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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Slick Greece & Puerto Pobre (instead of Puerto Rico)

Right now the IMF to this point has lent Greece $24 billion..  That is how much they are on the hook for...

Because the IMF is really run by the US and we hold an 84% stake meaning 84 cents out of every IMF lent dollar comes ultimately from US taxpayers..

It means we the people are owed $20.16B which is why you should care even a smidge about what goes on in that yogurt-loving nation

Of course we'll never get it back.. That's the 'Best' case scenario
Worse case is the IMF decides a last second compromise which allows for additional loans to keep the economic plates spinning which means additional wasted tax money to help a nation the equivalent of a beached whale.

Speaking of worthless deadbeats the US taxpayers will ultimately be on the hook for:

From NY Times:

Puerto Rico’s Governor Says Island’s Debts Are ‘Not Payable’ -- "Puerto Rico’s governor, saying he needs to pull the island out of a “death spiral,” has concluded that the commonwealth cannot pay its roughly $72 billion in debts, an admission that will probably have wide-reaching financial repercussions...
“The debt is not payable,” Mr. GarcĂ­a Padilla said...  It is a startling admission from the governor of an island of 3.6 million people, which has piled on more municipal bond debt per capita than any American state.
A broad restructuring by Puerto Rico sets the stage for an unprecedented test of the United States municipal bond market, which cities and states rely on to pay for their most basic needs, like road construction and public hospitals.

That market has already been shaken by municipal bankruptcies in Detroit; Stockton, Calif.; and elsewhere, which undercut assumptions that local governments in the United States would always pay back their debt.

Puerto Rico, as a commonwealth, does not have the option of bankruptcy. A default on its debts would most likely leave the island, its creditors and its residents in a legal and financial limbo that, like the debt crisis in Greece, could take years to sort out.
The central government must set aside about $93 million each month to pay its general obligation bonds — a crucial action in Puerto Rico because its constitution requires such bonds to be paid before any other expense.

No American state has restructured its general obligation debt in living memory."

Maybe they should change the name of the island to Puerto Pobre (Poor)
So back to Greece..

Its leadership rocked the EU and the banks by establishing a public referendum to decide what was in their best interests (unlike the US that allows nine morons in black robes to alter the laws that governed the nation since its inception)

And the reason the financial elite are freaking out?

The last time a referendum was issued asking the public if they would accept the harsh repayment conditions of its creditors was Iceland a few years ago which voted overwhelmingly against repayment..
And in spite of fear to the contrary, did not suffer much in terms of economic blowback and now on the road to recovery..

So people are wondering..  who is the good guy in all this mess?  Who should be wearing the white cowboy hat?

Answer is really no one..

Greece entered the EU by economic trickery and deceit but they entered a 'club' that prides itself on it..   Banks are banks and Investors are Investors so no one can rightfully root for them..
And the people of Greece enjoyed the 'honor' of being EU members so much, they were unconcerned about the consequences even when the true financial picture came to light and it was time for the Grecians to accept defeat and leave on its own terms back in 2010

So the whole mess is 50 shades of black (hat)

So what will happen tomorrow?

Will Greece get another temporary financial reprieve from their economic captors?
Will some of their allies like Turkey, Russia or China step in with aid that would be more for their interests than of Greece?

Or will the default take place?

And if it does, will those evil global markets react with a Bang! or a whimper?

Certainly makes for a more interesting than usual Wednesday doesn't it?

Monday, June 29, 2015

"My Big Fat Greek Default"

The whole Greece situation makes us at A&G so G-D angry, its hard at time to compose oneself to compose a rational, non-ranting blog posting..

But we have written on them and the ultimate default that was forthcoming for about 5 years now!

And no one took us or anyone else seriously..  Amazingly even some Deeply stupid and overly-trusting Grecians waited until this past weekend to Finally start pulling money from their bank accounts..

And now the daily ATM withdraw limit is 60 euros/day which is the equivalent of withdrawing a little under $67 US currency.
Even if you do not live in Greece or think you're not affected because you do not use the Euro as currency, the Greek situation is akin to the 'canary' in the coalmine...

We are so angry because all that is happening now should have happened 5 full years ago when it was clear to anyone paying even the foggiest bit of attention that Greece was economically a deadbeat nation undeserving of ever being part of the Eurozone and could never get itself straightened out..

But at least a June 2010 default would have been easier on its people as it force-converted itself back to the drachma because at least back in 2010, the government had control of its railways and airlines and lottery and  historical treasures; all the things it gave away via privatization to buy more time

People want to know -- How did all this mess occur,.
The long and short is this:   Once upon a time you had a very heavily indebted, insignificant Mediterranean nation who wanted to swim in the same pool as Europe's economic big boys.

So with the assistance of GoldmanSachs, they transferred ALL their debts temporarily off their books and on to Goldman's to give the perception their economy was running in the black.

Those who did the checking and double-checking for the Eurozone were either successfully duped, or didn't care so ultimately this pauper nation was allowed entrance to the 'club'

And magically.. 'poof'.. All Greek debts were sent back to Greece with Goldman collecting their fee, and suddenly the EU went 'Sacre Bleu!' or whatever...
Everything since then has been a game to see who would flinch first.. Greece or EU and the banks and investors who were due to lose heavily from a full-blown default.

For five full years the EU and banks flinched because they were unprepared to deal with possible blowback or contagion issues.  As it was, the ECB (European Commonwealth Bank) had to borrow about a trillion dollars from the Federal Reserve a couple years ago just to stay afloat..

So now after a lot of back n forth chess maneuvering, Athens is at risk of defaulting on its €1.5bn IMF payment, with membership of the Eurozone hanging in the balance.
Of course, seeing how criminal and corrupt the financial system is, we will always expect some kind of 11th hour 'deal' or 'compromise' or can-kick 'event' to make everyone wipe their brows, go 'Whewww' and watch soulless investors push global markets higher

But since Greece is not France or Italy, two other economic deadbeat nations but with much larger GNPs, the EU and creditors are now willing to call Greece's bluff and push them to default or full economic concessions including a full raid on government pensions to use as partial repayment..

The creditors wanted Greece to cut pensions and raise taxes in ways that would only deepen one of the worst economic crises of modern times in a country where a quarter of the workforce is already unemployed

But what do soulless bankers and Investors care?
So the country is on economic lock down with banks closed, ATMs releasing next to nothing and people hoarding food, gas and medicines while stores shut down, as if one was battering down for a Hurricane or Snowstorm

And it makes us so G-D angry that this has to be happening in 2015 when the nation was far better prepared for this in 2010..

This is a perfect example of why if you are personally heavy in debt, you do NOT pay your creditors to your very last penny, but hide as much as you can then go bankrupt or 'default' on your debts when you still possess some kind of nest egg to survive the post-bankruptcy
Greece was 'Proud'..

They also wanted to keep having their cake and eating it too..

Now they're Fucked..

And the real question is whether this is an isolated incident like when puny Cyprus defaulted last year, whether it truly does spread to continental Europe but is contained, or whether this goes International..

Honestly no one knows because it hasn't happened before where one nation's default could affect whole nations' currency
Usually its like when Argentina defaulted in 2001.. only they suffered.other nation was tied into their Argentine peso so no other nation felt any real blowback.

There will be another economic crisis or financial meltdown..

Only a question of 'When'? and unlike in 2008, there's really little to nothing for anyone to do about it..

You can't lower interest rates to less than zero..
From TelegraphUK:

"The world will be unable to fight the next global financial crash as central banks have used up their ammunition trying to tackle the last crises, the Bank of International Settlements has warned.

The so-called central bank of central banks launched a scathing critique of global monetary policy in its annual report. The BIS claimed that central banks have backed themselves into a corner after repeatedly cutting interest rates to shore up their economies.

These low interest rates have in turn fueled economic booms, encouraging excessive risk taking. Booms have then turned to busts, which policymakers have responded to with even lower rates. 
The BIS warned that interest rates have now been so low for so long that central banks are unequipped to fight the next crises...

Policymakers in the eurozone, Denmark, Sweden and Switzerland have taken their interest rates below zero (negative interest) in an attempt to support their economies, contributing to a decline in bond yields"

So whether or not Greece gets Another last-second reprieve from Germany and the IMF, ultimately one of the 'plates' will stop spinning and will cause the others to topple..
The powers that be i.e. those who really control the US and the world from behind the scenes are hoping to delay the inevitable until after the 2016 election when the next President, old bitch Hillary or some Republican 1% tax-cutter will see their Presidency engulfed in Depression...

Or maybe it happens sooner?

What role if any will Greece play?  

We will sure know a lot more one way or another before the week has concluded...

Friday, June 26, 2015

Understanding there is no 'One' Confederate Flag

One question that people who are confused on the whole CSA flag issue and think it is racist like to ask or rather pontificate is this:

'What is the difference between the Confederate flag and the Nazi flag' followed by something like 'since they're both the same..

Which they are not..
~ Flag of the Confederate Native American Choctaw Brigade

The biggest difference is the Nazi flag of the black swastika in front of a white circle on a blood red flag was the Governmental and Political flag of Nazi Germany from the time Hitler took power until Germany's 1945 surrender.

Its intentions of representing racial and ethnic superiority to all other beings was very clearly demonstrated and the Nazis were quite up front with it.

The Governmental and Political flag of the Confederacy was this:
There were alterations to it during the short life of the Confederacy but this was the first flag, the one hung high in the Confederate capitol of at-first Montgomery, Al, and then Richmond, VA

The 'Stars and Bars' that everyone blames for every racist act from the dawn of man to the present was the military battle flag of the Confederate Army.

Below is another picture of a Confederate flag.. the Bonnie Blue
The flag was first used by the Republic of West Florida, which broke away from Spanish West Florida in September 1810 and was annexed by the United States 90 days later.

When the state of Mississippi seceded from the Union in January 1861, they adopted the Republic of West Florida Flag as many had ties to the West Florida rebellion. A flag bearing a single white star on a blue field was flown from the capitol dome

It was the official flag of the Confederacy for the first few months of 1861.

Now if you saw this decal on the back of a pick up truck would you be bothered?  Would you even have known what it represents if we didn't say so?
You could make an argument that the Stars n' Bars is not a flag of racism but liberation as demonstrated by the above WWII photo of a US Marine liberating Okinawa

And when US forces essentially liberated South Korea from the Communist control from the North, the Confederate flag was there, as seen below
And the beautiful flag was present in Vietnam as good, decent men were led to their graves by American Presidents moving them around, back n forth, to and fro like pawns on a chess board
~ US Marines in Vietnam, 1966

And our brave heroes in Iraq and Afghanistan show support for the flag..

 Even African liberation Armies embrace the CSA flag
So when people talk ignorantly of banning the Confederate flag, what are they really banning?

For 'This' was also a CSA battle flag under Gen. Van Dorn

And 'This' was the battle flag of Missouri Confederates

And 'This' was the battle flag of the 1st Tennessee, CSA

And 'This' was the Confederate battle flag of the Cherokees

And 'This' is the US Flag vis a vis a 1970s Boston race riot

And 'This' is the US flag decorating a sign in Detroit, 1943

Get the point?

Thursday, June 25, 2015

From Politically Correct to Political Correction

We didn't want to keep writing on the Confederate Flag, and all those Evil people who are doing everything humanly possible to remove it from the popular culture zeitgeist, but we see we have to..

The whole Stars n Bars contrivance has been a welcome distraction from the real and very profound problems this country faces and the latest escalation in what has been a relentless attempt to polarize the nation over the past several years

Instead of the standard ways this is done through political ideology, race, gender, sexual preference, ethnic background, this time the emphasis is on geographic origin and an implied relapse to the days of latent the pre-Civil War "racism" which of course only occurred in the South.. ~eyes rolled
Seems Apple, a company run by a homosexual who happily does business in third world nations that violently oppress other homosexuals, has gotten into the fray of being fascist Nazis by by Banning all Civil War themed game apps because of its use of the Confederate flag.

"Apple has removed seemingly all Civil War games from the App Store for displaying the Confederate Flag in "offensive and mean-spirited ways,"" - MacWorld

In other words, the games mostly strategy in nature simply show that a Confederacy existed and dares to allow participants to take their side as an option instead of a game where you can only represent the Union defeating the Confederacy.
~ This is the type of material Apple censored as 'racist'

What is next-- Will Amazon remove all books, magazines and any other educational material on the Civil War that dares to paint any kind of fair light on the CSA?  

Or just ban biographies on CSA Generals by noted historians and History professors

And who knows.. maybe libraries will one day follow suit and just outright remove from the bookshelves all books that do not paint the Confederacy and their leadership as evil.

As we said, this is what the Nazis did to the Jews..
~ Translation:  "Do not buy from Jews.. Buy from German shops"

They didn't just expel them and send them on trains and kill them..  First, the Nazis had to devalue and historically re-write their cultural impact on German life to give the impression German Jews were not actually 'German'

So the Nazis re-wrote whatever history books they did not burn and were successfully able to portray German Jews who had been part of the social fabric of life for hundreds of years into a lower form than gypsies and vagabonds.

And had the Nazis won WWII the entire population of Europe would have seen their histories revised as well.
~ And all the CSA apps and books and music and flags and other historical markers were tossed onto the bonfire.. And the blacks and white-guilters placed their right hands out in the air.."

And that is exactly what is going on by Apple and others..

The Civil War DID occur, the Confederacy DID exist and the Stars n Bars WAS their military battle flag.. All 100% factual historical truths.

And we're seen a supposedly free and open society led by spiteful black scum and white-guilter vermin try to whitewash reality because a sick white man killed innocent black parishioners in a church.
~ So not only do we buy everything from China and in economic debt to China, now our nation is Becoming China..

Where does such selective "pre-screening" of what is deemed appropriate for public consumption end and WHO makes that determination?

Is it you?  Is it We?

Because at last check every single nation that imposed such a "filter" to its own history no longer exists.
Funny how many people went out of their way to see the film "The Interview" and how many outlets were determined to show it based on perceived censorship and banning by North Korea..

And yet how many of the same people happily go along with governmental and corporate censorship of the Stars n' Bars..

It's a slippery slope folks, and one day something you care about will be banned too

~ "Well I'm Proud to be an American...  Where at least I know I'm Free..  To Censor, Remove and outright Ban all to do with the Confederacy..  And I Proudly stand up.. Next to you and make sure that you comply.. For the PC police are running the show.. With a vigilant Eye!"

** sung to the music of Lee Greenwood's "God Bless the USA"

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

US Historical Revisionism 101

~ A black Confederate soldier

As the American public continues its zealous witch hunt to ban Confederate flags and censor any positive reference to the Confederate States of America, its time to ask a very simple question that goes to the heart of what the USA truly is compared to how it wishes to be perceived..

What is America good at?

We do not mean things like sports, starting wars without conclusion, telling the world its #1 and that God only blesses It and no other nation more than It..
~ Black enlistees fighting for the Confederacy, 1861

Yes, you could say America is good at making money..

But really that's just 1% or so who are good at making Lots 'n Lots of money and the other 99% or so who are good at working and paying down debt and borrowing and re-borrowing and refinancing

So what is America good at?

America is good at creating fiction, or as some may call it historical revisionism.
~ A decorated black Confederate veteran

It has been able to sell the Lie to its people for 200+ years that the war with Great Britain back in the 1770's was for 'liberty' and 'freedom from oppression'

In reality, it was politically connected merchants & farmers who did not want to pay anything in the way of taxes toward repayment of the cost of the French & Indian war (1760's)that was fought among other things to protect colonists in the western territory against Indian raids.

It has been able to sell the Lie that the Mexican War fought in the 1840s was to liberate and protect the then State of Texas when it really was a massive land grab which netted over 1/3rd of all of what was then Mexico.
~ Black and white Confederate veterans attending a reunion, 1906

And America has been able to sell the lie it fought the south for liberation of the black slave from his and her oppressive masters who of course beat and whipped them non-stop morning till night and when not striking them, were having sex with them against their will..

Remember that story in school?

And no one talks about the reality that northern industrialists and merchants wanted the Southern agrarian economy destroyed especially since most southern plantations were exporting their cotton to Britain's textile mills because it was cheaper than sending north for the American immigrant child laborers to do..
Or that the northern financiers were sick and tired of southerners in Congress preventing them from establishing a National Bank akin to today's Federal Reserve and saw secession as an opportunity for a northern political power grab

On and on the historical revisionism goes...

'America are liberators.. '

'They're a kind, compassionate, tolerant people'

'Only bigotry and racism occurred in the South..'
And the genuinely Stupid American populace buys it hook, line and sinker which as we said before is not surprising when one spends 2,340 school days from K-12 being indoctrinated into whatever nonsense the government wants people to believe.

I used to be one of those idiots.

It was 6th grade when I first was taught about the Civil War and of course as the subject was taught to me, I felt very strongly at the time that General Grant was a hero, Sherman's march was noble and Lincoln was akin to an American God..
~ Black Confederate veteran Louis Napoleon Nelson

And that the South were evil to the core-- every single person who wore gray... They were racist and wanted to keep slavery and just all a rotten bunch..

Well except Robert E Lee..   Funny how he always was given a pass

Then that summer before heading into 7th grade, my curiosity on the subject led me to discover the magazine Civil War Times at my local library.

And as I read the articles by noted historians and genuine Civil War buffs, I soon realized all I was taught in 6th grade was complete utter bullshit!
That there were some deep, vile racists who wore the uniform of blue.. people like Grant, Sherman and Ben Butler who ran the occupation of New Orelans after it fell to the north in 1862..

These were some real bastards fighting for Old Glory... bigoted not only toward blacks but Native Americans, Jewish people.. Really anyone who wasn't like them,,

And I learned of Lincoln's words during the famous Lincoln-Douglas Debates of 1856 where he spoke openly that blacks and whites were not equals nor should they ever be..

And how the Emancipation Proclamation was only a political ruse to get soldiers to re-enlist under the guise of the invasion of the south being a 'moral' cause while allowing slavery to exist in northern border states like Kentucky and Maryland
~ Many Jewish people served honorably in the CSA and were welcome with open arms by the South vs the deeply anti-Semitic north

A whole world opened itself up to me and I learned anything taught to me in school, especially American History had to be questioned and researched independent and verified.  Otherwise it was propaganda.

And so I don't look at the Confederate flag through the dimly narrow prism of 'racist' that blacks and white-guilters and the PC police demand I do..

It is historical fact that only about 10% of all southerners around the start of the Civil War owned slaves and on average it was 1-2.
~ Native American Brigadier General Stand Watie

To purchase a slave then cost the equivalent of $80,000 in today's money, so this fantasy world that all of the Confederacy was something akin to the Tara plantation in Gone With The Wind is pure myth.

It is historical fact that in the Confederate Constitution which was patterned after the US, the resumption of the slave trade was forbidden.

It is also historical fact that blacks openly and willingly fought in the CSA army for the South, their home..  Now there's the ultimate example of black historical revisionism!!
~ Black Confederate

So much people do not know.. So little US public education teaches that is truthful especially where history is concerned.

And if you went up to 10,000 people at random on the street from all walks of life, and all points of the geographic compass and showed them the Confederacy's Naval Flag or any of dozens of regimental flags used by the CSA Army, few to none could properly identify them.
~ The Confederate Naval Flag in all its Glory

American revisionism means the US must Always be wearing the 'white hat' of goodness and morality even when the reality is different

John Wayne, the US Flag, apple pie and good ole' Mom..

And now you see every store competing with itself to see who will be the quickest to BAN the Confederate flag from its stores..
And every soulless politician from Obama to those who represent southern states clamoring for the removal and ultimate outright CENSORSHIP of the Stars n Bars

All to appease the revisionists..

Whatever will the blacks do when all the Confederate flags are banned, barred and made illegal and whites with mental disorders still kill black people?

What "symbolic" power grab will they try next?
They already have been allowed total control over who can say 'Nigger' so can't use that..

Truth is, people can try to take down the flag or burn it in effigy or in flame but it doesn't change that the CSA existed and that it will forever be honored by people who genuinely love the South and history without revisionism.

Currently there are nine southern states whose government assemblies have acknowledged the existence and celebration of Confederate History Month to take place every April
January 18th is also known and celebrated by many states and towns in the south as Confederate Heroes Day.

So if you love history and respect the real South (not the illusionary one of fried chicken, collard greens & NASCAR) don't despair.. this witch hunt will pass by the next news cycle and the flag will be preserved..

And so will the continued honoring and respect for those who served.
~ Kanye West