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Monday, April 20, 2015

What do you Obay more: God's Law or State Law

This is a topic we've written on often but wanted to touch and expand upon again because it is fascinating how a country that was built originally upon a respect and reverence to God i.e. 'God Bless America' and 'In God We Trust..', etc..

Well in terms of the laws governing this nation, God is actually placed in a secondary inferior status to man and woman, and used merely as a means to manipulate people to get to do the State's bidding.

So we will focus on the 10 Commandments today..

And the point we will be making repeatedly is this:  God's Law and the Nation's i.e. 'State' law are not the same.
They are often in conflict and if you have sincere belief in God, often you will find yourself having to choose between which to do obey

Before we begin, we noticed each religious denomination i.e. Anglican Protestant, Catholic, Jewish separated the Commandments at different points..

So to stay consistent, even though it was the Jewish faith that created the laws, we're going to use the Anglican break-down since this nation was founded and led pretty much by Anglicans (and deists/agnostics)

Let's begin:
1 -- 'You shall have no other Gods before me'

In this version 'I am the Lord your God' is the preface.  In the Jewish version, its the first Commandment and in the Catholic and Lutheran faiths, they merge the preface and first two Commandments into #1..

In secular America as well as elsewhere around the world there is another 'God' that competes intensely for people's love and admiration..

It is called money..  The System tries to blend the two by putting the name 'God' on the money and coinage so people can feel not so ashamed
People will work nonstop and be driven to earn more and more money with the goal of buying nicer things which require more money and more toil and zealous energy..

Many supposed Christians will work on Sundays.. Will work on Christmas and Good Friday and Easter

Many who are Jewish in last name only will work on Saturdays and their High Holidays

Especially if it involves getting paid time and a half..

And the hamsters are steadily running their wheels..  Thinking if they 'run' fast enough.. hard enough.. and use their wits..  Just...  Maybe..   the money can be taken with them.
~ Bill Gates taking a deserved pie to the face.. 

The State itself also looks upon itself as a God

It makes all the rules, watches over everything and everyone via a million-billion cameras and believes all entities born within its boundaries are its to control  Ex: A draft in wartime forcing its citizens to leave their homes and join the military..

Speaking of which, there is another example of 'God'..  The military chain of command.

For those who serve, the Captain barks orders at the Sergeant.. the Sergeant barks them to the Privates.. Everyone yells "Yes Sir! (or Ma'am) like good doggies..  

And when its time to run over that hill or trench, who do you listen to- the Sergeant or the real God?

2 -- 'You shall not make for yourself an idol'

This obviously connects with the first Commandment

Remember what the 'Calf' was made of in the Old Testament.. it wasn't mud or dung.. it was Gold

Instead of Christ's cross or Star of David, many emotionally are bonded to to '$'
They will put up with a lot of stress and tension and indignities; they will put family and spousal/parental responsibilities a distant second to keep a job..

They will be told when to arrive, where to sit, what to wear, when to use the bathroom, when to eat lunch, when to leave and all the while be spied on via phone and email like parents to little children..

And so much more.. All to obtain '$$'

Here's a little experiment anyone can do to prove the point..
Go up to a person you know who normally acts very "busy" and never returns your phone calls or emails in a timely manner because of one empty excuse or another..

And you say to this person.. "If you give me a phone call at 7p exactly on the dot every night for one full week and we talk for simply 2 minutes each night, I will pay you $50"

Unless the person you're dealing with is a total fuck-up (we all have family like this), she (or he) will suddenly be efficient, responsible, conversational and considerate to your time..

Society can not function and the System crumbles if most people do not live economic lives of incremental reward i.e. wages and constant struggle to obtain more.
3 -- 'Do not take the Lord's name in vain..'

If a person said something threatening out loud in public which was directed in a moment of rage toward God such as "I wish God was alive so I could kill him" or other stupid comments..

That individual may offend those around them and be perceived as a total loon but he/she would not be arrested or incarcerated for it...

Now try speaking out loud in public that you wish the President the same fate.. We double-dog dare you..  100 Secret Service Agents will take 200 fists and feet will pummel and kick every part of your body

In this country, the laws are set up where the President or really any elected official is superior to God.
You can take the Lord's name in vain all the time..  everyone shrugs.

But wish Obama or a Senator or local dog catcher ill will or he/she be gone from this happy place and pardon the joke but God help you..

You can't even tell a neighbor you're going to beat the tar out of him..  The government considers that a terroristic threat.   And if you say 'Nigger' expect everything you built over a lifetime destroyed..

Feel free to yell "F--k God' as often as you wish though..

The State does not fear God in any way..  'He' is a creation; a figment in people's imagination and as long as religion is not used to get laws passed or incumbents out of office, the power structure of this nation couldn't give a God-Darn about the Lord's name..
4 -- 'Remember the Sabbath and keep it holy..'

The US is a nation that is economically 70% dependent upon shopping and consumption to survive..  It needs people buying products and services 7 days a week..

If there was a national law that the Sunday Sabbath was to be respected and all businesses except non-essentials were to be closed all day, the GDP would tank into the red and we'd have a depression.

The government can function with schools and government jobs closed for the weekend..  But it needs those malls and Super-Wally Worlds' to remain perpetually open.
~ Article header.. written in 1913

There used to be 'Blue Laws' in many states where businesses were not allowed to be open on Sunday.

The big reason this is a thing of the past is sports.   How can the NFL provide Sunday football in states where they're legally not allowed to play?  And think of all that lost revenue..  yep..

Same with baseball.. used to be a MLB season was 140 games back in the day.. Now its 162..

Why?  They can play Sunday..
5 -- 'Honor your father and mother'

As in respect and listen to your parents..

As also in you do not Ever rat your parents to the law

The commandment does not say 'Honor your father and mother unless they break the law and in that case, you must incriminate them on the witness stand so they go to jail and the State's sense of justice is satisfied'...

No..  You honor and protect your parents at All times..

That is God's law.. And if/when you don't, you are not putting the State above your religious conviction.
~ Attorney:  "Will you rat out your Mom to the court?"
    Witness:  "No but I am happy to rat out yours..."

The criminal justice system is able to force most people to either plead guilty or be found guilty by trial not by good detective work or fact-finding, but by coercing people to rat out their friends, acquaintances and/or those they love

Now to accomplish their nefarious aims, the State will use God or rather a person's belief in God as a manipulative tool..

"Please place your left hand on the Bible, raise your right and repeat after me.. Do you swear to tell the truth, blah blah..  So help you God?"

OK.. So now you're under oath.. and you lie to protect your parent, so now you're found in contempt and going to jail..   Why?
~ Judge: "If you do not disclose the whereabouts of your Father before I am done looking at this online porn, I'm going to find you in contempt.."

Are you being punished because you lied to God?

Of course not.. The State couldn't give a Shit about That!    You lied to them.. to a Judge.. and the God trick wasn't enough to make you do what the State wanted of you..

And remember what a Judge often says after passing sentence on someone who is to be sent to death..  'May God have mercy on your soul' ..  It is said because at no time in the deliberation was the Word of God and the Bible taken into consideration in making a judgment.
The Bible also says to not judge one another.. Don't throw stones at glass houses and all that...

And yet how does the State establish justice?  Trial by jury of 12 individuals of no special intellect or ability listening and passing judgment on another's actions.

God says 'this'..  The State says 'that'..

If you're a person of faith, you can't choose two Masters
~ "Im gonna take your life rebel because the Union must stay one nation!"

6 -- 'You shall not kill/murder'

Notice there's no exceptions..   There is nowhere listed where the Commandment states 'with the exception of in time of war' or 'unless your nation drafts you into service'

Yes there are many battles in the Bible especially the Old Testament where killing is done in the name or representation of God, but let's think it through in a more modern context...

If you are a soldier, have an assault rifle in your hand and use it to kill a combatant Before your superior officer told you to fire, are you going to Hell?
~ "I am your Lord, Abraham Lincoln watching down from Heaven..  Kill everyone in My name and Legacy all you will be Free.."

If you kill someone After your superior told you to stop shooting, is that Hell-worthy?

What if the soldier is unarmed, or he/she is in the middle of changing a round of ammo when the kill shot is made..

Or the person killed is 17yrs old or 45 y.o. or a woman or a civilian or a child..

All of it is semantic Bullshit.

You either believe killing is against God's law and don't do it, or you accept the State's view where you can debate and parse words and meaning...   Sometimes you get a medal, sometimes you get dishonorable discharge...  All based on the State's rules of engagement.
~ "Boys, Charge and take as many southern soldiers' lives as possible without any guilt or shame..  Remember, its to save the political Union!"

There is also nothing that mentions the right of a state or the 'State' to take a life of a criminal..

All the semantic minutia of murder v manslaughter, voluntary v involuntary, first degree v second, premeditated v calculate..  Once again, this is all legalese mumbo-jumbo created by man; by the System

If one sincerely believe the 10 Commandments, you do not kill another Ever, no matter the reason

If society truly embraced this concept, there'd be no military and no war, and the US would not be anything close to an all-domineering Superpower and policeman to the world with nearly a trillion annually wasted to fight these corporate-motivated combat-actions..
7 -- 'You shall not commit adultery'

If there's one commandment the System really doesn't care about most, it is this one..

Not only is one not arrested, prosecuted or incarcerated or fined simply for cheating on their spouse but thanks to marriage counseling, self-help books and divorce law, there are plenty of ways for others to profit off the damage assuming the spouse actually believes in monogamy..

It is funny a person will spend more jail time for scratching another person's car with a key vs engaging in an act which potentially will destroy a marriage, wreck the children psychologically for years and cause the total entire economic upheaval of the spouses
Government does not respect or value the sanctity or importance of marriage except as a legal contract and means of generating more tax revenue i.e. the licence, income tax filing status, etc..

It is ironic that a person can live in a home with say two or three different lovers at the same time and have children with each partner and the Government can not say or do a thing to stop it because no one is married to each other..  No one arrested.. No one displaced..

But have two spouses?  ~Sirens blaring..
8 -- 'You shall not steal'

Obviously government and law enforcement care on this because in the hierarchy of society, the business owner must be protected at all costs...

This is not only true of police nabbing shoplifters and bank robbers, but of the court system making sure a company at fault never has to pay enough in damages that it would actually feel financial pain..

And of course there's the joke of Chapter 11 Bankruptcy, a business scoundrel's best friend..

To paraphrase what Donald Trump once said..  'I've taken my businesses to bankruptcy many times when not making a profit..  It is a great way to get rid of the debts and then can make money again..'

Now government may not want people to actively steal but it has no problem or guilt setting the system as such where so few have so much and so many have little to nothing to the point where the  only alternative is to attempt to steal..
9 -- 'You shall not bear false witness against your neighbor'

We interpret this as essentially for people to mind their own business where their neighbor or others are concerned unless you see Genuine wrongdoing..

And what's the System's mantra especially after 9/11?

If you see anything suspicious, report it..    If anything seems odd or strange about someone, report him/her..

Don't be afraid to be wrong.. Just keep vigil..  Spy!  Spy!
10 -- 'You shall not covet your neighbor's wife.  You shall not covet anything that belongs to your neighbor'

Among Lutherans and Catholics, these two sentences are Commandments 9 + 10..  Here it is just #10..

The economy with advertising in particular is built upon a foundation of coveting; of impressing or hoping your neighbor or co-worker, etc will be pissed at one's new car or shirt or watch..

Most people shop not based on Need and functionality but on Want and emotional fulfillment of the Id.

And even if many are not conscious of it, that buying of X or Y will make others jealous, envious, annoyed and/or feel down about their lot in life which the complete opposite of biblical teaching
And that's how the modern economy functions..

'You want it?  Buy it!..  You Deserve it..'

The Bible teaches the opposite.. Give to those in need.. Help others..

'It is easier for a camel to enter through the eye of a needle than a wealthy person to enter heaven...'
It all comes down to who is your true God..

The one in Heaven or the one in Washington..

And which written word of Law do you value and respect More:  the Bible or the Constitution?

They are two very different things