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Thursday, April 16, 2015

A Curmudgeon's Take on Baseball Prices

I read the other day that the average price for a family of 4 to attend a Philadelphia Phillies game was $254..

And that was to see a last place team many predict to lose 100 games by season's end.

The price included 4 tickets, parking, and concessions

Theoretically, a person making minimum wage would have to work 35 hours before taxes to treat their family to a day at the ole' ballpark

And that amount is still far lower than taking the kids to see Mickey Mouse where tickets are $100 per person for one day pass.
~ Baseball greats Willie Mays, Willie McCovey, Dale Murphy and the exceptional Sandy Koufax

Being that I love baseball but wasn't going to trudge out an hour or so each way in traffic to pay the exorbitant costs and then not even have control as to who you're sitting next to, I joined MLB.TV for $130 which comes to 80 cents per game if I follow one team

It allows me to follow all the teams live or archived except whatever your home team is (archive only) but for the minor inconvenience it is well worth it.

I don't have to sit in out in the rain or a muggy 95 deg day, or sit next to people mostly socializing with each other, treating the live event like a TV program to block out

And best yet, I don't have to sit near people texting/tweeting on their GD phones, the most selfish, self-absorbed activity one can do in public or private.
Turn on any sporting event where you can see the crowd, especially baseball and you will see probably 75% of the people in a given TV 'shot' glance at, type on, or show another their stupid phone.

If the person they're talking to is so damned important to them, perhaps he/she should have been brought to the game or the phone nitwit leave the ballpark to trek to the other's place!

Those tickets.. the people you see behind the catcher and beyond the two dugouts..  They cost anywhere from $100 a piece to $500+ in some places like Yankee Stadium

Nobody is That important to communicate with while sitting in an expensive front row seat..

No one.
People..  admittedly they just baffle me when it comes to money.  

They willingly go to these places, desperate to be continually entertained and overpay for food and drinks, rationalizing it as part of the overall 'experience' when many really do not have the financial luxury to do this..

The average US household has $15,611 in credit card debt.   Among those with mortgages, the average owed to banks is $155,192.  And for those who've taken out student loans, that average debt is $32,264...

In total, American consumers owe:

    $11.74 trillion in debt --  An increase of 3.3% from last year
    $882.6 billion in credit card debt
    $8.14 trillion in mortgages
    $1.13 trillion in student loans -- An increase of 8.% from last year
~ Ryan Howard.. is owed $60 million for next two years; hitting .175

And yet magically have enough $$ for tickets to sporting events and Disney and the most advanced cell phones with the most expensive plans..

And no one is even remotely jealous or envious at the high salaries athletes receive and how detached they are from the lives of the everyday folk who get into further debt to enrich their pockets as well as team ownership..

A athlete making $25m earns 500x more in one year than someone drawing a salary of $50k

And teams keep spending and spending..   The LA Dodgers have the highest payroll at $270 and that still can not excite most fans to get to the ballpark on time or stay past the 7th inning..
Yes I will never understand people and their overall inability to be practical with their hard earned money..

And sometimes (not always mind you) the very best lesson you can instill in your children is the concept of self-denial or 'No'
** Side Note:  A few of the staff here at A&G have been under the weather so right now working with a skeleton crew..  If for some reason, there's no posting tomorrow (Friday), there will definitely be on for Monday April 20th..