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Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Where did ISIS' leaders come from?

~ We kept the pictures relatively tame and at worst PG-13 rated...

This is a short posting..   Today we're going to briefly discuss a topic we rarely cover here because its too depressing and they are too sickening to give much time writing about:


Specifically, we ask the question to you (since we know the answer) as to who exactly are the top Senior leadership of ISIS?

In other words, its not like they were beamed down from a spaceship from a distant planet..  They all have a certain amount of credentials and pedigree among their followers which allow them to be in charge..

Q: Where did the leaders of ISIS come from?
A:  They are Iraqis who served Saddam Hussein via his Baath Party and recruited by the current leader, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, who reshaped the original al-Qaeda affiliate

Among those who have had leadership positions (some have been killed):

Abu Muslim al Afari-Turkmani  --  Was a Colonel in military intelligence, serving in Saddam's Republican Guard;  Later was Baghdadi's deputy for Iraq until killed in a US airstrike

Abu Ali al Anbari -- Was a Major General in the Iraqi army; Later Baghdadi's deputy for the Islamic State in Syria
Abu Ayman al-Iraqi -- Was a Colonel in Air Force intelligence under Saddam; Later became a Senior leader and believed to be a military council member

Abu Ahmad al Alwani --  Served in Saddam's army; Later became a member of the Islamic State military council

Abdulla Ahmad al Mishhadani -- Former Iraqi officer; Now in charge of foreign fighters and suicide bombers for ISIS

Haji Bakr -- Former Iraqi army Colonel; Later was instrumental in the selection of Abu Bakr as caliph.. He was Baghdadi's closest adviser until his assassination last year.
We wonder how much and for how long the world has to suffer and how many lives ultimately will be lost because President George W. Bush wanted to avenge Saddam trying to kill his daddy?

The completely unnecessary and unwarranted and illegal invasion of a nation and ultimate overthrow of its leadership based on faulty evidence and the lie that Saddam was in some way connected with 9/11..

Saddam like Ghadafi in Libya kept the wild, violent elements of his country under tight control and under his fist.. Once those leaders were gone, the rats were allowed to run free and cause chaos and severe violence.

And from this, our leadership at the time justified the war to control the oil pipelines and push our American secular values of corporations, greed, shopping and getting into debt onto the peoples of the Middle East...
Every time someone's throat is slashed by ISIS we feel sickened and wonder does W. even care, or even aware at the monster he helped to create?

Perhaps to some we are harsh...  To others, we shock because historically we've come down so hard on Obama (and will continue to do so)

But this is not a Republican blog site.. never was.. never will be.

Anyone who we think is a failure, a fuck-up and/or jeopardizes the physical safety or quality of life (including economically) of everyday people, we will verbally tar & feather as an enemy
Yesterday we said Obama was the worst President in modern history..

Perhaps between Bush and Obama its more like a Tie.