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Wednesday, April 1, 2015

The Cadbury Creme Egg Hunt

~ Mmmmmm....

For the past couple weeks during my leisure hours, yours truly has been on a most intense and time & mind absorbing quest..

It has at times felt like I've traveled the globe though it was merely a couple miles and have experienced much dejection and irritation on my non-perilous journeys..

So much time spent.. So much gasoline wasted..

And all for the Fabrege of Easter chocolate..

The Cadbury Creme Egg.
Mind you this is no attempt at exaggeration for humor sake..  It is the one thing that comes out around the Easter holiday I love and like just about everything in this world, the price seems to keep going upward every year.

I remember when a 4-pack cost $1.99... Also remember back when you could buy it for $1.59...

So there was No Way I was going to pay $3.39 for the same product simply because a devalued dollar and Fed-injected inflation essentially 'said' so..

So I hunted and hunted..

Went to my local supermarket.. eventually they marked those $3.39 Cadbury 4-packs as 2 for $6 which is a roundabout way of saying 'We've reduced the price by 39 cents each..Yippee!!' ~rolls eyes
~ Sorry kitty.. no Creme Eggs for you..

Then I visited Target..   Last week they were on sale 2 for $5 which is much better than $6 but something in me hesitated..  Guess I assumed they'd also be on sale the week before Easter..

Yep.. Wrong!   Now they are $2.79.

I almost went to K-Mart but then I remembered pretty much Everything sold there costs 5-10% More than one can pay elsewhere so I didn't even bother.

I did bother with some of the drugstores.. CVS, Rite-Aid, etc..  Seems these places either do not know what constitutes a REAL sale or they just assume their customers are too stupid to know the difference..
CVS's non-sale prices on pretty much everything is so high that even with the 25% off coupons one often gets via email, you still end up spending more than Wally-World (Wal-Mart)

And speaking of..   They were the last destination.. The last vestige of hope..

And Blessed Be.. That corporate conglomerate that eats up the competition and spits small businesses out, did not fail to disappoint!

They had a 5 pack for $2.88!  

~ It is subtle but see how the egg size shrunk?  The price sure didn't

See if one does the math, that comes to 57.6 cents per delicious sugar-chocolatey sweet egg delight vs 62.5 cents per egg based on $2.50 "sale" for a 4 pack..

That might not seem like a big savings but let's just say I did not pursue this obsessive quest for the purpose of buying one mere multi-pack, and just leave it at that...

Suffice it to say... I did save a bit of dinero.

But what about the wasted gas, one can ask with snide glee..
Sometimes the principle is what matters most and that's where the bigger picture of this posting comes in..

Whatever the factors at work, people generally speaking don't seem to have or make the time to hunt and save money..  The attitude is "Well I am here in the store.. What's another 30 cents?"  

These retail businesses know this..

And before you know it, your shopping cart is full of '30 cents more' here and '50 cents more' there and one, especially who cares about such things, wonders 'How did my bill get so high?!'

Well it got that way because you stopped caring what you spent.
~ Brits are lucky bunnies!  They don't sell this here in the US  :-(

That's one of the reasons there's such a push for everyone to use credit/debit cards and be in a cashless society.

If you go to a store and bring $40 then guess what?  You won't be spending $42 will you?

In addition there's something about taking money out of your pocket.. seeing those numbered bills and placing in another's hand which brings upon momentary illness and perhaps a second-thought to put some items back.

Compare that to taking a credit/debit card out and Swipe!  Done!

No thoughts.. No worries..  Until the monthly statement comes.
~ Creme Egg Cupcakes w/ icing

Personally I see no reason to spend $2.50 or $3 or $3.39 for something if I can find it elsewhere for less per item.  Why should a store get a penny more of my money then I must put out to legally obtain the item?

So anyways..  I'd write more but no need to belabor the basic economics 101 lesson

Besides I have this tall glass of milk beside me and it is in need of something oval shaped to help it go down this gullet.