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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Old Hillary & Accepting Money from Anti-Women Nations

~ Not sure which is more ugly.. Her outside or her inside..

As we and other mainstream sources have pointed out recently, Hillary has been taking money vis a vis her Clinton Foundation from nations and wealthy individuals in exchange for favors either when she was Sec. of State or in anticipation of her becoming President.

Not only so, but the Bitch has no morals or scruples as to what nations the Foundation takes money from, even nations that oppress women.

For instance Saudi Arabia where women are not allowed to drive and which females of all ages must have a male guardian with them when in public, has donated at least $7.3 million
The United Arab Emirates (UAE) where women must have permission of a male guardian to marry and where its still legal to stone a woman to death, donated $1.4 million to the old crone's Foundation.

In Nigeria where the Muslims dominate the north and force women into early teenage marriages that are often polygynous, Hillary's Foundation happily accepted at least $1 million.

When pretend-Feminist and irrational Hillary supporter Tina Brown, the former editor of leftist New Yorker and Vanity Fair was asked about this on CBS This Morning, she like most Democrats who love that Bitch, refused to comment..
~ Not an ounce of warmth or kindness in those power-hungry eyes


"Women in the World’s Tina Brown punted when asked for her opinion on allegations Bill and Hillary Clinton personally benefited by exploiting Clinton’s position in the State Department to solicit donations to the Clinton Foundation.

Brown, an outspoken Clinton supporter, offered no substantial defense of Clinton’s actions other than attempting to split Hillary Clinton from the Foundation’s actions. (She) struggled to formulate a coherent retort to accusations of Clinton’s corruption.

“The Foundation is the Foundation and–you know, they are going to have to sort whatever it is they do out,” Brown said. “I mean, this woman is running for president now. We’ll see how she handles all of this.”
Some 'C' words come to mine to describe people like Tina Brown..

Coward..  Clinton zealot..  Cunt..

She like most supporters... Rottenly Loyal to the end..

"The Clinton Foundation remains a major foil for Clinton and her allies’ presidential ambitions. Brown’s decision not to side with Clinton on the issue may stem from the Foundation’s acceptance of money from foreign nations with severe policies against women’s rights, undermining Clinton’s position as a women’s advocate.
A book called Clinton Cash, set for release May 5, alleges that a number of foreign governments received favors from Clinton after they donated to the Clinton Foundation while she was at the State Department. 

Peter Schweizer’s investigation found that Bill Clinton received high paying speaking engagements in exchange for access to Hillary in Foggy Bottom.

Clinton Cash aims to confirm an apparent conflict of interest: large sums of money from foreign governments flooding the Clinton Foundation’s coffers so that they could buy influence with the State Department
The “pay-for-play” examples include a free-trade agreement with Colombia that benefited a donor, developments in Haiti following a destructive earthquake in 2010, and more than $1 million paid to Bill Clinton by a Canadian bank with interest in the Keystone XL pipeline at the same time the State Department was making its decision on the project.."

Will this irreparably harm old Hillary's attempt to become Queen of the US in 2016?

God, we sincerely hope so..

The Democrats can do better than to nominate that despicable Bitch

America certainly deserves it.
We all saw what happened six years ago when an incompetent was elected into the most powerful position in the world because of his chocolate mulatto skin and the need for voters, especially ignorant whites to elect a black for social engineering rationales.

The last thing we want to see is old, evil Hillary in office because she's a woman and the stale argument that "It is about time a woman ran the nation" as if a woman in charge of a country is That special or exceptional..

Britain had a woman lead them named Margaret Thatcher...  Ask any Briton how wonderful an experience That was?   So much so, people openly cheered and celebrated her death!
~ If Hillary is ever President, one day Americans will be celebrating her death the same as Britons celebrated Margaret Thatcher's..

The US economically is in the toilet, a dramatically worse place than when Bush left in 2009 and that was pretty bad...

The combination of the Fed running wild without any control and Obama happily serving as Wall Street's nigger doing everything possible to allow the Dow to artificially inflate into the stratosphere as merely delayed the inevitable..

And when things do crash again, whether triggered by the Fed ultimately needing to raise interest rates this summer or autumn, the margin call (when everyone calls in their loans) will be a blood bath..
And admittedly many will deserve to suffer because they rather believe mainstream news and their beloved President that all is OK, then trust what we've been warning about for nearly Six years and take necessary precautions.

Whoever wins in 2016, D or R will be a one termer and see his/her political career go down with the economic strength and vitality of the nation.  Everything's being propped up until then..

And while imagining old bitch Hillary going down in history as the worst President is a pleasant thought, we still rather have a person of Quality, Experience and Integrity in the Oval Office

Something that has been lacking for a while..