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Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Two Americas: Example #7783 - Lawrence Phillips

Everyone with half a brain knows that there are two Americas..

There's a 'have' society and one of 'have not..

One composed of people who are represented and one that are alienated and outcasts of the greater community and country they live in..

A nation where some people can do the most heinous, despicable things and keep getting numerous "second" chances and one where people play by the rules, do as their told and can't get a break..
~ 2005 mugshot

We were thinking of this in particular when reading a sports headline about this guy named Lawrence Phillips who was an ex NFL running back.

It seems this mindless animal, while serving a 31 year sentence for attacking his white girlfriend and later trying to run 3 teens over with his car murdered his cellmate over the weekend.

Some may remember the name and the background of this once promising athlete and for those who don't, we'll provide an extremely brief catch-up..

Phillips was a star running back back in the early 1990s at Nebraska.
He was such a big star on campus and football talent that when he was suspended by the University at one point for taking his white girlfriend at the time and dragging her down 3 flights stairs by her hair, the team later reinstated him before the end of the football season.

See, he was a leading Heisman Trophy candidate and there was a National Championship game to be won.

White girls degrading themselves by dating and being physical/sexual victims of black athletes are a dime a dozen but Championship trophies do not fall from trees.

And in spite of this arrest to which Phillips pleaded no-contest and got a little slap on the wrist, the St Louis Rams drafted this piece of shit with the 7th overall pick in 1996 under the 'guise' of giving someone a 'second-chance' and being a reclamation project.
Well charity and 'feel good' story only goes so far when averaging less than 3.4 yds a carry and being a serious malcontent who was a team disruption so ultimately Phillips was kicked off the team after less than two seasons.

This didn't stop the Miami Dolphins from signing him off waivers in 1997 (the relationship lasted two games when he was released after punching a white woman in the face at a South Florida nightclub) or the San Francisco 49ers paying this creton to play for them (that lasted one full season)

And neither the NFL, NFL Europe (Barcelona Dragons), the CFL or the AFL seemed to care that Phillips was a thug animal with a criminal record that in the real-world would have prevented him from being hired at a supermarket.
~ Dick Vermeil, coach of Rams at the time giving this prick the game ball

The young buck could run and even though he was a failure everywhere he played, flashes of his seasons at Nebraska dazzled the minds of GMs and football coaches at every destination.

By 2005, even the law had enough of this dog when on August 21, 2005, Phillips was arrested for assault after allegedly driving a car into three teenagers following a dispute with the teens during a pick-up football game in LA

At the time of the arrest, Phillips was also wanted by the San Diego police in connection with two alleged domestic-abuse incidents involving a former white girlfriend who claimed that Phillips had choked her to the point of unconsciousness.
~ Kate McEwen, the attractive white girl Phillips repeatedly beat up, sexually assaulted and dragged down the stairs while dating during their time at Nebraska; later she sued him and it was settled out of court

In addition, the LAPD was seeking Phillips in connection with another allegation of domestic abuse that had occurred in Los Angeles.

So eventually the monkey was tried in court, found guilt, is serving time and as we wrote, killed his cellmate over the weekend.

Now here's a scenario to ponder:

Let's suppose that Phillips was still a top-tier running back and instead of murdering his cellmate, was due to be released from prison just in time for NFL post draft mini-camps to begin
How quickly do you think NFL teams would be jumping over each other at the chance to sign him to a multi-million dollar contract?

Answer:  You can bet it would be quicker than it took the Philadelphia Eagles to sign dog killer felon Michael Vick to a big contract a few years back..

And that's as good an example as any as to why in some respects America is a deeply Shitty Shit nation

It doesn't matter if you're a good person with morals and ethics and decency who obeys the law, pays your taxes and does your best to be a positive, productive member of your community.
It doesn't matter if you're intelligent or industrious or a hard worker.. Or if you're a good spouse or parent or friend to others

Or a million other qualities of depth and soul.

All that matters in this Shitty-Shit nation is how much money you can generate for another and how much you can benefit your employer.

Generate enough profit for your master (boss) and they will willingly happily overlook any personal failings or criminality short of murder.
Two Americas..

One composed of quality people and one composed of the bottom of the barrel, and if you can run, throw, tackle or catch a football (or slam dunk a basketball), being a sludge of a human is suffice.