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Monday, April 27, 2015

When News Had No Place in a Gathering of News-Reporters

If there is one event which goes on in Washington DC annually we Hate and Despise more, it is the annual yuk-yuk fest called the White House Correspondents' Association Dinner.

This is where all the written and visual press get together to pat each others' backs and rear ends at how great a job they are doing covering the news as they share handshakes and smiles with the person they're supposed to be the Harshest and most Critical of..

The President.
We also deeply Hate and despise an event called the Al Smith Memorial Foundation dinner which occurs every election cycle in October..

This is where the Democrat and Republican nominees put aside their pitchforks and tell self-deprecating jokes about themselves while everyone laughs to remind anyone with a brain that politics is just a Show; a Insider game among friends and acquaintances

But since that farcical fart-fest is every four years, we'll focus back on the media self-admiration society gala..
~ Some piece of Shit celebrities taking a selfie at the Correspondents Dinner

So what is the goal of the press also known as the Fourth Estate?  Rather, what should the goal be?

Regardless of who is in office, the media is supposed to be a conduit of information to the people and a daily critical & skeptical eye to ensure those we elect do not overstep their Constitutional authority and stay consistent so what a President says and does isn't two separate things.

There is supposed to be distance and detachment; a respect for the Office of Presidency but never a Fawning or love-fest for the specific person in office as the press loves to do especially with Democrat Presidents.

So this annual 'nerd prom' treats media like 'celebrities' including a red carpet for everyone to walk down and show off their latest fashions (we are not kidding on this) while their media peers take endless photos and then gossip about which dork or dweeb is dating which plain-Jane
~ Some G-D airhead models showing off their outfits

Then after everyone eats their brisket or whatever is served for dinner, a 3rd tier comedian stands at a podium and tells jokes for 15min..   If a Republican President is sitting at the dais, the jokes are usually deeply Vicious; if its a Democrat, the jokes are tame (unless about Republican politicians)

Then after the super liberal comedian is done his/her shtick (name one comedian with a modicum of success beyond Dennis Miller who isn't Democrat?), the President reads a bunch of jokes off cue-cards and everyone laughs like they're all one big happy family.

When Clinton was in office, the media all laughed with adoration as he told his speechwriter-written jokes, as if the whole Monica Lewinsky - lying under oath in Paula Jones lawsuit - ultimate Impeachment vote never happened
~ Some more 'celebs' posing for full ego-massage

When Bush was in office, the media all laughed with glee as we invaded Iraq and all those subsequent years when soldiers were being injured and dying to fight in two theaters without any clear objective or purpose

And now with Obama in office, they all laugh and clap with joy as if the economy still isn't in the toilet, as if ISIS doesn't exist and the world is Less safe than 2008..

And they treat Obama with reverence instead of as a war-criminal and murderer responsible for the execution of at least one world leader, Ghadafi because we wanted to put in place leadership friendly to us in N. Africa
~ Six months after the US Ambassador was killed in 2012, the 2013 White House Correspondents Dinner went on as scheduled with Obama telling joke after joke to a laughing audience

Doesn't matter how he sells his allies out to appease Iran or didn't give two shits about the US Ambassador in Benghazi who was dragged onto the street and murdered by a Muslim mob back in 2012

The media loves their chocolaty black President..

He treats them like dogs and controls their access to information even more than Bush did (though the bastard promised the most transparent Administration ever) and they respond by licking his hand adoringly like good bitch pups
Don't know if you watched the event last night on C-SPAN but did you notice among the jokes, that there was not a single mention of Nepal?

Over 2,200 human beings die from an earthquake and..  Zip..


Not even a momentary 'If you wish to donate, please dial 1-800..'

There was also no mention about the violent killing of 25-year-old named Freddie Gray, whose spine was snapped in the custody of Baltimore police who'd stopped him for no obvious reason.
~ Freddie Gray's arrest... Before police tortured him

No mention of the protests around the city either and the concern of those attending the Baltimore Orioles game that night being able to safely get to their cars then home because of the public display of anger toward the city...

Don't make the those who cover the news actually have to Cover news on their off-time..

See, no one really cares..

The President obviously doesn't care.. Never has.. Never will
The media doesn't care either..   News is just fluff..  most of it is cotton candy to fill the space between commercials or ads on a newspaper..

When a 'real' story breaks, they milk and suck and fuck it dry for every ounce of publicity and ratings then instantly move on to something else more captivating.

Most in the media are also financially well to do..  Many are multi-millionaires with lots of money in the bank, stocks in the portfolio and are so deeply entrenched in the Success of the System, they don't even think about reporting news that encourages rebellious thought.

Everyone knows one another.. super-connected..
~ America's favorite phony cunt.. Katie Couric

Many media are former Washington insiders such as Congresspeople, Lobbyists and working in the Executive Branch and many people serving in a public duty were once in the media..

Just a revolving door.. A revolving whore bed.

People say things like 'Politics are dirty' or 'Its a Corrupt Game' but most really do not understand how far and deep the proverbial rabbit hole goes.. Or how many generations or centuries this nation has been led by scum?

The biggest difference though between 2015 and say 1865 is while both Presidents were total Liars and disingenuous to the core, there was no White House Correspondents' Dinner for Lincoln to tell yuk-yuk jokes and pithy puns to..

Then again, he was already dead.
~ Can you believe someone in the 19th Cent actually drew this garbage?!!

So the media was able to make Lincoln into the embodiment of Jesus Christ without a black-tie dinner as a prelude like they do Obama.

Such a disgusting spectacle.. Every year more elaborate.  Ugh!

Presidents come and go..

The corporate-conglomerate Wall-Street controlled mainstream media stays..