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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Justifiable Violence in Baltimore

Its been a crazy past couple days in Baltimore..

Which really is to be expected when its thug police force brutally kills a person its holding in custody by snapping his spine in two.

But don't let rioting stop business from carrying on as usual including Baltimore Orioles baseball games being played.  Of course they had to cancel Monday and Tuesday but Wednesday's game shall be played..

Oh sure it will be played in front of Zero fans who will not be allowed to attend but as we said.. Business as Usual, right?
Its hard for the citizens of Baltimore to feel much like civil, peaceful protests amid that and what happened to other black victims of excessive police force in the past few months alone..

I've read people express that 'Violence is not the answer' and 'Dr King would be disillusioned'...

Let's be honest here (since you will never hear or read an honest thought or opinion in mainstream news)..

Why is it that Dr King's Civil Rights movement as well as Ghandi's movement for independence from Britain and self rule for India turn out to be such great successes?
~ "This break in the riot is brought to you by Hostess.. makers of Twinkies and Ding Dongs..  When you need to contemplate whether to charge heavily armed police, think 'Hostess'"

Was it because they marched peacefully with signs and placards while chanting clever rhyme slogans?


Both Ghandi and Martin Luther King Jr were successful because they used peace and non-violence to provoke the establishment i.e. Authority to use violence against Them!

And as people saw victims being beaten and kicked and doused with water and have vicious dogs set upon them while they weren't responding violently in kind, from such non-action in the response to violence did they gain empathy and political traction.
Thus, unless there is a leader who is able to somehow successfully organize thousands upon thousands of blacks in Baltimore to slowly march up to the heavily armed and protected police thugs and allow their craniums to get bashed to bits as the world watches..

Well that is the Only way peaceful demonstration makes a difference.

The police not just in America but around the world have Too Much power and are too protected by each other via their bullshit gang mindset of covering each others' back via a 'police bleed blue' ideology..

And the justice system that almost always gives law enforcement the benefit of the doubt in everything from obtaining search warrants to prosecuting suspects.
They are also too heavily armed..

Police wear thick Kevlar vests that can stop anything but .77 caliber 'elephant' bullets (which coincidentally is illegal for the general public to possess) and have at their disposal everything from semi and fully automatic weapons to army-issued tanks.

And don't forget the police's favorite 'Toy' on civilians: the Taser..

Its why I've said before and will say again..  The 2nd Amendment right to bear arms is not about protecting you from a prowler..  It is about protecting yourself from the police and/or government when they act in a tyrannical manner..
~ protest signs..  Yep, that will change things..

The 2nd Amendment is the citizens' "checks and balances" to authoritarian control by force that the citizens of Nazi Germany and Fascist Italy & Japan did not possess 70 years ago..

But what about the looters, you ask..  Do we defend them?

No, of course not..  Always some scum who take advantage of a situation for their own common, selfish ends

But I still stand by the argument that people peacefully demonstrating while holding colorful signs in designated protest 'pens' when the media cameras are on, is a complete waste of time and energy of those involved..
No one fears a peaceful protester.

And change on a government level only comes amid a fear of its populace.

All those hundreds and hundreds of millions of bullets purchased by various Federal, State and local government agencies recently..  They weren't acquired to deal with stray dogs and cats without leashes..

They were to deal with you and I if/when the situation warranted it.

Like a financial crash based on a System that's done nothing to improve things since 2008...
Or everyday people dying at the hands of law enforcement.

The police just have too much power!

Many are arrogant, conceited bastards with no more than a high school education who were bullies in school and now hide their sociopathic tendencies behind a badge

Many think of themselves with a God-like complex and expect to always have the last word when interacting with the public.   They demand respect that most genuinely do not deserve based on the uniform...
What specifically needs to be done to knock law enforcement's attitude of superiority down a few pegs I honestly do not know..

But something better be done because this whole mess goes far beyond white police/black victim, and people everywhere are getting sick of the treatment citizens receive by thug cops, especially in their custody.