza. When the US forces at Vera Cruz learned that German weapons would be arriving at Vera Cruz for Huerta, President Wilson ordered them to seize the town’s customhouse and capture the weapons.

Now there are many things interesting about what occurred in 1914
~ Flowers for Poinsett..

1)  It is a good an example as any to show how US foreign policy works.   

Even before we built up our global credentials as a military power after WWI & WWII, we basically bullied the rest of Spanish speaking continents of North and South America and manipulated their governments directly to put leadership into power favorable to US political and business interests

Mexico, Cuba, Nicaragua, Dominican Republic, Honduras, Panama, etc..
~ US Troops at Vera Cruz, Mexico.. April 1914

2)  US - Mexico relations greatly deteriorated and to this day many Mexicans still hate the US for what they did 100 years ago (along with taking so much territory from Mexico after the 1848 end to the Mexican War)..

Back then, the U.S. occupation of Vera Cruz resulted in widespread anti-American sentiment among Mexican residents, and other U.S. warships were used to evacuate American citizens from both the Gulf Coast and the west coast of Mexico, taking them to refugee centers in San Diego, Texas, and New Orleans. 
Also as a result of anti-American sentiment, Mexico chose to maintain neutrality during World War I, refusing to support the U.S. in Europe, all the while continuing to do business with Germany. 

With the U.S. threatening to invade in 1918 to take control of Tampico oil fields, Mexican President Venustiano Carranza threatened to have them destroyed to prevent their falling under U.S. control.

3)  The incident is also a perfect example of how ultimately a human life taken in its flowering youth while fighting for country doesn't mean much to anyone; there is no such thing as a hero's death

George Poinsett was born in 1894 and on April 21, 1914 it was taken out with a bullet..
And whatever hopes and dreams and aspirations he may have had for his life was snuffed out with it..  The ultimate resting place being a quiet cemetery monument resting on a hillside that 99.9% of those who may pass by do not bother to notice or acknowledge.

And to the greater American public, his name means nothing to nobody.

It makes me think of those who serve this nation and die in conflicts that most Americans don't give a shit about because US forces won the conflict so quickly.. like the 19 American dead human beings at Grenada and the 146 killed in the 1991 Desert Storm operations.

We only remember the dead of those who lost their life in big battles of big wars..  
~ US troops marching down a Vera Cruz street

We honor those who died at D-Day (June 6, 1944) and have no thought or care for those who may have died 4 days after the landing while engaged with the enemy..

We remember the Civil War battle of Gettysburg, especially the infamous Pickett's Charge and how tragic it was..   God help the dead who wished to be remembered who may have died 30 miles north in Hanover Pa during cavalry skirmishes while the real battle took place southward.

But Poinsett did die along with 16 other Americans 100 years ago

All completely and totally forgotten to all including Father time.

Monday, April 27, 2015

When News Had No Place in a Gathering of News-Reporters

If there is one event which goes on in Washington DC annually we Hate and Despise more, it is the annual yuk-yuk fest called the White House Correspondents' Association Dinner.

This is where all the written and visual press get together to pat each others' backs and rear ends at how great a job they are doing covering the news as they share handshakes and smiles with the person they're supposed to be the Harshest and most Critical of..

The President.
We also deeply Hate and despise an event called the Al Smith Memorial Foundation dinner which occurs every election cycle in October..

This is where the Democrat and Republican nominees put aside their pitchforks and tell self-deprecating jokes about themselves while everyone laughs to remind anyone with a brain that politics is just a Show; a Insider game among friends and acquaintances

But since that farcical fart-fest is every four years, we'll focus back on the media self-admiration society gala..
~ Some piece of Shit celebrities taking a selfie at the Correspondents Dinner

So what is the goal of the press also known as the Fourth Estate?  Rather, what should the goal be?

Regardless of who is in office, the media is supposed to be a conduit of information to the people and a daily critical & skeptical eye to ensure those we elect do not overstep their Constitutional authority and stay consistent so what a President says and does isn't two separate things.

There is supposed to be distance and detachment; a respect for the Office of Presidency but never a Fawning or love-fest for the specific person in office as the press loves to do especially with Democrat Presidents.

So this annual 'nerd prom' treats media like 'celebrities' including a red carpet for everyone to walk down and show off their latest fashions (we are not kidding on this) while their media peers take endless photos and then gossip about which dork or dweeb is dating which plain-Jane
~ Some G-D airhead models showing off their outfits

Then after everyone eats their brisket or whatever is served for dinner, a 3rd tier comedian stands at a podium and tells jokes for 15min..   If a Republican President is sitting at the dais, the jokes are usually deeply Vicious; if its a Democrat, the jokes are tame (unless about Republican politicians)

Then after the super liberal comedian is done his/her shtick (name one comedian with a modicum of success beyond Dennis Miller who isn't Democrat?), the President reads a bunch of jokes off cue-cards and everyone laughs like they're all one big happy family.

When Clinton was in office, the media all laughed with adoration as he told his speechwriter-written jokes, as if the whole Monica Lewinsky - lying under oath in Paula Jones lawsuit - ultimate Impeachment vote never happened
~ Some more 'celebs' posing for full ego-massage

When Bush was in office, the media all laughed with glee as we invaded Iraq and all those subsequent years when soldiers were being injured and dying to fight in two theaters without any clear objective or purpose

And now with Obama in office, they all laugh and clap with joy as if the economy still isn't in the toilet, as if ISIS doesn't exist and the world is Less safe than 2008..

And they treat Obama with reverence instead of as a war-criminal and murderer responsible for the execution of at least one world leader, Ghadafi because we wanted to put in place leadership friendly to us in N. Africa
~ Six months after the US Ambassador was killed in 2012, the 2013 White House Correspondents Dinner went on as scheduled with Obama telling joke after joke to a laughing audience

Doesn't matter how he sells his allies out to appease Iran or didn't give two shits about the US Ambassador in Benghazi who was dragged onto the street and murdered by a Muslim mob back in 2012

The media loves their chocolaty black President..

He treats them like dogs and controls their access to information even more than Bush did (though the bastard promised the most transparent Administration ever) and they respond by licking his hand adoringly like good bitch pups
Don't know if you watched the event last night on C-SPAN but did you notice among the jokes, that there was not a single mention of Nepal?

Over 2,200 human beings die from an earthquake and..  Zip..


Not even a momentary 'If you wish to donate, please dial 1-800..'

There was also no mention about the violent killing of 25-year-old named Freddie Gray, whose spine was snapped in the custody of Baltimore police who'd stopped him for no obvious reason.
~ Freddie Gray's arrest... Before police tortured him

No mention of the protests around the city either and the concern of those attending the Baltimore Orioles game that night being able to safely get to their cars then home because of the public display of anger toward the city...

Don't make the those who cover the news actually have to Cover news on their off-time..

See, no one really cares..

The President obviously doesn't care.. Never has.. Never will
The media doesn't care either..   News is just fluff..  most of it is cotton candy to fill the space between commercials or ads on a newspaper..

When a 'real' story breaks, they milk and suck and fuck it dry for every ounce of publicity and ratings then instantly move on to something else more captivating.

Most in the media are also financially well to do..  Many are multi-millionaires with lots of money in the bank, stocks in the portfolio and are so deeply entrenched in the Success of the System, they don't even think about reporting news that encourages rebellious thought.

Everyone knows one another.. super-connected..
~ America's favorite phony cunt.. Katie Couric

Many media are former Washington insiders such as Congresspeople, Lobbyists and working in the Executive Branch and many people serving in a public duty were once in the media..

Just a revolving door.. A revolving whore bed.

People say things like 'Politics are dirty' or 'Its a Corrupt Game' but most really do not understand how far and deep the proverbial rabbit hole goes.. Or how many generations or centuries this nation has been led by scum?

The biggest difference though between 2015 and say 1865 is while both Presidents were total Liars and disingenuous to the core, there was no White House Correspondents' Dinner for Lincoln to tell yuk-yuk jokes and pithy puns to..

Then again, he was already dead.
~ Can you believe someone in the 19th Cent actually drew this garbage?!!

So the media was able to make Lincoln into the embodiment of Jesus Christ without a black-tie dinner as a prelude like they do Obama.

Such a disgusting spectacle.. Every year more elaborate.  Ugh!

Presidents come and go..

The corporate-conglomerate Wall-Street controlled mainstream media stays..

Friday, April 24, 2015

The Everyday American Mindset: "It's My Fault.."

It's my fault for where I am at in this world..

It's my fault I am out of work..

It's my fault I can't get hired because I didn't graduate high school..

Or attend college after I did get my HS diploma...

Or majored in a different field/degree than employers respected.
Or committed myself to a Masters' Degree..

Or spent the time getting a Doctorate..

It's my fault I didn't commit years and years of my life along with tens upon tens of thousands of dollars in non-bankruptcy dischargeable debt to get a degree in a field the work world values even though I would have Hated every moment and been tense & miserable
Its not the schools' fault they gave me such an inadequate education with 'No Child Left Behind' and standardized test taking and that a HS degree today is the equivalent of 8th grade education back in the 1970s

Or the employer's fault for not respecting or valuing someone self-educated and self-motivated i.e. the 'Good Will Hunting' type  vs the Common way of obtaining the worthless paper of a diploma

Nope.. Gotta be all my fault..
Its my fault I lost my job...

Its my fault because I didn't work hard enough

Or dedicate enough of myself to the 'team'

Or give up evenings.. and weekends.. and holidays

Or be on call 24/7 to my employer's needs
Or kiss his/her ass enough

It's my fault I was deemed redundant by a nameless, faceless corporation and made expendable; tossed away like batteries

It certainly wasn't the company to blame who was going to rid themselves of me irregardless of the general economic situation in the country i.e job loss in recession = downsizing and job loss in strong vibrant economy = a restructuring.

Certainly not their fault I was a nameless, faceless statistic
It's my fault when I can not make ends meet even when I do have a job

It's my fault because of how I live

So I just need to work a second job to pay bills..

Or possibly three..

It's never the corporation's fault..  or the Government..
It's my fault because I could cut back more..

It's my fault because I don't seek to live in a smaller house

Or move into an apartment

Or share with another renter

Or two or three.. However many strangers it takes living all clustered and confined..  Just like immigrants did a century or two ago..
Why do I deserve any semblance of a quality of life after working 40 hours a week and doing the right thing?

Why should I have a checking account, much less savings

Or a money market or IRA

Or be able to afford stocks or bonds or CDs
It's my fault because if my finances are in bad shape I could get a less expensive car..

Or have no car and use public transportation

Or be fully dependent on others with cars to get around

Like a child..

It's never the fault of the car companies and insurance companies that keep raising their prices and premiums at a higher percentage than any raise I may receive at work, if lucky to receive any

It's my fault I don't settle for less..    Yes, I need to accept less
It's my fault when I go into a supermarket and I keep seeing prices raise for every staple food while quantity sizes lessen

It's my fault because I could buy only generic..

Or eat less healthy since Cheetoes are cheaper than cheese

Or just eat less..

Or just not eat at all..
Why should I eat anyways?  Tap water really hits the spot!

It's my fault I live in such a rotten country run by such a piece of shit President

It's my fault because I believed in him..

I should have voted Republican

Or Libertarian
Or not bothered to vote at all.

Its my fault I believed the dual Obama Lies of 'Hope' & 'Change'

Its my fault because I wanted to use my vote to show the world we were not racist because America elected a black Muslim with zero experience governing anything

Its my fault because all that media-fueled hatred of Bush clouded my judgment and I just wanted to vote for anyone not remotely connected to him, even someone ultimately incompetent.

Its my fault because things get worse and worse and nothing is better on the horizon
And the economy is still in a recessionary rut

And the 1% keep stealing all the money while the average everyday peed-on peon like me is stuck in motion; slowly dying like BP petroleum-covered birds flapping their wings in the Gulf of Mexico..

And..   And..

Hmm..  Wait! Wait!...  Tell me again why any of  this all my fault??

Or yours?