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Monday, April 13, 2015

Anointment Isn't Just Something You Put On a Rash..~ Pun Pun..

The 'big' news yesterday was that old Hillary Clinton officially announced her candidacy for Queen of America, an announcement that was as much a surprise as a scorpion by its nature needing to sting and kill any living thing it comes in contact with.

Perhaps old Hillary's need to run the nation is even greater.

When it was told to me yesterday, I couldn't even stomach a response.

At least 63 million registered Democrats in the US, more than 16 million more than people who are registered Republican and this old tired bitch is the Best the Party can do to represent them in 2016?
I know.. I know.. There's other candidates out there but let's all be honest what this is..

An anointment.

Old Hillary was supposed to be Queen back in 2008..  Everyone expected it then.

Of course a charismatic, articulate mulatto with little to no governing experience blew old Hillary away like a tornado to a home based on empty promises and one disingenuous cadence-filled speech after another
And old Hillary was forced to kneel and serve someone who was her at-one-time Senatorial junior -- millions in campaign debt which the Obama campaign paid off for her and the hunger for 2016 compelled it.

But it wasn't the first time old Hillary put the need for power over personal pride..

She has been married for decades to a man who loves sex out of wedlock like I love Cadbury Creme Eggs and if you read the posting on that around Easter, you will know I LOVE Creme Eggs!

She put up with a loveless marriage while Bill was Governor, as a two-term President and in the present..
The man is is simply too popular and beloved by the Dems and has too many connections to dare to fudge up old Hillary's chance to be Queen by doing something as moral and ethical as a divorce.

Did you know if old Hillary does win, she will be 69 years old when she takes the oath of office and an ancient 77 years old by the time she finishes a 2nd term

To give perspective, Ronald Reagan was 70 when he became President and the Dems constantly referred to him as senile and having dementia.

Of course ultimately the taunts became true as early-stage Alzheimers kicked in during the 2nd term and he couldn't recall anything about Iran-Contra.
As it is, old Hillary can't recall much about Benghazi or her deleted emails and she's still in her 60s

Its all such a sham..  Presidential Elections are like NCAA College Basketball tournaments..

Every year you think its open competition and any team has a legitimate shot to win the 'big dance' and ultimately it is Illusionary and always ends up the same powerhouse teams are in the finals year after year..

You poll most people and they're clueless what old Hillary stands for; totally ignorant and oblivious to the fact that she like Obama and her hubby are Wall-Street loving/serving Democrats.
~ Fun with Photoshop

But really that is all that matters for most.. that last name; the hope that an old Hillary Presidency is really a third term for dearly beloved Bill..

Because you take away that magical last name and you really have a rotten, contemptible power hungry bitch running under the tired Bob Dole-like premise that "Vote for me because well, It's my turn now!"

But she does have the "name" so anointment it is and old Hillary's dream of sitting on the throne has realistic possibility.
~ Not Photo-Shopped..

The one hope perhaps is America is a visually shallow nation especially when it comes to a white woman's age and weight (people are more tolerant and less judgmental of heavy-set black women)

So perhaps the thought of a female President with doughy-wrinkly skin covered with layers of pancake makeup and a shrill of a voice will turn enough off when it comes to ballot-casting time.

Our last three Presidents have been relatively young, healthy and in good shape so let's hope whoever wins in 2016 whether it be Dem or Rep, that trend continue, and we leave geriatric leadership as one of many Cold War relics