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Thursday, April 9, 2015

Know Thy Enemy.. It is the State

We're not sure if you heard about this news blurb the other day but because in involved a white officer and black victim, we'll bet a pretty penny you will sure enough..

From Reuters:

"A white South Carolina police officer has been fired after being charged with murder for shooting a black man in the back as he fled.. (the) killing was filmed by a witness.

The shooting occurred on Saturday (April 4th) in North Charleston, a town of about 100,000 people, nearly half of whom are black, but it gained national media attention on Tuesday when the video became public..

The video shows a brief scuffle between the pair before Scott (the victim, 50 y.o.) begins to run away.

Slager (the Officer, 33 y.o.) is then seen taking aim with a handgun before shooting eight times at Scott's back.  Scott then slumps face down onto the grass.

According to a police report, Slager told other officers Scott had taken his stun gun from him.  At no point in the video, which does not show the initial contact between the men, does Scott appear to be armed.

Slager is seen placing the victim in handcuffs as he lies on the ground, and then the officer walks back to a spot near where he opened fire.  The video then shows him appearing to pick something up, return to Scott, and then drop it next to him on the ground."
Now you might be expecting us at this point to defend the white officer..


What happened this past weekend was horrific and disgusting, and would be as deeply felt no matter the color combination of the killer and the killed.

But this posting is not about race because the problem going on in this country isn't so much white aggressors and black victims, but the State itself vs the civilian population it daily seeks to control under the guise of protection.
~ Taser gun.. Cowardly police love this lil 'toy'

We believe and have always believed the State i.e. Government, authority, etc does Not have the right to take human life unless the person taking the life is in genuine immediate harm of his/her life being taken if not necessary force is used.

This did not occur here.

We also do not believe the State has the right to take human life via the death penalty because at no time is the interest in the Government to appease or provide justice to the victims or the greater society..

Rather it is to establish that They run the 'show'..
~ Is that an automatic weapon behind you or are ya just happy to see me? (shakes rear)

For instance, let's say someone is guilty of a double murder, and the victims' next of kin do not want the killer to be put to death but the State does..   Guess who wins?

And if in that same scenario, the victims' next of kin Do want to see the perpetrator killed for his hideous crime but the State does not wish it..  Guess who wins?

The State does not give a damn about the feelings of the victim's family or loved ones in determining sentencing or death..  They have their own agenda.

It is so scary how cheap life can be and how quickly it can be taken,,

And we're taught and told to be scared of criminal elements who prey on others and yes, there are many baddies out there that would do terrible things if not for law enforcement's presence..

But something about a person with a badge and a gun..  shivers..

Ever been pulled over by an officer using the flashing red lights or someone knock on the door saying they are police and asking you to open the door..

What if that wasn't a real officer?  Or someone mentally off-kilter?
~ Not the US Army- these pieces of shit little 'boys' are from the Sheriff's Dept of Richland County, S.C., population 385,000, about 1/5th the size of Philadelphia

By pulling the car to the side of the highway and rolling down your window or opening your front door, you're conceding quite a lot of instinctual self-protection under the belief the person you're doing it for is who they say and a responsible, professional member of law enforcement..

And Lord help you if it isn't so..

Because police see themselves as a tight-knit club; they bleed 'blue' and when you attack one, you attack all..
~ "Hello Ma'am.. We're selling tickets to the Policeman's Ball..."

They even have special laws in the books where if you kill one, that is worse than killing a stranger or a neighbor and you will end up serving a longer prison sentence (after they beat you up in the cell)

The advantages always go to the system..  They possess the high powered guns, the semi and automatic weapons, the kevlar vests, the helicopters, tanks and tear gas canisters..

And yet God help you if your weak pissy .22 caliber pistola that couldn't kill a squirrel isn't registered

The State has far too much physical power and too much ease in taking human life and we the society allow it under the bullshit fear of Terror hitting our streets.
~ Ferguson, Missouri

All these agencies are not buying up weapons and bullets to deal with foreign terrorists

They are purchased in preparation to deal with You and We.

We have always been firm believers of the Second Amendment and not with the understanding that possessing guns is meant to stop people from stealing your TV or car..

It has always been and will always be meant to protect oneself against their own government if/when the System turns its weapons upon the people.
We wonder how different Nazi Germany would have been if the the right to bear arms existed prior to Hitler taking power and when the SS went door to door rounding up Jews, each knock-knock was met with a double-barrel shotgun or two to the face?

Its a wild, dangerous time we live in..  The economic problems that caused the 2008 were not only never fixed, but never attempted

Economically, you have the equivalent of a musky, pungent, noxious room covered up with potpourri, Fabreze and Yankee Candles with a man standing by the door wearing a gas mask and saying 'I don't smell anything..Move on!'
When things get bad, it will get a bit chaotic and the Government will be ready to do what is necessary to keep their definition of 'the Peace'

It doesn't matter about Democrat/Republican, black/white or any other divide..  You have to be smart in this world; No blue ribbon prizes for being naive and oblivious

As much as you wouldn't trust a stranger to talk to your child, or feel comfortable if someone followed you down a dark alleyway at night, you must learn not to trust the System
It does not Ever make decisions with your best behalf in mind and your individual life holds no value...

You are merely a number except in this country they don't tattoo it to your arm but rather print it on a card and call it Social Security ID

If they kill you, someone may get fired or maybe not, or a next-of-kin may collect a civil judgment in court without admittance of guilt..  And everyone moves on..

The State does not have any right to your life, especially to take it and you are under no obligation to give blind loyalty to it