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Thursday, April 2, 2015

Photos: Washington DC- 1915

~ White House Easter Egg Roll - 1915

As we get closer to Easter weekend, we didn't really want to write or talk on anything heavy..

So instead, we spent some time hunting old photos of our nation's Capital from 100 years ago to see how much things have changed vs the present and posted a few for your enjoyment..

All photos are from 1915..   Times sure change..

See you tomorrow  :-)

 ~ Yep, those are sheep grazing the White House lawn..

~ The Lincoln Memorial had not yet been fully constructed.. A President missing his head..

~ Outside of Lincoln Memorial

~ Union Station, Wash DC

~ US Senate subway

 ~ Street scene

~ The 1900 block of 16th St. SE

~ US Supreme Court- Oliver Wendell Holmes is seated front row 2nd from right

~ Another busy street scene

~ Washington Monument

~Construction of Arlington National Cemetery Amphitheater

~ Confederate Memorial at Arlington