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Friday, May 29, 2015

An Exercise in 'Grass Is Always Greener...'

This morning over a couple Double-Stuf oreos and glass of milk (breakfast of champions) I was having a pleasant thought debate with myself mulling over the following question:

Putting gender, race and political views aside, if you could trade places in your life with one of the following successes, who would it be: Kobe Bryant, Martha Stewart or President Obama?

Each person is different yet share a similarity or two..

First, Kobe..
If you were him, you'd be extremely rich making $23 million a year, a true basketball Champion and among the greatest NBA players in the game's history.. and all at the somewhat young age of 36.

You'd have a beautiful wife, beautiful home, beautiful friends..

Then again you maybe have one or two more years doing the thing you love before multiple injuries, age (36 in NBA years is Old) and the rough unemotional business part of basketball kicks in forces you to retire.

And then what?
Very few retired players go on to achieve anything of success or meaning in their post-athlete life and that's pretty much confined to coaching, administrative duties for a team or doing TV/radio work..

People like Kareem Abdul Jabbar who has shown in post-retirement life to be an accomplished writer and historian are few and far between.

Most are like Dr J who been retired for close to 30 years now and has done nothing with his post-NBA life of merit or exceptionalism; just lives off past glories.
And odds are whatever Kobe does with his life in the decades ahead, his peak occurred before he turned 40 and now its all sunset..

Plus forever you would have the taint of a sexual assault/rape accusation which was quickly and quietly covered up thanks to lots of $$ to the accuser..

Would you choose to be Kobe?

Next is Martha Stewart..
She built a successful cooking and business empire and still is involved as Chairwoman of her company.  Plus she's extremely wealthy, lives in a beautiful home surrounded by other wealthy celebs and even to this day has a loyal devoted following..

So unless she runs afoul of the law again or is involved in some scandal, the chances her business crumbles is pretty remote, at least for the foreseeable future.

But remember we're talking of the Martha Stewart of 2015, not 2000 when her reputation was pristine, she was on the cover of just about every magazine and her daytime show was a strong ratings success
A time when late night talk show hosts wanted her to appear to boost ratings rather than use her troubles as fodder to mock and disparage every night during the monologues..

And currently Martha is 73 years old with all the ailments and problems 73yr olds have

Would you choose to be Martha?

Next is President Obama..
As I said before, put aside the ideologies and whether you think he was a great leader or a absolute failure, if you chose him, you'd be the President; the leader of the Free World for about 20 more months..  That's a nice perk

Plus you would be deeply and unconditionally loved by a segment of the population no matter what you did or didn't do and would idolize you generations to come.

You'd also have a wife and children who loved and adored you, a nice pension after leaving office and as President Clinton has shown, there is some serious money to be made post-Presidency just for giving speeches..
Then again the life he's living this moment.. it will never ever get to be this big or important, even if he wrote a 100 books, made a trillion dollars or was one day elected to the Suprene Court as former President W.H. Taft experienced after he left office around 100yrs ago,

When Obama leaves office in a couple years at 55 years ago, that's the Peak of all peaks.

And suddenly no one really cares what his positions or opinions are on anything..  There's no daily NSA briefing, no meeting with world leaders; no more status as someone in a position to make decisions

He becomes a man with a title.. Former President..
Some adjust well to it.. Others do not..

But all President will experience being 'former' at one time or another and once again it can be a psychological burden to think someone will never have the same level of importance in the near future as is possessed this very moment..

Plus of course Obama can never go back to enjoying a private life even if he wished.  Secret Service protection 24/7 until he's old and grey.  Wherever he and the family live post-White House will need to be guarded like Fort Knox..

Do you think you could handle the day to day life of the President?
Which would you choose to replace your life with if you could..

The world famous future Hall of Fame Basketball Champion, the strong, successful business entrepreneur or the person who is currently Commander in Chief and most powerful person in the world?

Or are you someone content in your own skin and happy to be who you are?

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Explaining the FIFA Soccer Scandal to a Non-Soccer Audience

Today's posting is about something most Americans do not care about..

The world's most popular sport:  Football/Soccer

Well there are some Americans who care about the sport and preserving the game's integrity, specifically the US Attorney General and the FBI who have started arresting people as part of an ongoing corruption probe of FIFA, soccer's governing body.

This is a complicated topic to people who really know next to nothing on the sport or how business is done overseas when it comes to dealing with FIFA so we'll try to explain as simple and clear as one can..
Let us say a city in the United States would like to host something as large as the Super Bowl or something as relatively modest as the USA Swimming national championships.  So what happens is that city puts together a bid package it hopes will be a winner in the competition against other cities vying to host the same event.

This bid will contain incentives, which could range from very reasonable accommodation and transportation arrangements during the event, to donations to development programs, to whatever else might make for a successful bid.

It would be standard that officials of the organization that controls the event would visit the various bid cities to study the facilities and infrastructure of the bids, and would be treated very well like VIPs while visiting.

This is standard business.
Now the world of international soccer, as has been long understood, things work a bit differently, but the basic premise of the deals - offering something of value for something you wish to have - has always been the same.

As was laid out in a Department of Justice indictment unsealed Wednesday, sponsors who wish to have their names linked to prestigious tournaments, media outlets that wish to broadcast those events, and cities or countries that wish to host them...  Well they have to do more than pick up soccer officials at the airport.

They have to pick them up and also bring along suitcases full of money.

This is called racketeering, and that is a No-No..
In a joint news conference held by Justice, the FBI, and the IRS, the case was laid out against 14 people who face prosecution for a variety of crimes that also include wire fraud, bribery, and money laundering.

Of course most local newscasts or sports talk radio around the country did not spend any time on this because its 'soccer' and Americans look down on any sport they didn't either invent or dominate while participating..

But we digress..

So how do nations like Russia (2018 World Cup) and the shitty Arab nation of Qatar (2022) get to host prestigious World Cups?
Simple:  Lots n' lots of suitcases full of money to lots n' lots' of people

It's easy to pick out the soccer scumbags and easy to understand how they became that way..

Those who wished to influence voting for the awarding of various events targeted representatives from poor or developing nations.

It is a fact that votes have long been purchased, and that's how you get a World Cup in Qatar, a dirty nothing shit country with a long list of human rights abuses including discrimination toward women, hatred toward gays and Jewish people and is geographically such a hot and inhabitable place, the 2022 cup will have to take place in wintertime.
So why is soccer allowed to be this corrupt, especially on the International level?

Simple:  Its corporate partners, in the areas of sponsorship, marketing, and media rights, shrug and play along.

How did FIFA choose to award an international sponsorship to Coca-Cola and not Pepsi-Cola?

How were the U.S. rights to the next two World Cups won in a bid process by Fox and not ABC/ESPN?
How did Fox get the 2026 Cup without any bidding process?

So many more as of yet unanswered questions..

We heard rumors that the Justice Department and FBI are also targeting Nike for their role in this corruption scandal.    Lord willing, the head of Nike will be arrested, found guilty and the apparel company forced to file bankruptcy and go out of business

We can dream..
All sports are corrupt in some way..

From Roger Goodell, commissioner of the NFL allowed to act as a God by 32 soulless billionaire owners who are content as long as the profits increase, to what the NBA did to Donald Sterling, infringing on his due process rights and the illegality of having a franchise stripped based on words everyone says or thinks at one time or another..

But football/soccer is the King of corruption even surpassing the Olympics if that is possible..
And while most will shrug and think why is the US govt wasting time on this, it is in fact a very good thing they're so actively involved because sports collectively are a multi-billion business and employs in one facet or another countless thousands of people and affecting dozens of nations' economies around the globe.

And now that you finished reading this, assuming you're American, you know much more than 99.9% of your countrymen & women

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Apathy & Disconnect

When I read some of the economic news, especially predictions from somewhat reputable sources and the public's complete disconnect, my first instinct is to be astounded..

But I've been following things and writing about all this far to long to be shocked by much of anything..

TelegraphUK 5/27/15 headline:  "HSBC fears world recession with no lifeboats left -- The world authorities have run out of ammunition as rates remain stuck at zero. They have no margin for error as economy falters"

Public response:  'Yawnn!'
Another TelegraphUK headline: "The world is drowning in debt, warns Goldman Sachs"

Public Response:  'Ehh..'

At least the Brits are honest enough to report the truth even if people pretty much don't wish to acknowledge it..

In the US when there's bad economic news, the big 6 TV networks (ABC, CBS, NBC, CNBC, CNN & FoxNews) simply choose not to report it
For instance back in late April, the U.S. economy screeched to a grinding halt with a measly pathetic 0.2% growth in gross domestic product (GDP) for the first quarter of 2015

And according to, not a single network said a word!

The Wall Street Journal wrote about it and then gave endless excuses.. "Bad weather, cheaper oil, disruptions at West Coast ports and the stronger dollar appear to be at least partly behind the downturn.."

Could it also be bad leadership at the very top and a greedy 1% that have gotten everything their way and still have not held their end of the 'bargain' and re-invested their profits back into job creation?
But people really couldn't care less...  Even those who seek to be informed really do not want to actually Know anything..

Do you know what the most popular sections of a newspaper are?

The sports, the comics and the daily crossword,

In the TV news ratings wars every week, ABC has been most dominant..  Do you know what their total viewership was for 5 evening news broadcasts at 6:30p last week?

7,757 million total viewers
If we use simple math and for argument sake pretend 100% of its audience devoutly watches ABC every single week night, that comes to a little over 1.5 million people.

Take that number and multiply by the six networks and generally speaking, you're looking at only about 9 million people out of a population of over 317 million people that give to bleeps about what is going on in the nation and greater world.

Now guess how many people turned in for the final show of that unfunny, politically ignorant know-nothing curmudgeon David Letterman who cheated on his wife for over year with a staffer half his age and confessed Only when blackmailed for extortion?

According to the NY Times, nearly 14 million.

And with summertime now nearly upon us, the tuning out will only increase..

Then in the autumn everyone will act so surprised when something bad happens to shake up the global economy and markets.

And of course dare to say could anyone have possibly known?

And all the 'ants' will just look at the 'grasshoppers' and laugh.

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Survival: The John Wayne way vs the Intellgent way

When it comes to living and surviving in this world, whether it be on the micro level as an individual or a macro level as a nation, for oversimplification purposes there's basically two ways to go about it:

1)  The John Wayne way, or..  2)  The Intelligent way

So what is the John Wayne way?

The simple way to describe it would be 'Honor' over practicality or sensibility

For example how we've fought wars and military operations from Korea to Vietnam to the present.
There you see repeated examples where America's reputation among allies and its standing in the global community meant more than securing military victories and achieving strategic objectives

America was/is always supposed to fight out in the open with one arm voluntarily tied behind our backs figuratively/literally and when we fired upon another, it was always supposed to be in the front, never from behind.

We created needless 'rules of engagement' to tightly control what our trained enlisted combatants were to do..'Don't fire unless fired upon'..  'Give a warning shot first..' .. 'Never shoot someone in the back.'

Our political and military enemies still thought little of us and our allies really couldn't have cared as long as the financial assistance allocations kept coming in.

But we felt like 'honorable' soldiers; the 'John Wayne' bullshit way of looking at life and war..
Didn't matter that Korea was winnable if we crossed the 49th Parallel as General MacArthur wanted to do (before being relieved by Truman) and dealt directly with the Chinese backing the northern insurgents..

Didn't matter that Vietnam was winnable if we had not micromanaged the conflict to death; two coward Presidents in LBJ and Nixon afraid to bomb the civilian population - the schools and hospitals, sincerely go after villagers protecting the North Vietnamese and to invade Laos & Cambodia to stop the Soviets from supplying Ho Chi Mihn.

And only God knows the myriad of ways Bush and President Oreo have messed up the current War in the Middle East while insisting through lying white teeth that Islam is a religion of peace and we're not at war with them.

Another example of the John Wayne way of living vs being Intelligent has to do with personal debt and bankruptcy
The John Wayne moron keeps paying the creditors while falling further n' further into debt and until the very last dollar is gone, the money would go to repaying the debt because that is the 'honorable' thing..

We've never heard of 'Honor' keeping a person sheltered and protected like a foreclosed house or taking you where you need to be like a repossessed car or putting food in the belly or clothes on the back..  Have you?

The Intelligent person in debt strategically plans a bankruptcy out a good 6mths to a year in advance, nestles as much cash away in secret to cover them during the post-Bankruptcy when credit is in the toilet, and puts themselves in the best position to pay back nothing while keeping what they can

This concept goes for nations as well..
Let's take that genuinely stupid backward nation of Greece...

They had ample opportunity to default on their debts as far back as 2009 and had they done so, the creditors would have gotten badly burned (shrugs) and Greece might have had financial pain for a year or two but ultimately like vultures to carcasses, the bankers and IMF would have been back offering new loans

So instead Greece took the John Wayne way.. How is that working out for them?

"Greece warned Sunday it has no money to repay the International Monetary Fund on time in June unless a deal is reached with its creditors, in a stark warning that the country could be just days away from defaulting"  (AP)
Greece hemmed and hawed and delayed and stalled making the Intelligent choice because it wanted to keep the perks (God knows what they are) of being in the EU; essentially they wanted their cake and eat it too..

And now finally its getting to a true endgame.

We're all taught to live life the John Wayne way, especially in the US..

*  Taught not to lie or exaggerate on a job application even though doing so in an intelligent manner can increase your chances at an interview and ultimately being hired vs something 'honest'
*  Taught to deal with a bully by going face to face, 'mano a mano' while he/she beats you to a pulp vs getting even by slashing a tire or some other secretive, covert way

*  Taught if you're having an affair behind your spouse/lover's back, come clean and tell that person, instead of the Intelligent way which is to stop cheating and never speak a word of it because why should the spouse/lover be upset just so you can unburden your guilt..

*  Taught to suffer in silence and not complain when something or someone bothers you because of politeness or decorum when by staying quiet, you're the only one that suffers, and by speaking up at least you can cause at minimum, some aggravation to those causing it to you and at best, get resolution..
Example after Example..

The John Wayne way does not work..

Not when economic, physical or emotional survival is at state

Friday, May 22, 2015

Honoring America's Soldiers this Memorial Day

Memorial Day weekend is upon us..

We really don't expect too many people to much in the way of memorializing with all the BBQs and NASCAR and and baseball on TV and playing golf and going fishing and laying about on the beach..

But even though this coming Monday is actually Decoration Day meant originally to honor the dead of the Civil War, we'll still take a few moments to reflect upon those who served and died in all US wars..
--  We remember the farmers and tradesmen and merchants; the unprofessional soldiers who came together back in the late 18th century and served in a rag-tag Army for six years fighting professional British soldiers and mercenary Hessians for their and our eventual Independence

--  We remember those who once again fought the British on Sea and by Land during the War of 1812 to prevent the Crown from impressing US sailors (impress meaning to steal them off US ships to serve Britain) and establish true autonomy in this hemisphere.

--  We remember the heroes in the 19th century who fought and defeated the savage blood-thirsty Indians throughout the US territories from the Ohio Valley to swamps of Georgia & Florida to ultimately the Great Plains.   

* People can have all the white-man guilt and wish to revise history all they want to make Indians into non-violent grazers, but this nation and global history would be  far different and scarier had the Indian been allowed to terrorize and kill pioneers including women and children with impunity.
--  We remember the brave fighters who secured a terrific victory over the Mexicans and General Santa Ana in the late 1840s allowing US territory to double and include such acquisitions as modern Texas, Arizona and California just to name a few..

--  We remember the Confederate bravery and Union tenacity even though the Civil War should have Never been fought and the South allowed to peaceably go their separate way

--  We remember those one generation removed from needless Civil War who came together to defeat the Spanish at the downfall of their once evil, violent Catholic Empire to take from them Cuba and the Philippines
--  We remember those who served with distinction during WWI under General Pershing; if not for the arrival of US forces, Britain & France would surely have been defeated.  Our heroes turned the tide.

-- We remember the same result for WWII where countless brave; America's 'Greatest Generation' defeated the greatest evil ever known and demonstrated though the necessary dropping of atomic bombs, that we were now a world leader to be reckoned with.

--  We remember Korea -- the first modern war where politicians sabotaged the success of their own military and honor all the servicemen who served and sacrificed all for a political stalemate
-- We remember the Vietnam vet, most who were drafted and were forced to serve and fight in a conflict few truly understood and fewer wished to be a part of, especially after Tet in 1968.. 

And we remember how terribly they were treated, both by two garbage Presidents in LBJ and Nixon, neither who valued their lives and the loser drug-addicted hippies who treated those who served with contempt

--  We remember lastly honor those who have served over the last 25 years from Operation Desert Storm to Operation Iraqi Freedom to whatever 'Operation' our troops are involved in currently.  They know the dangers, know the risks and still volunteer to serve anyways..  
So God Bless them..

Have a Happy and Reflective Memorial Day weekend

We'll be back on Tuesday..  

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Venting on Comic Book Films and 'Villains'

~ Nerds..

I used to love movies..

Well I suppose I still do but I used to love movies to the point that years back I would go to the theater weekly because even if every film wasn't excellent, the experience was enjoyable and somewhat affordable.

Fast forward to the present and I have not gone to a movie theater since early November, 2006 when 'Casino Royale' with Daniel Craig as 007 James Bond came out...

Sure there have been a few real good ones I missed out seeing on a giant screen such as Avatar but for the most part I don't feel I've missed much.
~ More nerds..

Used to be there was a variety of films out there a person could choose from..  Everything from revisionist history Westerns where the Indians were all peaceful and spiritual to sappy 'chick flicks' to period pieces with beautifully elaborate costumes and sets.

Now Hollywood is just garbage...  Seems there are only five types of films that they are capable or willing to create and finance..

Prequels, sequels, remakes, re-dos and comic book films for children and adult nerds stunted in their adolescence.

Oh sure there's 'adult' films every Oscar time about social justice and slavery and poverty and all those uplifting topics which win awards but generate nothing at the box office..

But otherwise, that really that's about it..
~ A group of virgins..

People always turn to the movies to escape.. it is what got many people through the Great Depression vis a vis the elaborate and cheery musicals and everyone on screen dressed in their finest 'after nine' formal attire

So I get why stupid comic book films are so successful especially in the last six years of this total pretend non-existent economic 'recovery'

As more and more teens are being forced to delay going to college and young adults are prevented from moving out of the parents' house and starting lives of their own (this includes getting married, having kids, etc) due to increased financial pressures of limited income means and increased debt load..
~ Three nerdy kids and um.. MILF Mom in white gets a pass...

From that, it is perfectly natural from a psychological perspective to revert back to the mindset of a child and embrace Batman, Spiderman and all those superheroes part of a person's life (especially male) when times seemed much better.. and safer.

That doesn't mean I can stand to sit through any of those crap movies from Superman to Ironman but I do get it..

The perfect escape for this generation's recession-depression.

And the beauty of these CGI special effects dominated films from Hollywood's perspective is they translate so well to an international audience, especially counrties economically worse off than the US
~ Eleven people.. Four light sabers..  Zero dates..

And as long as a film is made that does not offend Chinese sensibilities, pretty much every silly comic book film will make a fortune overseas.

Here's the early 21st century Villain OK checklist:

Russians (especially mobsters and 'rogue agents')  --  Check..

White Southern 19th cent. Slaveowners --  Check..

Corporate CEOs with British accents -- Check..

North Korea --  Check..
~ Some women in traditional Muslim garb..  oh wait.. no sorry.. More Star Wars fans.. My bad..

Here's some of the 21st century Villain no-no list:

Chinese leaders -- Nope..

Middle Eastern people especially Muslims -- Nope..

Blacks, Hispanics, Gays, Women, Atheists or the disabled.. Nope.

That's the world we live in today so one can either stomach it or start renting films from before 9/11
~ Camden NJ could use a few heroes like him...

Hollywood will always be in existence and always continue to put out profitable films because it skillfully always seems to know what the public wants and needs, sometimes even before the audience themselves realize it..

And right now people need the visual equivalent of a box of sprinkled donuts or cupcakes.

They need to see good 100% of the time triumph over evil, and for it to take place in far-off distant worlds or far far off into the future

And they want to see love but not really expressive acts of sex because that to many is 'obscene' and we must protect the kiddies from seeing a woman's nipple (ample cleavage is OK)
~ Kirk would totally destroy Darth because phaser guns kill quicker then a big light saber compensating for small penis

At the same time, people want to see lots of blood and gore; endless gun play and car chases and fiery explosions and all that 'good' stuff one can see in any PG-13 film

And people want to laugh as long as nothing offensive is ever uttered about any group or denomination, even in momentary jest  (Totally OK to mock Christians of faith though)

And like I expressed before, due to a continually depressing economic outlook for tens of millions of people, they want to go back in time and re-live the past which is why they will go see garbage like the all-female remake of Ghostbusters currently being filmed and get a boner (or moist) at the rumor of an Indiana Jones re-do
~ OMG!  Look kids.. 'Batman & Robin' (1997) star George Clooney!!

Hollywood has no originality or scruples..

If they could figure how to create a profitable remake of 'Birth of a Nation' or make an animated Disney Pixar version of Schindler's List with inanimate objects that come to life and talk & sing, they absolutely would..

And best part?  No Chinese villains to offend their censor board.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

NBA: Who Owns Each Franchise?

In honor of the NBA Draft lottery held last night, we decided today's post would actually be a re-posting from last May concerning who owns each NBA franchise and where they got their wealth from.

This was written last May when the NBA, run by greedy, soulless billionaires with a shill 'Commissioner' that represents them, kicked out one of their own (Donald Sterling) because he said the naughty 'N' word while illegally recorded that hundreds of millions of people around the globe either publicly utter or privately think on a near daily basis..

Ironically, had Sterling not paid his income taxes, hit a pedestrian with his car or raped a woman and he'd still have possession of his LA Clippers today..
~ The gold digging mulatto whore and the wealthy, old senile sap

But he said a 'no-no' word that threatened to hurt the other greedy soulless owners' in their bank accounts so he had to go..

The one thing that should be taken away from this list is Every single owner of Every single NBA franchise has the means to spend what is necessary to bring a Championship to their city

But few ultimately do..
They hide behind something they created as a public facade -- the salary cap to tell fans "Gee we would like to spend more but dog-gone it, if not for that cap..."

So for 'fun', we looked to see who owned the NBA franchises..  Some will be individuals.. Some  corporations..  But every owner obscenely wealthy...  

And the everyday people making 5-6 figures annually while paying to watch slam dunks and alley oops couldn't seem to give a Damn over the disparity..

Atlanta Hawks -- owned by Atlanta Spirit, a sports partnership of 7 owners.  They also at one time owned NHL's Atlanta Thrashers but ran the franchise to the ground then sold it to another partnership which ultimately became the current Winnipeg Jets

Boston Celtics -- owned by Boston Basketball Partners, LLC which is really 4 very wealthy men who pooled their resources together to buy the Celtics in 2002

Brooklyn Nets -- owned mainly by Mikhail Prokhorov (80% share), a Russian billionaire who made his money in precious metals such as nickel and palladium; His net worth is close to $11 billion

Charlotte Hornets (formerly Bobcats) -- owned by Michael Jordan with  BET TV founder Robert Johnson still possessing a minority ownership stake.   Being a product whore for Nike, McDonalds, Coca-Cola, Gatorade, Rayovac Batteries, MCI long distance and Hanes Underwear (among others) really paid off..

Chicago Bulls -- owned by Jerry Reinsdorf who also owns MLB's Chicago White Sox
Cleveland Cavaliers -- owned by Dan Gilbert who is worth close to $4 billion and owns shares in many smaller sports leagues, is operator of Quicken Loans and Rock Gaming which operates casinos

Dallas Mavericks -- owned by Marc Cuban who is worth $2.6 billion and made his money initially via the stock market bubble of the mid 1990's

Denver Nuggets -- owned by Stan Kroenke which runs Kroenke Enterprises and owns among other teams, MLB's Colorado Rockies, NFL's St Louis Rams, MLS' Colorado Rapids and is largest shareholder in English football club Arsenal... He is worth $4.1 billion

Detroit Pistons -- owned by Tom Gores who is worth $2.5 billion.. He is the founder of Platinum Equity, a global private equity firm with headquarters in Beverly Hills. 
Golden State Warriors -- owned by Joe Lacob, a partner at Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers which is a venture capital investment firm; He bought the team in 2010 for $450 million

Houston Rockets -- owned by Leslie Alexander a former bond trader now worth $1.2 billion

Indiana Pacers -- owned by Herb Simon a real estate magnate who also runs Simon Property Group which owns many malls throughout the US.  He has a net worth of $2.2 billion

LA Clippers -- owned by former Microsoft executive Steve Ballmer who paid $2 billion... The fact he could come up with that amount to buy the team from Donald Sterling is just sickening

LA Lakers -- owned by the Jerry Buss Family Trust i.e. Dr Buss' children.   He passed away in 2013

Memphis Grizzlies -- owned by Robert Pera (majority owner) who is also founder of Ubiquiti Networks, a technology company.  He became a billionaire when Ubiquiti went public in 2011 

Miami Heat -- owned by Mickey Arison who also until recently was CEO of Carnival Cruise Lines, the world's largest cruise operator. His father co-founded it.   Arison is worth nearly $6 billion

Milwaukee Bucks -- owned by Mark Lasry, a billionaire hedge fund manager,  He is also the co-founder and chief executive officer of Avenue Capital Group and the co-owns the Bucks with Wesley Edens who founded Fortress Investment Group.
Minnesota Timberwolves -- owned by Glen Taylor who was a former member of the Minnesota Senate and also owns the Minnesota franchise in the WNBA.  He founded Taylor Corporation, a privately held multinational printing and electronics company and is worth $1.8 billion

New Orleans Pelicans -- owned by Tom Benson who also owns NFL's New Orleans Saints and possesses a net worth of $1.3 billion.  Benson became wealthy by investing profits from his automobile dealerships in local banks. He eventually purchased several small Southern banks and formed Benson Financial, which he sold to Norwest in 1996.

New York Knicks -- owned by the Madison Garden Company and led by James Dolan who's father founded Cablevision and who's uncle Larry Dolan owns MLB's Cleveland Indians

Oklahoma City Thunder -- owned by Professional Basketball Club LLC, a group headed by Clayton Bennett.  He was a principal owner of the San Antonio Spurs during the 1990s.  He originally purchased the team when it was the Seattle Sonics for $350mil with a good-faith promise he'd keep the team there..  Obviously he didn't..

Orlando Magic --  owned by RDV Sports INC headed up by Richard DeVos who founded Amway and is now worth $5.1 billion

Philadelphia 76ers -- owned by Josh Harris, a billionaire scumbag valued at $2.6B who made his money on Wall Street as an equity investor and owns Apollo Global Management as well as the NHL's New Jersey Devils.

Phoenix Suns --  owned by Robert Sarver who also owns Phoenix's WNBA franchise.   In 1982, he founded the National Bank of Arizona then later sold it at a big profit then later acquired and currently possesses other local banks

Portland Trailblazers -- owned by former Microsoft executive Paul Allen who is so wealthy, he also owns the NFL's Seattle Seahawks

Sacramento Kings -- owned by Vivek Ranadiv√© founder and CEO of TIBCO, a multi-billion dollar real-time computing company, and is credited with digitizing Wall Street in the 1980s with his first company, Teknekron Software Systems
San Antonio Spurs -- owned by Peter Holt, CEO of Holt Cat, the largest Caterpillar dealership in the United States and chairman, CEO, and owner of Spurs Sports & Entertainment

Utah Jazz --  owned by Gail Miller and Larry H. Miller Sports & Entertainment Group of Companies (LHMSC)  Larry Miller owned a myriad of other businesses including movie theaters and auto dealerships and upon his death, his wife Gail took over ownership of the team

Toronto Raptors -- owned by Maple Leaf Sports & Entertainment which also own NHL's Toronto Maple Leafs and MLS' Toronto FC

Washington Wizards -- Ted Leonsis, a former venture capitalist who also owns NHL's Washington Capitals, Washington's WNBA franchise and the Verizon Center.  He is worth over $1 billion

So there you are..  All the owners of the NBA..  
30 NBA owner billionaires..

30 greedy soulless pigs..