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Thursday, April 30, 2015

Business as Usual: 1,100 Secret Donors to Clinton Foundation

~" Yes I am Evil to the Core..  So what!"

Today's post is another about that wretched old criminal crone bitch, Hillary Clinton, so might as well stop reading now if you support that rotten woman..

Back in 2009, as a condition of becoming Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton signed a memorandum of understanding with the Obama Administration to disclose the donors to the Clinton Foundation due to the obvious potential conflicts of interest.

Now that sounds good, but everyone knows the Clintons don’t pay by the rules, and so like the dishonest people they are, they just went ahead and conveniently forgot to disclose 1,100 foreign donors to the faux pretend charity.

Interestingly, these 1,100 donors funneled the money through the Canadian wing of the Clinton slush fund, the Clinton Giustra Enterprise Partnership (CGEP).
~ "Damn you people.. Just fuck off and make me Queen already!"

This subsidiary of the Clinton Foundation was co-founded by Canadian businessman Frank Giustra, who’s sizable donations to the “charity” have been linked to getting a pass on human rights abuses in Colombia and crony uranium deals in Kazakhstan.

If this nation were anything close to a true Democracy or a Republic, that old bitch Hillary would have either withdrawn from the Presidential race five scandals ago or the leadership of the Democratic party would have told that old witch they were not going to support her financially...

But we all know what America really is, so the machine chugs along.

The following graph shows a breakdown of how the rotten Clintons' pretend charity earmarks the funds it receives via donations..
The other 90% went to salaries, travel, office supplies and other expenses, whatever 'other' means..

We will make a guess and say 'other' means $$ to be used for old Hillary's 2016 Campaign to be Queen

According to Bloomberg, Giustra said the 1,100 donors were never revealed even though Hillary signed a promise that all donors would be made public because supposedly Canada’s federal privacy law forbids CGEP, a Canadian-registered charity, from revealing its donors.
~ "Ich bin die K├Ânigin... Gehorche mir! (I'm Queen.. Obey Me!) Seig Heil!

Sounds like a reasonable excuse, it if wasn't total bullshit

"Canadian tax and privacy law experts are dubious of this claim. Len Farber, former director of tax policy at Canada’s Department of Finance, said he wasn’t aware of any tax laws that would prevent the charity from releasing its donors’ names. “There’s nothing that would preclude them from releasing the names of donors,” he said. “It’s entirely up to them.”

Mark Blumberg, a charity lawyer at Blumberg Segal in Toronto, added that the legislation “does not generally apply to a registered charity unless a charity is conducting commercial activities… such as selling the list to third parties.”"

~ "I may be a woman but I have the heart of a man and I will Destroy anyone who gets in my way!"

But wait a moment.. If that is true, that would make old bitch Hillary a liar wouldn't it..

The Clinton Foundation is a front; a dummy charity.

 It was set up starting in June 2007 to raise money for old Hillary's firsr run at President then continued as an anonymous way to buy influence while old Hillary was Secretary of State, and ultimately to provide financial backing for her 2016 run.

Meanwhile, as most of you know by now, the Clinton Foundation is refiling at least five years of taxes due to mistakes.
~ "I am very old, heartless & I do not possess a soul..  Please vote for me" 

Yes, mistakes happen, particularly with the preposterously complex U.S. tax code, but it appears the extent of the Clinton mistakes are anything but normal.

From Reuters:

"Some experts in charity law and taxes said it was not remarkable for a charity to refile an erroneous return once in a while, but for a large, global charity to refile three or four years in a row was highly unusual."

Well not if your a Clinton..  Being dishonest and deceitful is actually business as usual..

But sincere True-Blue Democrats, do not despair..  

There are Other people running for the Democratic Nomination who are superior in character and ethics and who Actually want to be President for non-egotistic reasons..

You just have to be willing to put the rotten Clinton legacy in the past where it belongs and focus on what's best for the nation today and into the future.