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Monday, April 6, 2015

First Amendment? Ehhh~

~  Look into their eyes.. Guess who 'owns' who?

Its Monday and back to writing on things more important than bunnies and creme eggs..

As you read this posting, it is very important you understand and accept this Truth:

That in 2015 in both the United States and the rest of the Western civilized world, there has never been more rights, protections and overall freedom for people of diverse color, ethnicity, faith, gender and sexual orientation to pursue 'Happiness' than EVER in the history of humankind.

And Yet..
The first fifteen years of the new millennium have demonstrated that for pretty much all groups that are not Caucasian, male and straight, things are not good enough;  being 'Equal' is not good enough..

To paraphrase Captain Kirk to 'Scotty' in Star Trek:

"I've... Got to have..  More Power!"

Its a topic we hate writing on because its so monotonous yet you see daily in the news this fight by minorities or rather to be fair and more accurate White-guilter pieces of excrement to do everything possible to put Caucasians in an inferior status.
Now A&G is not a group of raving "White Power" loons with shaved heads, tattooed swastikas a simple-minded delusional grandeur of a Fourth Reich, or any of that garbage.

We do not subscribe to that bullshit..

We also do not believe you can govern bigotry and what a person thinks/feels about another any more than you can govern morality

There is a dramatic shift that has gone on lately and its quite scary; its one where being a 'Racist' is a worse crime than being a 'Rapist' and the white-guilt society desires inflicting punishment even greater than that of a sex crime.
But from a Constitutional First Amendment perspective, what is going on in America is quite dangerous..

Say the word 'Nigger' and there are others drooling at the mouth in anticipation of getting you fired or destroy your business completely, or if you're of college age, get your scholarship stripped, kicked off your sports team, find your fraternity banned, and/or get personally suspended/expelled..

This is not for physically hurting or assaulting a black person..  Nope, just using an unpopular word to refer to them
It is just shocking how many people wish to conveniently forget that the 1st Amendment not only protects the speech and word choice we agree with and lifts spirits, but the speech and word choice we find disgusting or offensive or repugnant or stupid or moronic...

The First Amendment allows a person to say something like 'Republicans are a bunch of money-hungry soulless bastard scumbags who would whore their mothers for a tax cut' and 'Democrats are immoral, valueless pieces of slime who believe more in appeasing minority voting blocs than respecting God's law'

And both offensive and ignorant characterizations are Equally protected.
If someone is personally offended especially a private person, there are legal remedies to seek justice if remarks are hurtful or slanderous.

But a society that willingly condones one group of people to deprive someone of a livelihood and means to pay bills and put food on their family's table because a personal opinion or thought is uttered, is anti-American.

And no where does it say the only speech that is protected from retribution is speech that is factually correct or well thought out beforehand?

If someone uttered passionately and with all seriousness that the Earth is flat, we revolve around the Sun rather that it around us and the end of the world will be in 7 days, would we as a society in 2015 demand blood for such stupid remarks?
Yet we want to crucify anyone who says 'Nigger'..

And what does it accomplish?   Does it rid the world of hatred or change how a person thinks and feels about another?

Or merely give people who feel the way they do one less non-violent outlet to expel the anger from within?

It used to be the government was the entity that pushed and ultimately won the Civil Rights battle that minorities enjoy today
Now the second wave has been taken up by Corporations with their own Evil, selfish motives; who find that forced i.e. contrived Tolerance both in the workplace and everyday society is the best way to push merchandise upon consumers since everyone has credit cards to use to spend and get indebted with..


We live in a world where some people still say 'Nigger' and rather than wonder 'Why?' or seek to change their way of thinking in a constructive way, now the goal is to destroy like a fly buzzing about because the 'noise' is a distraction to profit-making.
For a long time when it comes to race it has been a one-way street,,

Job and academic openings for minorities who aren't as qualified = Good

Openings for Caucasians over minorities = Racist

If one or two black Quarterbacks or head coaches in football succeed its "See, blacks are fully capable and smart enough to succeed as whites.."

And if out of 20 black QBs or head coaches, only that same 1 or 2 are successes, funny how now one replies "Guess you're right about them since only 5-10% showed they could cut it"
Some people will look at Obama and say "See, a black can be President as capably as any white" while ignoring the fact he's been the worst in modern time and if all blacks are anything like Obama, may they never sit in the Oval Office again!

The street always goes in one direction..

The white-guilters who feel such shame and guilt for the past (even if their ethnicity was over in Eastern Europe during the days of slavery and Civil War) must keep social engineering.
Its a truly warped society..

We can go to a manager of a store or a bank and complain about a bad employee or assistant manager and complain on a myriad of things from refusal to issue me a timely return credit to applying for a bank loan without consent and chances are that piece of shit will not get fired..

And if the same was accused of calling someone 'Nigger' or such?

Poof..  gone!
The First Amendment matters more than someone's hurt feelings..  Its bigger and more important than any individual or group

As a child we're all taught at one time or another "Sticks n stones will break our bones but Words will never hurt us"

And in this world we live in today where men are more emasculated than ever before and more children needing counselors and psychologists, the new motto seems to be "Sticks n stones will break bones but heal.. But Words never do"
This white-guilt controlled society might seem to do a good job controlling what people publicly express but it will never have the power or ability to control what someone thinks and feels..

Or how they teach their children..

And to prevent a society from decaying into racial and ethnic violence it is far better to openly know who hates who, then to not, and live in a world of multi-cultural tolerance naivety.